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Our Top 10 Best Phyto Hair Products

Our Top 10 Best Phyto Hair Products

Our Top 10 Best Phyto Hair Products

With a French seal of approval, Phyto is one of our favorite hair care brands. The brand combines cutting-edge science with the most active plant extracts in order to reveal the natural beauty of your hair. Phyto products are 95-100% natural, and avoid the use of parabens, silicones, mineral oils, and synthetic alcohols. Does this sound like the right hair care brand for you? Then keep reading to learn about our ten best Phyto hair products.

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Phyto: The Brand in Review

Country of Origin France
Year Founded 1969
Brand Type French Pharmacy
Our Best Selling Product Phyto RE30 Anti White Hair Treatment
Author’s Favorite Phyto Softness Express Detangling Milk
3 Reasons To Buy – Botanical hair care products with 95-100% natural ingredients
– Ammonia-free, PPD-free, and resorcin-free hair color kits you can use at home
– Comprehensive anti-hair loss treatments made for your needs

Top 10 Phyto Products

Here at Care to Beauty, we’ve worked with Phyto for several years–enough to develop our own preferences and understand which products our community chooses above all others. If you want to get to know the best Phyto products, according to Care to Beauty, keep reading!

Phyto RE30 Anti White Hair Treatment

The Phyto treatment for grey hair

As the first product in the world to be able to repigment gray hair, Phyto RE30 represents the brand’s dedication to cutting-edge science. In short, Phyto RE30 creates a melanin boost at the root of the hair, which then allows it to grow back with its original color. Results are visible as soon as the hair grows, which may take around three months.

There’s one thing to keep in mind, however: this product reacts with the pigment cells in your hair, called melanocytes. These may not actually exist if you’ve had gray hair for a while, which is why it’s so important, with this product, to tackle grey hairs as soon as you spot them.

Phytophanère Dietary Supplement

The best Phyto hair vitamins

If you’re a fan of hair vitamins, then this product is for you! Phytophanère is a food supplement that supports healthier hair, stronger nails, and more radiant skin from the inside out.

This high potency formula contains vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6, vitamins B and C, and pro-vitamin A to promote fuller, thicker, shinier hair, and, at the same time, stronger and more resistant nails.

Phytocolor Permanent Color

The gentle plant-based hair color

There’s box dye, and then there’s Phyto box dye. The Phytocolor permanent color collection is a plant-based hair dye that is suitable for sensitive scalps. It doesn’t contain resorcinol (or resorcin), PPD, parabens, or ammonia.

Each one of the Phytocolor shades contains a high concentration of pigments and plant extracts, in order to create intense, permanent, and deep colors with natural reflections. Shade 4 is our bestseller, but feel free to explore our full range of Phytocolor shades to find the right one for you!

Phyto Softness Express Detangling Milk

The versatile leave-in care

If you have dry and frizzy hair, a leave-in product can make a huge difference in the day-to-day appearance of your locks. This is where the Phyto Softness Express Detangling Milk comes in: it’s a weightless leave-in milk that helps detangle the hair through the properties of oat milk, rosemary, and calendula. White mallow extract rounds out the formula, bringing a boost of shine.

Suitable for the entire family (including children aged 3 and over), this formula nourishes and protects the hair, all the while making it easy to comb through and style. A true essential!

Phytodetox Clarifying Detox Shampoo

The ideal shampoo for “urban” hair

Are you a city-dweller worried about the effects of smoke and pollution on your hair? Meet the Phytodetox Clarifying Detox Shampoo, an anti-pollution shampoo that refreshes and purifies the hair and scalp at the same time.

Specially designed to protect the hair from the damaging effects of a modern lifestyle, this shampoo employs natural botanical extracts to restore health and well-being to the hair. At the same time, it keeps the scalp comfortable and soothed.

Phyto Volume Volumizing Shampoo

Best for hair that needs a boost

If you have fine hair that needs a boost of volume and movement, then Phyto can helo with the Phyto Volume Volumizing Shampoo. This beloved shampoo, made with 90% natural ingredients, provides a gentle cleansing action and, at the same time, adds greater volume and texture to the hair.

While waterlily extract volumizes the hair, white mallow extract adds shine, giving you gorgeougs, healthy-looking hair that’s full of life and movement.

Phyto Purple No Yellow Shampoo

The shine-boosting purple shampoo

Tired of dealing with brassy tones on your white, gray, or blonde hair? Phyto Purple No Yellow Shampoo is here for you. This is a gentle cleansing product, highly concentrated in edelweiss and white mallow extracts, that softens the hair fiber and restores radiance and shine to your locks.

Because of its high concentration of color-enhancing pigments, this shampoo also corrects discoloration and brassiness, thus reviving the brilliance of white, gray, and blonde locks.

Phytospecific Rich Hydrating Mask

The nourishing mask for textured hair

Whether curly, frizzy, coiled, or relaxed, textured hair tends to be dry and fragile, so it needs special pampering. That is what the Phytospecific range is all about. Start with Phytospecific Rich Hydrating Mask, a mask that deeply nourishes and protects the hair fiber.

The formula contains mallow extraction and white clover honey, two natural extracts with powerful moisturizing properties. It also contains shea butter, which brings shine and softness while providing antioxidant protection against everyday aggressions.

PhytoCyane Reactive Hair Loss Treatment For Women

The best Phyto product for sudden hair loss

Although hair loss is a common concern, it’s not easy to deal with. Women, in particular, tend to panic a bit when they suddenly find themselves losing hair by the handful. That is what hair care brands call “reactive” hair loss, and Phyto has a solution for it: the PhytoCyane Reactive Hair Loss Treatment For Women.

Formulated with a 96% natural blend of ginkgo biloba extract, silk proteins, and patented tulip extract, this product offers a triple action: it helps stop hair loss, it stimulates hair growth, and it adds volume and shine to the existing hair. The application is pretty simple: just take one ampoule from the box and apply it to your clean, dry scalp. Repeat for 3 months, and see the results for yourself!

Phyto offers so many incredible hair care products that it’s hard to pick just ten; still, we hope we’ve offered you a valuable peek into the offerings of this plant-based French brand.

If you’d like to go beyond our selection of the best Phyto hair products, you can do so in the shop: there, you’ll find our full range of Phyto products, plus lots of information on how to use them in your hair care routine.

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