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9 Best Scented Hand Soaps in 2024

9 Best Scented Hand Soaps in 2024

Even though it’s an essential item in every household, the importance of picking the right hand soap is often overlooked. You can see this list as a friendly reminder that it’s time to choose your perfect scented hand soap! We’ve chosen gentle formulas that care for your skin as much as they care for the hand-washing experience. Using each of the following formulas, you know that you’ll have all the hand-washing effectiveness you need with all the fragrant indulgence you deserve!

Scented hand soap: our absolute favorites

Since hand washing is a gesture that’s repeated multiple times a day, it’s crucial to find the formula you love—especially regarding texture and fragrance. Some of the formulas are exclusively meant for hand washing, while others double up as body wash. With floral, woody, citrusy and fruity notes, there’s a world of scents to go for. Here you’ll find all of our favorites, that are soon to be yours too!

APIVITA Mild Hand Wash Grapefruit & Propolis

Fragrant citrus freshness

Get a deep and pleasant hand cleanse with this moisturizing and fragrant formula! Featuring replenishing ingredients like thyme honey, shea butter, and pro-vitamin B5, this hand wash leaves the hands soft and supple. Equally important, grapefruit essential oil leaves a trail of fragrant citrus freshness, that’s very welcome at any time of the day. Give your hands all the love and care they deserve!

Dr. Hauschka Stone Pine Sea Salt Cleansing Gel

Natural aromatic energy

Invigorate the skin and mind with this scented hand soap! Made from 100% natural ingredients, this hand soap—that doubles as a body wash too—has a pick-me-up scent that’ll make you go back to it. The uplifting blend of sea salt, medicinal plant extracts, and essential oils is all you need to upgrade every hand wash. Here’s another good reason to wash your hands regularly!

Mádara Wild Woods Moisture Wash

Revitalizing Northen woods

Celebrate the Northern flora with the aromatic vibes of horsetail and absinthium extracts, truly reminiscing the wild woods. This perfumed hand soap, which you may also use as a shower gel, improves your hand cleansing experience with its truly revitalizing scent. Choosing Madara, you know that it’s a vegan and biodegradable formula, kept in a BPA-free packaging that’s fully recyclable. From the scent to the formula, you’ll have a 360º natural experience!

Evolve African Orange Aromatic Wash

A vanilla, blood orange & cedarwood blend

Hand cleansing is never going to be the same once you try this natural and organic formula! Featuring all-natural cleansing agents from coconut and sugar that allows an extraordinarily gentle cleanse, this hand wash manages to leave the skin clean and fresh without ever leaving the skin extra dry or tight. And the scent? An unforgettable blend of warming vanilla and blood orange together with cedarwood and black pepper is going to rock your hand cleansing time!

Allegro Natura Organic Hand Soap Sweet Orange

Organic sweet (and fresh!) orange essential oil

If you have sensitive skin on your hands but you’re not in the mood to compromise on your hand-cleansing experience, then grab this one! The formula combines surfactants of natural origin to cleanse the skin of the hands effectively but gently. Equally important, a blend of moisturizing and hydrating ingredients makes sure to keep your skin happy. The best ingredient is the organic sweet orange essential oil, making this one of the best-smelling hand soaps.

Portus Cale Gold & Blue Hand & Body Wash

Delightful notes of pink pepper & jasmine

This is the obvious pick for those looking for a fragrant and pretty hand soap! From Portugal to the world, Portus Cale encloses a nourishing formula with fragrant notes in a classic and charming packaging that’s about to embelish your powder room. This hand and body wash envelops your senses with notes of pink pepper and jasmine, and a rich, soft foam that allows the most pleasant hand cleanse. As you can see, it’s easy to transform your hand cleansing routine for the best!

HAAN Purifying Verbena Hydrating Aloe Vera Gel Hand Soap

Refillable verbena freshness

Looking for a vegan and refillable hand soap? HAAN has more than one answer for you! Creamy and gentle, this scented hand soap deeply washes your hands leaving them cleaner, comfortable, and fresh. The natural scent of verbena captures a crunchy, clean, and soothing feel that follows you after your thorough hand washing. Once it finishes, you know just what you have to do.

Castelbel Coconut Hand & Body Wash

Exotic coconut dream

Being a scent that agrees with almost every nose, coconut-scented hand wash is always a good idea. In this formula, coconut notes are accompanied by high-quality ingredients that guarantee that the formula delivers more than just a pleasant scent; each time you use this fragrant hand wash, you’ll be effectively removing all the impurities while leaving the skin feeling moisturized and comfortable.

Roger&Gallet Gingembre Rouge Scented Soap

Ginger hand soap in a bar

Prepare your senses for a floral fruity fragrance party every time you wash your hands! Featuring a vegetable base, this scented hand soap combines artisanal techniques with rich ingredients that create a soft lather and leave the skin feeling soft and comfortable. With a round shape, you’ll be able to use it until the last bit! The good news is that once you fall in love with the scent, there’s a perfume available with the same notes!

Hand care starts with hand washing, but it doesn’t stop here. After finding your match when it comes to hand soap, it’s time to search for a replenishing hand cream, or even a hand cream formula with SPF.

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