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Top 9 Best Kerastase Shampoo for Your Hair

Top 9 Best Kerastase Shampoo for Your Hair

Kerastase is the brand that combines the best of the professional and luxury hair care worlds. With the ambition to wash, treat, and transform your hair with every use, the results of Kerastase shampoos will always exceed your expectations. With formulas that enhance all types of beauty, you can expect to find exactly what you need among the variety of collections that answer to all possible skin textures, preferences, and needs. We’ve selected the best Kerastase shampoos from different ranges, so you can take a pick of what this unique brand can do for your hair and beauty.

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Kerastase: The Brand in Review

Country of Origin France
Year Founded 1964
Brand Type Professional & Luxury
Our Best Selling Shampoo Kérastase Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifiant Shampoo
Author’s Favorite Kérastase Soleil Bain Après-Soleil Nourishing After-Sun Shampoo
Best New Launch Kérastase Chroma Absolu Bain Riche Chroma Respect Shampoo
3 Reasons To Buy – Each formula grants exceptional performance and a luxurious experience
– Effective both on the scalp and hair, with formulas powered by scientific innovation and professional knowledge
– Complete range with formulas that answer all skin textures and needs

Best Kerastase Shampoos

Kerastase is an irresistible brand for those who love luxury cosmetics. Each formula provides you with a pleasant application experience and they deliver. If you don’t know where to start, then go with the essential for any shower: the shampoo. Here you’ll find the best Kerastase shampoo for your hair type and needs.

Kérastase Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifiant Shampoo

Weakened hair prone to breakage

Perfect for fine and oily hair, this fortifying and moisturizing shampoo strengthens hair with a tendency to hair loss. Resorting to 97% ingredients of natural origin, including ginger root extract and edelweiss stem cells, the shampoo protects the hair strands and the scalp from external aggressions while deeply cleansing the hair. Boost your hair care routine with a moisturizing shampoo that controls excess sebum at the same time.

Kérastase Nutritive Bain Satin Shampoo

Nourishing care for dry hair

For those with dry, fine to medium hair, here’s the shampoo that you’ve been looking for. Featuring plant-based proteins from wheat, corn, and soybeans, this rich formula deeply nourishes the hair. Every use is a synonym of softer hair, with increased and long-lasting nutrition. With a fragrant gel-cream texture, the shampoo delivers immediate comfort to your scalp while boosting dry hair. You’ll be fascinated with the delightful blend of violet leaves, ylang-ylang, and white jasmine with a deep base of sandalwood and white cedar notes!

Kérastase Curl Manifesto Bain Hydration Douceur Shampoo

Lightweight curl definition

Say goodbye to frizzy hair and activate your natural waves or curls with this moisturizing and creamy shampoo. While infusing the hair with lightweight hydration, the shampoo removes all dirt, impurities, and pollution residues without stripping the hair. Thanks to ceramides and manuka honey, the hair gets stronger and more hydrated wash after washing. Revive your natural texture effortlessly with this one!

Kérastase Chroma Absolu Bain Riche Chroma Respect Shampoo

Sensitized or damaged color treated-hair

Transforming the hair with color is fun, but it may leave the hair weakened over time. This shampoo, with a gentle texture and a pleasing scent, works to minimize any damage and revitalize medium to thick hair. Combining the action of lactic acid and Centella Asiatica, it reconstitutes the hair fiber, repairing it from within. Day after day, it prevents color fading al the while promoting smoother, healthy, and frizz-free hair.

Kérastase Specifique Bain Divalent Balancing Shampoo

Oily roots & sensitized ends

How hard is it to answer the needs of an oily scalp and dehydrated ends? Kerastase has a unique solution. This product combines purifying and exfoliating salicylic acid and glycine with vitamin B6 which nourishes and strengthens sensitized hair fibers. As a result, the shampoo perfectly regulates the scalp and, at the same time, it provides the lengths and ends with incredible softness and shine.

Kérastase Chronologiste Bain Régénérant Shampoo

Regenerating shampoo for hair and scalp

For lifeless, dull hair, this is the perfect rescuing shampoo. With this replenishing formula, you’ll get to have stronger, softer hair, every day! Thanks to hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and abyssine, the hair is deeply nourished and protected, as well as boosted with extra shine and softness. The best part is that it does as much for your hair as it does for your application experience, with captivating notes of rose tea, light woods, and musk.

Kérastase Densifique Bain Densité Shampoo

For hair visibly lacking density

What if you could add extra body and volume to your hair with each wash? This formula is enriched with stemoxydine and peptides, ingredients that work together to minimize hair loss while promoting thicker and denser hair. Wash after wash, the hair looks denser and more voluminous, without compromising the cleansing action. Boost your hair with density while experiencing one of the best Kerastase shampoo.

Kérastase Soleil Bain Après-Soleil Nourishing After-Sun Shampoo

Shampoo for sun-exposed hair

Prepare your heart for a summer affair with Kerastase After-Sun Shampoo. This extraordinary formula restores shine and softness to hair that, as a result of sun exposure, is overly dry and brittle. The secret is the blend of coconut water with vitamin E and UV filters, ingredients that not only repair but also shield the hair from further damage. Equally important, the formula efficiently removes all the salt, sand, and chlorine particles, leaving the hair fresh and clean after a relaxing day in the sun.

Kérastase Blond Absolu Bain Lumière Shampoo

Illuminating shampoo for lightened hair

If you want to boost the radiance of your blond hair and highlights to the max, this is the shampoo for you. Featuring hyaluronic acid, edelweiis flower, and violet pigments, the formula treats deep damage on the hair shaft and protects it from daily external aggressions all the while neutralizing yellowish undertones. In short, this is the shampoo for those looking for healthy blonde hair with a natural shine.

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