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How To Apply Perfume: Our Best Tips

How To Apply Perfume: Our Best Tips


Even though applying perfume can be pretty intuitive, we may need more than our instincts to lead our perfume to its best performance. Whether you like intense or subdued fragrances, longevity, projection and good sillage are always desired and appreciated! Inevitably, our tips on how to apply perfume will also work to help your perfume to last longer. Isn’t that perfect?

Choosing a good perfume is certainly a vital part of the process. After finding the perfect fragrance (we may be of assistance with our pick on the best smelling perfumes for women) you just need to learn how to apply it properly. The result? A perfect fragrant veil that follows you everywhere, leaving an unforgettable trail!

The Best Tips on How To Apply Perfume

Apply From a Distance

If when applying perfume, it drips down your skin, then it’s time for you to read this tip. Chances are that you’re not keeping the minimum distance between the sprayer and your skin – it doesn’t do much for the scent nor for your clothes, as you may stain them. In this case, some precise recommendations may help: we suggest you hold the bottle from about 6 inches or 15 centimeters from your skin. This distance may even go a little further! Keep the ideal distance between the nozzle and the skin when applying the perfume in order to guarantee that the scent lands evenly onto your skin and clothing, without dripping or staining.

Apply on Pulse Points

Have you been wondering where to apply perfume? We may have more than one answer for that, but the first one is to apply it to pulse points. Also known as warm points, the pulse points are the best areas to enhance the performance of our perfume. The temperature interacts directly with the perfume, activating the scent throughout the day! Equally important is to not rub the perfume after applying it, as rubbing may disturb the integrity of the fragrance and evaporate the top notes which are more volatile. Now that we know all about why and how to apply perfume on pulse points, we have still to find which pulse points are we talking about. One of the best perfume application tips would then be to apply it onto the sides of the neck, chest, wrists, behind the ears, inside of the elbows and back of the knees.

Apply onto Clothing and Hair

Another way of intensifying the presence of your perfume – other than applying it onto pulse points – is to apply it over your clothes and hair. While doing so, it is even more important to keep a safe distance. One good way of doing so is to vaporize the perfume onto the air and walk through it. This technique is just as effective as it is empowering! A unique indulging ritual to start your day at your best. This topic is not as unanimous as the others, as some perfumes may stain your clothes and applying perfume too close to your hair may contribute to drying it out. The key is to be cautious and apply it from a safe distance!


Layering is more than a tip, is a must! Whether you layer multiple products with the same scent or different perfumes to create a unique blend, the intensity and longevity are always expanded. Let’s dig into the different layering techniques, one of the best tips on how to apply perfume!

Layering Body Products with a Neutral or a Matching Scent

Hydrate the skin before applying your perfume to offer the fragrance something to bind to other than your bare skin. This will automatically enhance the longevity and projection of the fragrance! You can choose neutral body products with no added perfume or fragrant ones with a matching fragrance. The more, the merrier: fragrant soap, body lotion and deodorant are perfect to create a powerful fragrant and harmonious aura of your favorite scent!

Layering Different Perfumes

This is a technique exclusively suggested for the creative fellows. It involves combining different perfumes in order to create your own signature fragrance. To keep it simple enough, you may start by layering two fragrances – starting from the more intense to the lighter. As a result, find a fragrance that is new and unique!

Extra Tip: Now that you-re learned the best tips on how to apply perfume, it’s time to find out how to store it. store your perfumes away from direct sunlight and change of temperatures. This exposure may shorten the life span of your perfume and it is very easy to avoid it. Actually, keeping the perfume in the original box is an excellent system to preserve the integrity of the fragrance!

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