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The Best Tranexamic Acid Skincare

The Best Tranexamic Acid Skincare

The Best Tranexamic Acid Skincare

In case you’ve been searching for ways to handle dark spots, tranexamic acid will be no stranger to you. Tranexamic acid skincare is the new kid on the block regarding hyperpigmentation, but it has already reached stardom levels. Why? Because it can be used even by people who tend to react to other ingredients. In fact, tranexamic acid had been widely used for eczema before scientists discovered it actually evens the color of the skin. This is why people with very dry skin and/or rosacea tend to get along with these depigmenting creams. Stick with us to discover the best products with tranexamic acid.

Sesderma Skin Roller Azelac RU Brighten

For the fearless ones who want the best results

Although this product may seem scary, fear not. It’s actually even suitable for people with rosacea. The skin roller contains tiny needles that promote exfoliation, but are not deep enough to serve as a nano-roller. That being said, the product will still penetrate better, so if you need dramatic results, this is the one for you.

Neoretin Discrom Control Ultra Emulsion Pigment Lightener

For the ones who have undergone the depigmenting rounds before

This one is usually prescribed by dermatologists and has their seal of approval. It provides real results, but can be a bit too much if you’ve never used depigmenting agents before. Make sure you use it accordingly, as well as keeping the skin out of the sun.

Martiderm Pigment Zero DSP-Bright Dark Spots Ampoules

For the ampoule lovers

This one is a total best seller in Asian countries, as it combines both a brightening effect with an ampoule presentation. Besides, it also contains 5% vitamin C to ensure that you get that extra glow on the skin. Perfect for those who want even and brighter skin.

Endocare Expert Drops Depigmenting Protocol

The urban shield + the best tranexamic acid skincare

Looking for both an antioxidant serum and a way to keep the skin even? Look no further, as this one contains not one, but two serums. The one for the evening combines a cocktail of depigmenting and antiaging actives, whereas the morning one provides an intensive antioxidant action. Ideal for those who live in urban environments and want to shield their skin from harm.

SkinCeuticals Correct Discoloration Defense

Tried and tested efficacy

If you want nothing short of the best science, then this one is for you. SkinCeuticals provides multiple tests that ensure you are in the best hands. This serum contains powerful depigmenting and soothing agents, in order to ensure your skin isn’t disrupted. Just trust the process and use if for three consecutive months to see the results.

Sesderma Hidraderm TRX Body Milk

The Best Tranexamic acid skincare for the body

Finding products to even the color of the skin on the body isn’t easy. However, this one is here for you. Derived from a previous formula for eczema, this product has a light formula that is incredibly hydrating, while at the same time evens the color of the skin on your body. It’s a best-seller among Asian countries and for a reason – it actually works.

If you need an extra besides tranexamic acid, it can actually work together with all the non-prescription level cosmetics. So stop by our category featuring the best products for dark spots if you need extra help.

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