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6 Best Body Oils For Summer

6 Best Body Oils For Summer

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From cinnamon tans to porcelain or deep ebony skin tones, body oils manage to enhance every skin tone and their overall appearance. There’s something special about that radiant, glowy finish that leaves the skin healthy-looking as well as instantly beautified. During summer, the skin of the body may suffer more aggressions than in the winter, such as more sun exposure and more frequent showers. In order to replenish your skin and address some issues that may be a concern for you, we took some time to explore the best body oils for summer!

Clarins Tonic Treatment Oil

Best Toning Oil

Featuring 100% of pure plant extracts, this precious formula provides your senses with an incredibly pleasant, natural and uplifting scent. It not only pampers the skin but also firms and tones, all the while working to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. This iconic product, first sold in 1965, is still an irreplaceable product to this day!

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil with Spray

Best Scented Oil

Continuing in the iconic body oils lane, there’s one clear winner in this category. With floral and elegant notes of orange blossom and magnolia coupled with vanilla, this body oil allows an indulging experience in each application. Made with 98% of natural ingredients, this oil is ideal to hydrate and replenish the skin of the body and face as well as the hair! Count on us to help you in choosing your favorite NUXE Huile Prodigieuse from the range.

Esthederm Sun Care Body & Hair

Best Tan Enhancer

If you fancy tanned skin, this one is for you! This multi-purpose dry oil protects your skin and hair from sun exposure all the while optimizing and enhancing natural tanning. It not only hydrates but also protects and instantly embellishes the skin for a beautiful, long-lasting and healthy tan. Definitely one of the best body oils for summer!


Best Anti-Aging

Fragrant and revitalizing at the same time, this dry oil works wonders on your skin! From the first application, the formula restores your skin with nourishing and rejuvenating benefits. Suitable for the face, body and hair, YOUTH LAB Dry Oil does all this work without leaving a greasy or oily finish.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Leg Elixir

Best Shimmer Body Oil

If the glow of body oils is not enough and you feel like going one step further, then this is the one. Featuring the intoxicating scent of Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum, with notes of bright jasmine and rich cocoa, this elixir embellishes your skin with shimmering light as well as with a silky-smooth touch.

Topicrem Ultra-Moisturizing Oil

Best Nourishing

Ready to repair and restore your skin with comfort? This body oil feels incredibly nourishing and restoring while delivering a delightful floral fragrance at the same time. Each application leaves the skin feeling soft and fragrant, revitalizing dry and sensitive skin with comfort. Moreover, the formula works as a massage oil, allowing a completely relaxing experience.

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