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Care to Green – A commitment to the environment

Care to Green – A commitment to the environment

Environmental concerns

Today, more than ever, thinking about the environment and its sustainability is mandatory. Environmental concerns are growing more and more pressing each day, so we want to reduce our impact as much as possible.

“Think globally. Act locally.”

At Care to Beauty we believe in the saying: “Think globally. Act locally.” so we feel it is our responsibility, as an online store that makes daily shipments worldwide, to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

This past month of March was, for us, the perfect moment to rethink our habits and ways of working and to start to make a change.

From the inside out

Our office is where the activity of our company is centered and where we spend much of our day. For that reason, it is where our action must begin with the adoption of environment-friendly practices and with the implementation of simple measures in our everyday tasks.

We tried our best to transform our office into a kinder, more eco-friendly place and a plan was set in motion!

Greener practices were implemented in the workplace: recycling bins were placed under each desk and on our kitchen to make waste separation a reality; also much of the used cardboard is collected by a specialized company for reuse, being that we ourselves reuse a lot of the packaging materials we receive from our suppliers.

Environmental concerns

Encourage the reduction of waste is one of our goals so we promote reusing or recycling with the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials – our boxes and envelopes are 100% recycled and the bubble wrap is made from 15% recycled material (and we are working already to increase this number in the future).

We took part in a reforestation action of native forest, a very urgent work in our country that suffers every year the impact of strong forest fires. In this action, we learn immensely about our native species and developed a work of maintenance of already planted trees so that they can grow as strong and healthy as possible. And we do not want to stay here. We plan to participate in a lot more actions like this one in the future.

Environment is a big concern at Care to Beauty.

From our office to the world

We do not want our action to be confined to the walls of our office. Every day we send products to the four corners of the world and we talk to people from other geographies so we also want to bring this commitment across borders.

Eco-friendly brands worried about the environment.

An important idea of ours is to provide, in our catalog, products that are formulated with a large percentage of ingredients of natural origin and brands that are concerned about the environment. You can read more about our brands in this post. All will not be done in one day, of course, but, step by step, our catalog will have more and more brands that are working towards sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Another simple thing we started to do (and want to keep doing) is to talk about our environmental commitment with partners and clients, seeking to inspire those around us.

A large number of animal species disappear every year which alters the planet’s natural balance. To counter this trend, it is necessary to contribute to the protection of endangered species. And we did it! We adopted a Penguin – Alex – as a way to help fund habitat protection and conservation activities of endangered species carried out by the WWF – World Wildlife Foundation.

Environmental changes challenge penguins lives.

And because we know that change is not something that happens from one day to the next, we want to keep the commitment and improve continuously in a spirit of “work in progress”.


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