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Find The Best Chip-free Nail Polishes For The Perfect Manicure

Find The Best Chip-free Nail Polishes For The Perfect Manicure

Find The Best Chip-free Nail Polishes For The Perfect Manicure

Whether you choose natural tones or vibrant shades, nail polish is the most exciting step of the manicure. With multiple finishes and endless tones to chose from, a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to explore all the options! Regardless of the effect or finish that you love the most, there’s one aspect that is universally sought after: a chip-free formula. Anyone that has ever used nail polish knows the despair of chipping lacquer. The pain is even greater when it happens on the first day(s) after doing your manicure. That’s why we’ve gathered a selection of the best chip-free nail polishes. After properly taking care of your nails , all you need is the perfect long-lasting nail polish!

The Best Chip-free Nail Polishes

Flormar Jelly Look Nail Enamel

Best High-Shine

Long-lasting and gel-like shine manicure at home? What a great time to be alive! This range of polishes coats your nail with a gel manicure effect, granting an ultra-bright finish as well as that luxurious plump effect associated with gel nails. No UV lights required! Don’t forget to combine it with your favorite base and top coat to achieve the best performance.

Catrice Gold Effect Nail Polish

Best Shimmering

When you feel in the mood for some sparkle, look no further! This range from Catrice offers chip-free resistance with extra gleam to enliven your manicure. If you use it together with a base and top coat, there’s no limit to its lasting power and shine!

essie Expressie Quick Dry Nail Polish

Best Quick-dry

No one has the time or patience that some nail polishes take to dry perfectly. We already have some excellent solutions to hasten the process, using a nail polish drying spray like Flormar Nail Polish Drying Spray) or dry drops such as Catrice Express Quick Dry Drops. But wouldn’t it be great if a nail polish had that built-in feature? Essie thought so too. That is why this complete new formula dries quicker than any other!

La Roche-Posay Silicium Nail Polish

Best for Sensitive Skin

There’s no need to run away from nail polish just because you have extremely sensitive skin and nails. This formula is hypoallergenic and so gentle that is suitable not only for sensitive skin and nails but also for patients undergoing cancer treatments. Get extreme shine and wear with one of the best chip-free nail polishes that protect and fortify your nails at the same time!

essence Shine Last & Go! Gel Nail Polish

Best Budget

We love a good long-wearing formula just as much as a bargain. The competition is tough, but here we have the winner. Besides being one of the best chip-free nail polishes, this formula also grants a quick-dry and gel-like shine. The only challenge would be to pick your favorite color!

essie Gel Couture Long Wear Nail Polish

Best Overall

Here we are talking about the best amongst the great. In order to find the best one, we considered every possible detail of the product, application and wear! More than a perfect formula, this polish has an incredibly intuitive brush that allows an easy and effortless application. In addition, it delivers exceptional shine in a long-wearing formula. It only gets better if you combine it with the top coat from the same range!

Extra tip: Regardless of the nail polish you choose, there’s something else you can do. Precede every application with a base and strengthening coat such as essie Base Coat Strong Start and follow your favorite color with a top coat like Ecrinal Top Coat Clear&Shiny in order to enhance the performance of your nail polish to its best!

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