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The Best Serums With Ferulic Acid and Vitamin C

The Best Serums With Ferulic Acid and Vitamin C

The Best Serums With Ferulic Acid and Vitamin C

Ferulic acid may not have a friendly, well-known name, but it’s got a lot to offer. In fact, you may have used it before! Today, we are shining the spotlight on this underrated antioxidant; then, we’re collecting our top five recommendations for serums with ferulic acid!

What can ferulic acid do for your skin?

The first thing you need to know is that ferulic acid is a natural antioxidant, usually found in plants. It’s been garnering attention for its ability to not only fight off free radicals (which play a role in the formation of fine lines, dark spots, and other signs of photoaging), but also stabilize and boost the effectiveness of other antioxidants in your skincare products. In short, if you’re already using a vitamin C serum or a vitamin E serum, you can only benefit from leveling up to a serum that also contains ferulic acid.

Apply it in the morning to clean and dry skin. Then, follow with your moisturizer (if you use one) and sunscreen. Ferulic acid is safe for everyday use, but if you have sensitive skin you may want to be cautious when introducing it into your skincare routine. This has to do with the finished formulas: because products with ferulic acid also contain other antioxidants, they may be a little too intensive for sensitive or reactive skin. The secret, as always, is to start slow and see how your skin reacts.

Our top 5 favorite serums with vitamins C, E, and ferulic acid

Now that we’ve introduced the benefits of ferulic acid, it’s like to look into our favorite antioxidant cocktails.

SkinCeuticals Prevent C E Ferulic

With 15% vitamin C, 1% vitamin E, and 0.5% ferulic acid, SkinCeuticals Prevent C E Ferulic is a SkinCeuticals bestseller and one of the most popular antioxidant serums on the market.

This supercharged formula provides advanced environmental protection against photoaging by neutralizing free radical damage, helping to stimulate collagen synthesis, and providing the skin with unrivaled antioxidant protection. As a result, it improves the firmness of the skin and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles.

Finally, it helps to relipidate the skin. This makes it ideal for those who have dry skin or live in a cold climate.

Sensilis Supreme [Booster FeCE] Antioxidant & Antipollution Serum

This antioxidant booster combines the regenerating power of caviar extract with an anti-free radical complex of vitamins C, E, and ferulic acid. Together, these active ingredients neutralize free radicals, boost the skin’s resistance to solar radiation, and help promote collagen synthesis.

As if that weren’t enough, this serum is also rich in soothing Ginkgo biloba and hydrating hyaluronic acid. The finished “cocktail” is perfect for those who have an urban lifestyle and are, therefore, in constant contact with pollution factors.

Endocare Radiance C Ferulic Edafence Serum

Velvety and non-oily, this serum protects the skin from damage caused by environmental stressors. This includes not only free radicals, but also urban contaminants such as ozone and blue light. With vitamins C, E, and ferulic acid, this formula offers a lightening, antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-pollution action that can benefit all skin types.

In addition to this trio of ingredients, this serum also includes two exclusive technologies. The first, EDAFENCE®, is an innovative anti-pollution technology; the second, SCA® Biorepair Technology, is a natural activator of skin regeneration. Together, these technologies help reduce the signs of skin aging and photoaging, thus contributing to the overall effectiveness of the serum.

Mádara Vitamin C Intense Glow Concentrate

This cheerful serum harnesses the antioxidant properties of vitamins C, E, and ferulic acid to create a brightening, glow-boosting effect.

With 99% ingredients of natural origin, this serum is your natural ally against sun and environmental damage: not only does it help prevent fine lines, dark spots, it also supports collagen synthesis in order to maintain skin elasticity and firmness.

Revolution Skincare Brighten 12,5% Vitamin C & Ferulic Acid Serum

This serum takes the trio of ingredients we’ve been referring to (vitamins C, E, and ferulic acid) and adds panthenol, a soothing ingredient that moisturizes and protects.

This unique formula is a radiance-booster and trully transforming step of you skincare. You’ll see the result overtime! This serum helps to prevent and minimize not only sun damage, but also fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

Now that you know a little more about ferulic acid, you’re ready to make a decision; will you be incorporating this ingredient in your skincare routine, or will you opt for another type of antioxidant serum? Whatever you choose, just remember to take it easy, listen to your skin, and be consistent. The results will come in time!

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