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Are Clear Gel Sunscreens Right for You?

Are Clear Gel Sunscreens Right for You?

Are Clear Gel Sunscreens Right for You?

Every now and then, a new type of sunscreen pops up to appeal to a very specific niche of people–like this writer! Take, for example, clear gel sunscreens: they’re not for everyone, but they bring a series of advantages that might be worth looking into.

But first: clear gel sunscreen? What even is that?

Is there such a thing as clear gel sunscreen?

If you’re used to old-timey sunscreens, always white, thick, and chalky, the idea of ​​a clear sunscreen may seem strange to you: how can something transparent protect your skin as well as the white pastes that we used to use as sunscreen?

We understand your reservations, but the truth is that science marches on! In recent years, we’ve seen plenty of clear gel sunscreens gradually enter the market. With lightweight, easy-to-apply formulas that are transparent both in the packaging and on the skin, these sunscreens have a series of advantages:

  • They are easy to apply. No need to massage them into the skin for minutes on end in order to make them blend in;
  • They provide a natural finish that looks just like skin;
  • No white cast! If you have a darker skin tone, you know the dreaded white cast is a common problem with many sunscreens. With clear sunscreens, that’s a non-issue!
  • They often double as primers. Many clear sunscreens have a silicone-like texture that works wonders under makeup;
  • They look great! And we already know the best sunscreen is the sunscreen you actually use. If having a sunscreen with a super-innovative transparent texture gets you excited to wear sunscreen, then it makes sense to get it for that reason!

Not everything is perfect with these products, however. There’s a big con: because they are transparent, it’s quite possible that you won’t be able to apply them evenly, as you will have difficulty monitoring the areas where you have already applied them. In addition to this disadvantage, the issue of the silicone-like texture is also worth mentioning: some people love it, and some people hate it. Nothing like trying it out to decide whether it works for you!

The best clear sunscreens for your face (and body)

Below, we’ll show you some of our favorite clear gel sunscreens: some are perfect for using under makeup, others are ideal for applying to the body during sports, and others offer the perfect blend of skincare and makeup. There is a bit of everything, for all tastes!

Sesderma Repaskin Silk Touch Facial Sunscreen SPF50

The antioxidant gel sunscreen

The Sesderma Repaskin Silk Touch Facial Sunscreen SPF50 is one of the clear sunscreens that we have been recommending for the longest time here at Care to Beauty.

The formula is 100% transparent, both on the packaging and on the skin, and features a series of ingredients that come in quite handy to prevent and correct the harmful effects of solar radiation: chemical sun filters, of course, but also antioxidant plant extracts and repairing Micrococcus lysate enzymes.

Frezyderm Sunscreen Velvet Face SPF50+

The velvety soft primer

The Frezyderm Sunscreen Velvet Face SPF50+ needs no introduction: it’s an internet-famous sunscreen with a transparent texture that leaves a velvety and matte touch on the skin, perfect for those who are looking for sunscreen that doubles as a makeup primer.

Easy to dispense, with its iconic pump bottle, and easy to apply, this sunscreen also offers a slight oil-absorbing effect, leaving the skin with a mattified appearance for up to 6 hours.

Hello Sunday The One That’s Got It All Sun Primer SPF50

The all-in-one transparent sunscreen

The Hello Sunday The One That’s Got It All Sun Primer SPF50 is, as the name suggests, a versatile product that fulfills a series of requirements: very high sun protection, antioxidant benefits, and a little extra skin prep action to help your makeup look perfect.

The secret of this formula lies in the combination of chemical sunscreens with vitamins C and E, which provide antioxidant benefits that help protect the skin from sun damage. Texture-wise, the formula is clear and velvety-smooth, which helps to “grip” your makeup, prolonging its duration throughout the day.

Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Moist Sun Serum SPF50+

The Korean transparent sunscreen

The Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Moist Sun Serum SPF50+ may not be the brand’s most popular sunscreen (that’s the Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun Rice + Probiotics SPF50+, of course), but it’s a great option for those looking for a clear sunscreen gel.

The formula has a slight green tint but disappears immediately after application, leaving the skin with a hydrated but natural finish. In addition to the unique texture, this innovative formula also features 30% ginseng extract, recognized in Korean medicine for its moisturizing and anti-aging benefits. All in all, it’s a great hybrid product!

ISDIN Fotoprotector Fusion Gel Sport Wet Skin SPF50+

The clear sunscreen for athletes

Unlike other sunscreens on this list, the ISDIN Fotoprotector Fusion Gel Sport Wet Skin SPF50+ is more adapted to the body than the face. With an invisible gel texture that creates an instant cooling effect, this sunscreen is ideal for athletes who spend a lot of time outdoors and need a product that is easy to apply, even on wet or sweaty skin.

The formula also features Ginger Cell Protect, a 100% natural complex with a high antioxidant content, which helps prevent damage caused by solar radiation during outdoor sports.

SVR Sun Secure Extreme Ultra-Matt Gel SPF50+

The broad-spectrum gel sunscreen

The SVR Sun Secure Extreme Ultra-Matt Gel SPF50+ is a face and body sunscreen with an ultra-matte finish–in short, it’s a near-invisible sun shield for the entire family. The multi-protective formula offers protection against UVB/UVA, infrared, and visible light through a patented combination of four chemical sun filters, making this product ideal for those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

As for the texture itself, it’s a consistent gel, which appears to have some color but becomes transparent when applied–perfect for those who like to apply and reapply their sun protection on the go!

Now that we’ve introduced you to some clear gel sunscreens, with different formats and purposes, you know what to expect from these unique products. What do you think? Ready to try out a transparent sunscreen, or will you stick to more traditional formulas?

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