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Our Top 6 Best Waterproof Lip Liners, Revealed

Our Top 6 Best Waterproof Lip Liners, Revealed

Lip liner is the silent makeup item that transforms your look without anyone noticing it. It’s not unusual to see the lipstick being credited for the lip liner’s hard work! The lip liners are responsible not only to define the contours of the lips but they may also be key to prevent the lipstick from bleeding and even transforming the color result. As if this wasn’t enough, lip liners are essential to extend the longevity of lipstick, especially these waterproof formulas. Continue reading to find out all about lip liners and which are the best waterproof lip liners!

Here’s what you should know about lip liners!

Before choosing your favorite lip shade, there’s a thing or two we’d like to discuss! You should definitely pick your shade depending on the result you’re looking for! Regarding application, we’d also like to clarify your options, and perhaps open a few new ideas for you.

What is the proper way to line the lips?

The proper way to line the lips is to start by defining the cupid’s bow, and then working from there to the corner of the lips. Then, move to the bottom lip and start in the center, by lining a horizontal line on the lowest point of the lips, moving to the corners from there.

You may choose to stay within your natural lip line, and that should give you an effect of “your natural lips, defined”. If you’re looking for ways to make your lips look smaller, you may line right below your natural lip line. On the other hand, if you’re all about big lips and you want to boost their size, then draw a line slightly over your lip line, following your natural lip shape. If you use your lip liner to contour your lips slightly under or over your lip line, we promise that it looks natural and undetectable!

What color lip liner to use?

You have four options when it comes to choosing the lip liner color, and the right answer depends on the results you’re looking for. Let’s create a quick guide to make lip liner color choosing as simple as possible:

  • Option 1: pick a lip liner color that matches your lipstick;
  • This should be the easiest thing to do: just pick a lip liner that matches the lipstick and go! This option contributes to making the color look richer on your lips.

  • Option 2: go for a lip liner that matches your natural lip color, regardless of your lipstick shade;
  • Using a lip liner that perfectly blends with your natural lip color is ideal if you’re using lipsticks in neutral shades, and also if you’re planning on overlining the lips using muted shades. This lip liner color option is perfect to mimic your natural lip shade!

  • Option 3: create dimension using a lip pencil in a color slightly darker than your natural lip color;
  • Playing with the contrast of light and shadow is the best way to create volume and dimension. If the classic over-linning technique is not enough to give you the volume you want, then try using a shade slightly darker than your lip. Blend the lines towards the center of the lip without filling in the lip completely for a fading effect that creates volume!

  • Option 4: prevent lisptick bleeding with a clear lip liner.
  • You may want a quick hack to prevent your lipstick from bleeding, and this is the best one! If you’re not up to carefully defining the lips with a liner, then just apply the clear one! It’s error-proof and you just can’t go wrong with this tip. Apply it before the lipstick to make sure it stays between the lines!

Can you put lip liner all over your lips?

Yes, you can put a lip liner all over the lips (we would even encourage you to do so!). When you fill in the lips with lip liner, especially when we’re talking about a waterproof formula, you’re creating a lasting base of color that won’t leave your lips until you want it to! In addition, it creates a base of color—when you opt for a lip liner that matches your lipstick—that makes your lipstick look more vibrant and rich.

Do you line your lips before or after lipstick?

This one may seem obvious, but there’s more to it than it seems. Of course, you may apply the lip liner before lipstick to create a base of color and definition. That’s the most common way of using a lip liner, which should work for any lip result you like. But you also may, instead, apply it after the lipstick to add further definition only when you think you need it. Picture this: you have a matching lipstick and lip liner, and you go straight in with lipstick. You then look at the result, and you feel like you need extra definition on the lip contour. Worry not! In a situation like this, you may use your matching lip liner to finish the work.

These are the best waterproof lip liners!

A waterproof lip liner is going to give your lip look the resistance you need! From experience, we believe you’d agree that lipstick is the first thing to give up on most makeup looks. Even talking, eating, or smoking is enough to drive lip makeup out of the party earlier than it should! When using the best waterproof lip liner, chances are that you won’t need to reapply your lip color at all.

Catrice Plumping Lip Liner

Long-lasting beauty with satin-matte finish

Plump your lips with a moisturizing formula that delivers color and comfort at the same time. Ideal to create a voluminous lip, this waterproof lip liner is ready to define and perfect your lips without being in a hurry to leave. Its retractable system with a tiny sharpener for the ends grants you a shapen tip at all times. Available in 14 shades, the only difficulty you’ll have should be choosing the shade!

NYX Pro Makeup Line Loud Lip Pencil

Semi-matte finish & lasting color

Smooth, creamy, and of course, waterproof, this lip liner is the perfect pairing for your lipsticks. With a sharpenable tip to make your life easier, this lip liner requires no makeup skills to apply with perfection. Its matte finish makes it a versatile partner for any lipstick you like, in any finish. Pick your favorite shade and start defining your lips!

L.A. Girl Shockwave Neon Lipliner

Neon fun for a vibrant result

It’s time for some neon fun with the one and only L.A. Girl Shockwave Neon Lipliner! The result is just what you expect, unparalleled vibrant color with neon pigments. It’s the perfect fit for any party makeup as well as for creative makeup looks. The best part is that it’s smudge-proof and, of course, waterproof!

Flormar Waterproof Lipliner

The classic pencil with a unique performance

Set your lips for the day with one of the best waterproof lip liners. This classic sharpenable pencil is perfect to line your lips with matte and rich color. It’s intuitive to use thanks to its shape, and the color range is phenomenal: you’ll get to choose from 20 different shades! We’re sure that the right one for you is right here, ready to transform your lip game.

Catrice Velvet Matt Lip Pencil Colour & Contour

A velvet dream for your lips

Dress your lips in velvet elegance with this smooth-textured liner. Thanks to a waterproof formula that promises to last up to 6 hours, this lip liner is an essential step to pair with the lipstick. The formula sets quickly on the lips, so you only have a short window to smudge it. When coupled with lipstick or a lip gloss, it transforms the lips with lasting glam.

Flormar Stylematic Lipliner

Ultra-smooth & highly pigmented formula

Sculpt your lips with a richly pigmented formula that won’t abandon you at any point of the day. Granting flawless lip makeup, this lip pencil delivers intense color to highlight your lips and boost your makeup looks. Suitable for daily wear as well as for special occasions, this one is a keeper and deserves the spotlight as one of the best waterproof lip liners.

The beauty of lip liners is that they may be combined with any other lip makeup. If you’re curious about your options, we’d like to help you navigate all types of lip makeup and lipsticks that the world has to offer you!

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