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Our Top 6 Best Creams For Tired Legs

Our Top 6 Best Creams For Tired Legs


If having tired, heavy legs are a problem that sounds familiar to you, then we may have some useful advice; first of all, you should check with your healthcare professional if there’s some health issue behind it. It may be caused by a lack of vitamins or other chronic conditions, and we wouldn’t dare to opine on that. However, if the main cause of tired legs is associated with pregnancy, hot weather, fluid retention, long-standing or sitting hours, then there are some products that can bring you some immediate comfort. The best creams for tired legs are just one click away—get the relief you deserve with these incredible formulas!

Find instant comfort for heavy, tired legs with these products!

Poor circulation is often times the main reason for the uncomfortable sensation of tired legs. It usually affects the lower part of your body, contributing to a sensation of fatigue in the legs, ankles as well as feet. Are you up for some tips? We hope so, as we have a couple of them!

Avoiding being in a static position for long hours is a simple yet great help in preventing the feeling of heavy legs. If you absolutely have to, then try to have a few breaks throughout the day to walk and do some simple exercises, like activating your calves.

One old yet very good tip to follow at the end of the day is to sit laying down on your back, with your legs up, perpendicular to the ground. That should be very helpful in minimizing discomfort! In addition to that, a good massage—especially using the following products—is the best you can do to re-energize the legs! For the best results, massage from the ankle upwards. Start now and thank us later!

Akileine Heavy Legs Draining Gel

A relaxing & refreshing gel that instantly cools

Revive both tired and aching legs with this refreshing draining gel! It relaxes the legs as you’re applying it, providing an immediate cooling sensation. Featuring powerful ingredients like ginkgo biloba and horse chestnut extract, it activates micro-circulation all the while reducing fatigue and soreness, for a well-being sensation that lasts. Take your time massaging the most affected areas in order to bring lightness back to tired legs!

Akileine Cryo-Relaxing Spray for Tired Legs

A cooling spray with menthol

With the unmistakably fresh menthol, this spray instantly refreshes and reduces the sensation of discomfort both on the legs and feet. Easy to apply, this spray allows for a quick application with an incredibly light formula that feels weightless on the skin. Counting on ginkgo biloba to activate micro-circulation, this spray is sure to help with your fatigued legs. To point out that the formula doesn’t stain, so you can apply it under tights and socks without damaging your clothing.

Martiderm Legvass Emulsion

Reduce ankle swelling with this relieving emulsion

Reduce up to 2cm of ankle perimeter with this swelling-relieving emulsion. Suitable for tired legs as well as for ankle swelling, this treatment is suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding periods as it was formulated without alcohol or menthol. Containing botanical extracts that have venotonic action, this formula activates circulation while helps to reduce water retention. Each application contributes to immediate refresh as well as relief of leg fatigue!

Clarins Energizing Emulsion For Tired Legs

Soothe tired legs & overworked feet

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, give a try on this soothing formula. With a cocktail of plant-based ingredients such as chamomile and arnica montana, this emulsion is ideal not only to energize the legs but also to soften overworked feet. Equally important, the texture feels just as lightweight as it feels refreshing, further contributing to an immediate feeling of comfort. Suitable for pregnancy, this is one of the best creams for tired legs as it restores strength and vitality in no time.

Weleda Leg Gel with Copper

Say goodbye to heavy legs with a certified natural formula

Minimize the sensation of tired and heavy legs with this refreshing gel. This lightweight gel is the perfect companion for those who spend many hours sitting or standing—you may even incorporate it into an existing body care routine. Suitable for pregnancy, this vegan formula doesn’t contain synthetic preservatives, fragrances, dyes or mineral oil. Certified natural by NATRUE, this non-greasy gel is all you need for a long-lasting feeling of lightness.

Dr. Hauschka Revitalising Leg & Arm Tonic

An invigorating tonic for tired legs, arms & feet

An invigorating tonic is probably the most refreshing texture to alleviate tired legs and arms. Featuring the natural borage and rosemary essential oils, it actively contributes to decongesting swollen limbs, restoring energy back to tired and heavy legs and arms. To minimize water retention and revitalize fatigued muscles, apply this tonic and massage it from the ankles upwards. At the same time, you’ll have a relaxing and fragrant experience while reducing fatigue.

Incorporate the best creams for tired legs into your body routine for the best results! We have a few ideas on how to have a complete yet simple body routine, try it out!

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