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Top 8 Best Hydrating Masks For All Skin Types

Top 8 Best Hydrating Masks For All Skin Types

One thing a good mask can definitely do is boost hydration levels. And this is when we turn to hydrating masks. Dehydration is not a skin type, but a skin condition that any skin type can have. Yes, you should be taking care of that daily, but we all know that there are days in which your skin suffers extra damage. Whether it’s a harsh cold wind, the blazing sun, or even you blasting the AC, sometimes your skin needs extra help. But not all hydrating masks have been created equal, so let’s take a look at our favorite ones for each situation.

COSRX Full Fit Propolis Honey Overnight Mask

Best for oily skin

It’s not always easy to find a good hydrating mask that doesn’t break out oily skin. However, not only this mask is one of them, it also has added benefits for oiliness. This super light gel-like mask deeply hydrates and helps to control blemishes. All in all, it’s the perfect fit if your skin is dehydrated and needs a water boost.

Uriage Eau Thermale Water Sleeping Mask

Affordable & effective

This mask may not look a big deal, but it sure does carry a hydration puch. This formula is as fuss-free as it is effective. The lightweight presentation immediately sinks in and it clearly shows results within the next day. Ideally, use it overnight for better results.

COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask

Truly nourishing for dry skin

a cult product that almost needs no presentation at all. This COSRX nourishing mask both regenerates the skin and hydrates it. This formula is perfect for soothing broken skin, or even for those who suffer from rosacea and have dry skin. Lastly, it can also be used by those who usually suffer from sensitive skin.

APIVITA Express Beauty Face Mask Cucumber

Best single-use hydrating mask

If you need hydrating masks only on very rare occasions, this one is for you. Two sachets of individual doses of mask for you to use when your skin truly needs it. We know single-use products aren’t usually the most eco-friendly, but if you rarely use a mask, then this approach would actually be the best one. Only use when needed, don’t expose the rest of the product to the elements until next time.

SVR Sensifine Mask Intolerant & Poly-Allergic Skin

Ideal for sensitive skin

Firstly, we know we’re being predictable here. However, a great mask will always be a great mask, no matter if anyone already knows about it. The worldwide-known Sensifine range has some great iconic products and this one is our favorite. A mask that is both suitable for all skin types and ultra soothing. No way to go wrong here.

Esthederm Intensive Hyaluronic Mask

Luxuriously hydrating

In case you’re doing the mask ritual for the experience, the previous ones might not be right for you. Those were all about the results, but if the ritual also matters, then you need to go for luxury. This ultra smooth formula melts into the skin to deeply hydrate it. Additionally, it has a soft fragrance that matches the luxurious texture.

Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack

Top sleeping pack

A sleeping pack is a hydrating mask that you apply in the evening as your last skincare step and is meant to hydrate your skin overnight. It’s a Korean trend, therefore it’s only fit that we select a Korean product. This pumpkin mask not only hydrates but also gently exfoliates your skin overnight. The idea is to wake up day after day with both a smoother and a more hydrated complexion.

Clarins Total Eye Hydrate Mask-Balm

A treat for the eyes

Did you know that hydrating masks are not only for the face? This one for the eye contour is perfect for those who easily dehydrate in this area. It packs an amazing load of hydration, and one suitable for this very sensitive area. Apply it twice a week for supple and comfortable skin that appears more awakened and refreshed.

If you’re interested in checking out more masks, be sure to stop by our masks section on the website.

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