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Do Aloe Vera Face Masks Really Help the Skin?

Do Aloe Vera Face Masks Really Help the Skin?

Aloe vera skincare is a go-to for many, especially when looking for soothing and hydrating formulas. Being a natural ingredient with a cooling texture, it seems perfect to use as a face mask. Let’s see how an aloe vera face mask can boost your skincare regimen and which formulas you shouldn’t miss!

Aloe vera face mask: all you need to know

Before jumping to your new favorite face masks, you should want to know more about them. We’ve answered all the questions you’ve been asking yourself about aloe vera face masks!

What is aloe vera?

Aloe vera is a cactus-like, short-stemmed shrub that stores huge amounts of water on its leaves, which leads to the well-known gel texture of aloe. Filled with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, this gel is recognized for its soothing action for millennia. Luckily for us, science is now able to harness the power of aloe vera without the risks of using the plant directly on your skin. You’ll find all kinds of skincare products enriched with aloe vera, including face masks!

What do aloe vera face masks do for the face?

Aloe vera offers a soothing action that calms the skin as well as hydrating properties to make sure you keep the water content of your skin balanced. In addition, it contributes to skin regeneration, especially on minor burns or chafed skin. When you pamper your skin with an aloe vera face mask, you’re boosting your skin with its soothing, hydrating, and regenerating power! Of course, each formula combines aloe vera with other ingredients that elevate each formula to its best. Try different formulas and follow the application directions of each one for the best results.

How often should I use aloe vera face masks?

Most aloe vera face mask formulas work best when applied twice to three times a week, while some may even be used every day! Before deciding how many face mask applications your skin will get a week, you should consider the condition of your skin as well as the directions of the product you chose to use.

Should I moisturize after the aloe vera mask?

Aloe vera face masks are usually fresh and deeply hydrating. Most of the time, you’ll find your skin so hydrated after the mask that you can skip moisturizer! If your skin is dry and you need your moisturizer to feel comfortable, don’t worry. There’s no reason to miss it! To summarize, it’s ok to apply moisturizer or to skip it, so you should do as it works best for your skin type and preferences.

How long do you leave an aloe vera mask on your face?

Most aloe vera masks should need about 15 to 30 minutes to replenish your skin, while some, the sleeping masks, won’t need to be removed at all. You may think that the more time you have it on the skin, the better, yet that’s not true. Some formulas are meant to be in contact with your skin for a short period of time, and exceeding it may leave your skin in trouble. If you have strong preferences regarding mask use, make sure to check before buying!

Find the best aloe vera face mask for you!

As you’ve seen above, an aloe vera face mask is a step that’s going to improve your skin! We’ve selected our favorites so you can jump on it without fear.

Skin Generics Restore Sleeping Mask Aloe Vera

Highly concentrated leave-in mask

Featuring an impressive 23% of active properties, from which 7% is our dearest aloe vera, this fromula deeply hydrates the skin. It provides the skin with comfort, while immediately increasing elasticity and radiance. Equally important, it soothes the skin and shields it with its powerful antioxidant action. Being a sleeping mask, this leave-in formula can easily replace your evening moisturizer.

Arganicare Aloe Hydra No-Rinse Face Mask

Refreshing no-rinse formula

Deeply hydrating and highly addictive, this hydrating no-rinse face mask is leading the way for energized skin. Thanks to the great concentration of aloe vera extract, the formula hydrates, revitalizes and prevents the appearance of signs of aging. At the same time, antioxidant ingredients protect the skin from external agressions, reviving the skin with energy.

Missha Pure Source Pocket Pack Sleeping Mask Aloe

Lovely formula in the perfect packaging

Increase your skin’s hydration levels with a gel-type texture that moisturizes and soothes your skin at the same time! Ideal for dehydrated and sensitive skin, this product comes in a unique squeezing format, with an even more practical screw-in cap so you can easily (and safely!) keep the product for multiple uses. If rinse-off masks are what keep you away from masking, a sleeping mask is what you need!

TONYMOLY Fresh To Go Aloe Mask Sheet

10 minute cooling treat

Do you have 10 minutes to refresh your skin with a cooling treat? This sheet mask is your go-to if you want a quick moisturizing action. Being a great solution for dry, dehydrated, and irritated skin, it cares for your skin with a watery texture that never feels sticky. The natural cellulose fabric keeps the precious essence looked on your skin, to guarantee immediate and long-lasting hydration.

Missha Airy Fit Sheet Mask Aloe

Extra-thin sheet inspired by rice paper

Infused with quenching aloe vera, this sheet mask offers a hydrating and soothing action that pleases especially sensitive skin. Featuring an extra-thin sheet inspired by rice paper, it ensures maximum adhesion and you’ll wear it comfortably for the 10 to 20 minutes recommended. Use it as a restoring and revitalizing solution for your skin!

For more on this ingredient, check our suggestions for products with aloe vera. Combine them with your new aloe vera sheet mask to create a green skincare combo!

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