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The Best Urea Foot Creams For Smooth Skin

The Best Urea Foot Creams For Smooth Skin


Our incredible feet deserve more attention than they usually get! If you count on your feet to go out and about, then they may be in need of extra pampering. More than regular hydration, very solicited feet tend to accumulate dead skin cells that may lead to thickened skin and roughness. When this happens, it’s time to call a foot cream with urea to the rescue! These creams not only get rid of dead skin cells but also deeply hydrate and replenish very dry skin. Start today taking good care of your feet!

Why urea in foot cream?

Let’s start by understanding what is urea and how is urea good for the skin. In a few words, urea offers both a keratolytic and hydrating action, meaning that it has the unique ability to eliminate the build-up of excess dead skin cells all the while hydrating the skin. As a result, it significantly improves the appearance of dry, rough, scaly patches by reducing the build-up of dead skin cells all the while providing hydration and smoothing the texture of the skin. Yes, it’s just as perfect for your feet as it sounds! As the feet tend to accumulate dead skin cells that have a hard time finding their way out, a urea enriched cream may be all that you need to have soft and smooth feet.

These are the best urea foot creams!

Urea is an incredibly interesting and versatile skincare ingredient! That’s why we should start by understanding it before choosing the best foot cream with urea for us. The key point to look for is urea concentration. The higher the concentration, the higher its keratolytic action – or in other words, a higher exfoliating action. A good way of choosing your cream is to start by accessing the needs of your skin: your heels look extremely dry and in need of rescue? Then a lower urea concentration should be all it takes for great results. On the other hand, if the feet show rough and thick patches, you may need a higher concentration to have satisfactory results.

Foot creams with urea concentration of 10%

Intensive care for dry to extremely dry feet

Dry and cracked skin on the feet may now find its comfort with Eucerin UreaRepair Plus Foot Cream! It immediately soothes dry skin and provides up to 48 hours of hydration, thanks to a powerful combination of urea and ceramides. These natural moisturizing ingredients pair up to replenish the skin, enriching this lightweight formula to effectively minimize itching, tightness and repair dry heels.

Featuring a cocktail of ingredients stands our Babé Foot Repairing Cream. The spotlight goes, of course, to urea. Here, it works together with glycerin, shea butter, allantoin, vitamin E and lactic acid to repair dryness all the while soothing the skin. Suitable also for the diabetic foot, this formula instantly repairs chapped feet.

Foot creams with urea concentration of 15-20%

Exfoliating and nourishing foot care for very dry feet

Promising -41% of roughness on just as short as seven days, Akileine Kerato-Smoothing Balm Very Dry Feet is a foot cream that is able to minimize the thickness of the skin while hydrating it. With a concentration of 15% of urea coupled with papain and grapeseed oil, it manages to convince dead skin cells to finally leave, allowing for softer and healthier skin!

Hard skin on the feet won’t last long once it has the pleasure to meet LETIbalm Repair Foot Repair Cream. This foot cream combines the well-known urea with the not less spectacular panthenol and cactus flower extract to reduce the roughness of extremely dry areas. It provides an immediate sensation of comfort as well as a long-lasting soft effect. It doubles up as an elbow and knees moisturizer, ready to transform rough into soft skin!

Foot creams with urea concentration of 30%

Intense exfoliating action for thickened skin

Big guns are about to enter the scene to show what foot cream is capable of. ISDIN Ureadin Ultra 30 Exfoliating Cream not only deeply hydrates the skin but also provides an intense exfoliating action that will be ideal to address issues such as calluses, plantar keratoderma, severe hyperkeratosis as well as very thickened skin. Joining forces with lactic acid and allantoin, urea in a 30% concentration is able to visibly transform the skin of the feet!

Thick skin has no conditions to stay once you start using D’AVEIA Foot Cream. Strengthened with the action of colloidal oatmeal, salicylic acid and allantoin, 30% of urea works not only to cast out all types of skin thickness but also to prevent calluses. The formula also improves skin regeneration and intensely moisturizes the feet. Day after day, the skin feels and looks softer, with no more fissures – just smooth skin!

Foot mask featuring urea

Exfoliating and nourishing results in one hour!

If you’d like to have more of an immediate solution, then consider a foot mask! Containing a high concentration of keratolytic and emollient ingredients, this foot mask offers a potent double action: it exfoliates and eliminates dead skin but also promotes deep hydration for soft and smooth skin. Thanks to urea coupled with a peeling complex, green tea and ivy extracts, this mask offers great results in no time!

If you have more dry skin on the body in need of rescue, you may like to create a new body skincare routine, or simply learn all our tips about the best products for extremely dry body skin!

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