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The Best Body Care Products for Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin

The Best Body Care Products for Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin

Best Body Care Products for Your Baby

A new tiny person is about to enter your life! Whether as a new mom or dad, or as a proud uncle, grandparent or friend, there are multiple challenges to overcome. Hopefully, finding the best baby body care won’t be one once you scroll through our complete guide! Here, we’ll walk you through bath products as well as moisturizing and diaper change care; if it’s true that you’ll have a lot to figure out on your own, that won’t be the case on what’s the best baby body care!

Baby body & hair care products

It may seem like a lot, but the good news is that the products help to keep the skin of the baby healthy as well as comfortable. If you want to keep products to a minimum, make sure to chose multipurpose formulas. An important note is that you may mix and match products from different ranges as well as brands to make sure that you have the best baby body care products!

Baby hair and body cleansing

Essential for every bath, this should be one of the products that you’ll use the most. Choosing a mild hair and body cleanser is key, but the perfect one can have multiple presentations! You may prefer a cleansing bar, instead of a gel wash. One thing is for sure: their multipurpose formulas, suitable for hair and body, allow for a minimalist bath routine and they’ll do an impeccable job!

If you’d rather have a targeted formula for the hair and scalp of the baby, check Uriage Baby 1st Shampoo.

Body lotion

Choosing a body lotion that absorbs quickly is key, as a struggling baby is already difficult to get dressed as it is! If you want a product that would do it all then pick the ISDIN one, as it’s suitable for the body and face. Each application replenishes skin hydration and comfort, contributing to healthy as well as lightly fragrant skin.

Facial cream

Babies tend to easily get a bit of redness on the cheeks, so you may like to have a targeted care for face. Both soothing and nourishing, these formulas are the best among the baby skincare world. Apply it with a gentle massage on their delicate skin – you’ll both treasure such a special moment!

Cradle cap treatment

This is almost inevitable and it’s just an aesthetic issue – there’s nothing to worry about! All you need to do is to use targeted care to detach the squamous bits and then use foam shampoo, such as Mustela Baby Foam Shampoo Newborns Cradle Cap, to remove and prevent its recurrence.

Diaper change cleansing care

If practice makes perfect, then you’ll be an expert on diaper changing in no time! You’ll have a lot of diapers to change, and we’re big fans of not using wipes at all times; instead, we’d recommend using mostly a liniment or cleansing water. They’re usually gentler on the skin as well as better for the environment. However, when outside the house, it may be more practical to go for wipes to cleanse your baby’s skin. Check our favorite products and then choose yours!

Diaper change cream

Nappy change always requires a simple and repairing cream, such as A-Derma Primalba Baby Nappy Change Cream, to keep the skin healthy and protected. If there’s a nappy rash, and trust us, it will unfortunately happen, then you should go to ISDIN. You may even need two; ISDIN Baby Naturals Zn40 Restoring Ointment is the one to choose if there’s a simple rash, but if we’re talking about a persistent one then you should go to ISDIN Baby Naturals AF Repairing Ointment. You’ll see that this is much simpler than it looks, once you become a diaper change ninja!


By now, you already know that you should never expose babies to direct sunlight. Nevertheless, strollings and exposure to daylight may be inevitable and your baby should always be protected with the best sunscreen. The important thing to know is that mineral sunscreen is the right choice for their delicate skin! There is a lot to choose from, and these are our first picks.

Drying lotion

As you may or may not already know, babies drool a lot and it’s also common to have skin folds that are constantly moist. If we want the skin not to break, then we need to find a dedicated ally to keep it dry. When the time comes, turn to a drying lotion as it will make life much easier! They’re incredibly easy to apply and provide a long-lasting drying action.

Your baby will love these products just as much as we do! If you need further help with baby atopic skin & eczema, we may be of assistance as well.

Shopping for slightly older children? We’ve got plenty of skincare and hair care recs for kids too!

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