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What’s the Best Mixsoon Essence for You?

What’s the Best Mixsoon Essence for You?

What's the Best Mixsoon Essence for You?

If you’re interested in Korean skincare and like to keep up to date with all the news and trends, you may have already come across mixsoon, the premium Korean skincare brand whose mission is to make the famous Korean “glass skin” accessible to everyone. At the heart of this mission are the brand’s skincare essences, the most popular of which is the mixsoon Bean Essence. Could that be the best mixsoon essence for you?

Today, we’re going to learn more about mixsoon‘s skincare essences and help you understand how you can use them to achieve the glowing skin of your dreams. But, before that, let’s get to know the brand’s philosophy a little better:

How mixsoon uses natural ingredients to achieve glass skin

mixsoon‘s philosophy focuses on locally sourced natural and plant-based ingredients, some of which are grown on the brand’s own farms–like Centella asiatica, for example, which mixsoon grows on Jeju Island.

The plant-based ingredients are then extracted using specialized low-temperature methods and, in some cases, subjected to long fermentation processes to improve their skincare potential. You will find fermented ingredients in the famous mixsoon Bean Essence, but also in the mixsoon Bifida Ferment Essence and the mixsoon Galactomyces Ferment Essence.

In addition to the core ingredients, which effectively bring benefits to the skin, mixsoon likes to keep the formulas minimalist and streamlined, using only the ingredients strictly necessary for the skin’s well-being.

How the mixsoon layering essences work

To promote smooth and radiant skin–the famous Korean “glass skin”–mixsoon recommends the use of concentrated skincare essences, which can be used on their own, or layered in order to maximize their skincare benefits.

Below, we’ll help you find the right mixsoon essence for your skin concerns:

mixsoon Bean Essence

Best for in-depth hydration

The mixsoon Bean Essence is already a cult skincare product, but it’s worth learning why. With a rich and viscous texture, this essence is perfect for hydrating and smoothing the skin with minimal irritation.

The formula features four fermented primary ingredients, optimized for absorption and comfort: fermented soybean, fermented barley, fermented pomegranate, and fermented Korean pear. Together, these ingredients hydrate the skin and promote its health while boosting its natural glow, for a bright and even complexion.

mixsoon Soondy Centella Asiatica Essence

Best to soothe sensitive skin

Formulated with Centella asiatica, one of the most famous ingredients in Korean skincare, mixsoon Soondy Centella Asiatica Essence is ideal for calming and soothe sensitive and irritated skin.

It all comes down to the near-magical properties of Centella asiatica (grown in the brand’s farm in Jeju Island), which manages to hydrate the skin while calming it, restoring the feeling of comfort and well-being. With a level and water-like texture, this soothing essence is ideal for all skin types.

mixsoon Bifida Ferment Essence

Best to repair the skin barrier

The mixsoon Bifida Ferment Essence brings the benefits of probiotics to the skin with Bifida Ferment Extract. As a probiotic from Bifidobacterium, Bifida Ferment Extract is rich in proteins, vitamins, lactose, lactic acid, minerals, and more.

All together, these elements help fortify the skin, repairing the skin barrier and promoting hydration and skin elasticity, making this lightweight water essence an ideal product for sensitive and irritated skin.

mixsoon Galactomyces Ferment Essence

Best for uneven skin with dark spots

Specially designed for dull and uneven skin, the mixsoon Galactomyces Ferment Essence helps correct dark spots and patches and restore radiance to the skin. The key ingredient is Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate, an ingredient derived from a type of fungus.

It may seem unappetizing, but Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate has a number of interesting properties for the skin: it nourishes the skin, helps control sebum production (making this product ideal for those who suffer from acne and dark spots at the same time), and helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots, for a glowing complexion.

mixsoon Beta-Glucan Essence

Best for fine lines and loss of elasticity

Formulated with beta-glucans, soluble fibers found in rare Maitake mushrooms, the mixsoon Beta-Glucan Essence is perfect to hydrate, nourish, and replenish the skin.

With a light and fluid water-like texture, this essence brings the humectant benefits of beta-glucans to the skin, providing in-depth moisture, repairing the skin barrier, and restoring elasticity and plumpness. If you struggle with fine lines and wrinkles, this essence could be ideal for you.

How to layer the mixsoon skincare essences

Although you can, of course, use each skincare essence on its own, mixsoon suggests using them together in a “Glass Skin Routine”. Here’s the recommended routine:

  1. mixsoon Galactomyces Ferment Essence: For a brightening effect
  2. mixsoon Bifida Ferment Essence: To repair the skin barrier
  3. mixsoon Soondy Centella Asiatica Essence: To hydrate and soothe the skin

Now that you know more about mixsoon‘s skincare essences, you can start your own glass skin skincare routine. Mix and match the essences to your liking, or, if you prefer, browse our full selection of mixsoon products in the shop!

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