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9 Gym Bag Beauty Essentials for Toned Skin

9 Gym Bag Beauty Essentials for Toned Skin


There’s no need to detail all the benefits that regular exercise has on your health! It’s essential to keep the body moving, yet it’s not always easy to find the way that works best for you. If you find like the gym is the perfect solution for your routine and preferences, then we don’t want to leave you lost on gym bag beauty essentials. We’re no health or fitness coach, so we’re here to talk about the best part: the shower, skincare and body care must-haves! The ultimate goal is to work out your body without compromising skin care.

Shower must-haves

The first relaxing me-time after a determined workout, the shower is an essential step to release your body from all the sweat. It leaves your skin immediately feeling fresh and clean. With the right products on your side, this step can be just as pleasant as it is quick!

Hair and body cleanser

This step is as essential as it can get when we’re talking about gym bag beauty essentials. For an invigorating shower, you’ll need a good body cleanser as well as a shampoo, if you have hair. You may find one product that makes all the work like a 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash, or maybe you’d rather have one product for each function, and go for a solid version of shampoo and body cleanser to minimize volume and weight. If you choose a body cleanser that is also suitable for the face, even better.

A good way of finding reasonably sized products to keep on your gym bag is to look for travel size options. Instead of buying small sizes of products, you may purchase travel-sized empty containers and fill them with your everyday products. Make your beauty items portable so you won’t need to skip steps if you’re trying to make for a compact nécessaire!

Body care basics

After your refreshing shower, it’s time to replenish your hard-working skin with all the care it deserves. Any doubts about what the absolute basic steps would be?

Deodorant and body lotion

You may start by putting on your favorite deodorant or anti-transpirant, to help the freshness of the shower last all day. After using this absolutely essential item, it’s time to move to skin hydration. The important thing is to find a formula that is able to replenish the skin with comfort, and also that applies and absorbs quickly so you don’t have to wait to put your clothes back on. We’d recommend you to find packaging with a capacity equal to or smaller than 200ml, to keep your necessaire at a reasonable size (and weight!).

Hand cream

Last but not least, you have your beautiful hands to take good care of. Especially useful if you gave your hands a hard time during your gym session, the hand cream is going to repair the hands, replenishing comfort and helping to keep the skin of the hands healthy. Luckily for you, their regular size is always great to carry around.

Skincare essentials

With the body’s skin all fresh and repaired with hydration, it’s time to care of the face. Even though every time is a good time to care for it, after your energetic workout it’s an actual need. After all the sweating and a possibly dehydrating shower at temperatures above recommended, it deserves nothing less than hydrating pampering. You may go with a skincare routine as basic or as complete as you like, and we encourage you to squeeze in as many steps as you feel comfortable. For now, we’re just going by the basics.

Face moisturizer

Since we’re going for gym bag beauty essentials, we’re cutting your skincare routine as short as we can—including only the very basics. When we say skincare basics, we’re talking about moisturizer and sunscreen (in case you go to the gym in the morning or afternoon). A good example of a product that would do all of this at once is the La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Aquagel SPF30, providing your skin with sun protection and moisturizing action at the same time.

As for moisturizer, a hydrating gel formula is always a good idea, especially for using after your diligent exercise session. The packaging also matters in this case, and we’d definitely go for a squeezing tube! If you have dry to sensitive skin, check the Topicrem Hydra+ Moisturizing Radiance Gel, and the Galénic Aqua Infini Refreshing Water Gel is a better fit if you have combination to oily skin.


We wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t recommend a face sunscreen—you’ll understand why after reading our sunscreen posts, such as the “The Complete Guide to Sunscreen” or the “Is European Sunscreen Really Better? A Deep Dive“! For this and for many other occasions, we think that the La Roche-Posay Anthelios UVMune 400 Fluid SPF50+ is a great option both in texture and in packaging. Once you apply this last step, you’re ready to pack your beauty essentials back to the gym bag and go!

We wouldn’t consider perfume an essential, but it’s nice to have, for sure! If you need inspiration for your next gym scent, look at the best clean-smelling perfumes. A 30ml bottle of perfume is a great option to carry on your gym bag!

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