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Elevate Your Look With a Brown Nail Polish

Elevate Your Look With a Brown Nail Polish

While colorful nail polish is a fun option to dress up your nails, brown nail polish is an elegant, sophisticated choice to elevate your look. Depending on your natural skin tone and preferences, you may use it with high contrast or as a perfect nude shade. The world is falling in love all over again with brown nail polish, and so are we. We’ve selected the shades that warmed our hearts, and we have a feeling that they’re going to get you too!

The brown nail polish that deserves a spot in your collection

Brown nail polish can be all that you need it to be. From light to medium and dark brown, you can count on this shade to make you the trendiest beige aesthetic goddess, or it can give you edgy vibes with a high-contrast manicure. You can count on brown for festivities too; brown sparkle is the best between the nude and sparkly nail polish world. Whatever your skin tone and predilection may be, you’ll find your soon-to-be treasured brown nail polish on the list below.

Shimmery brown

We’ve decided that we should make an entrance with the sparkly options! They may be brown, but they’re not shy. These shades have a light beige base that works gracefully as the background for all the shimmery action going on. We think that these are the real thing for special occasions, or to bring extra dimension to gloomy days!

This essence nail polish collection is like candy for the eyes—and the sparkly essence Shine Last & Go! Gel Nail Polish 65 Disco Fever may be one of the most special options! Granting not only shimmery particles but also gel-like shine, this formula offers a XXX result combined with a long-lasting performance. A must-have for all brown nail polish lovers, this is subtle and daring at the same time!

With essie Enamel Nail Polish 82 Buy Me A Cameo, rich color meets a high shine and shimmery result. Better than that, the formula grants full coverage and outstanding durability, for nail makeup that lasts. The brush is all that you need: it’s designed to make application easy and effortless! Even beginners will feel confident with such an applicator. Don’t wait until you’re ready for it!

Light brown

The perfect nude for light to medium skin tones and a light contrasting statement for tan to dark complexions, these shades won’t ever clash with any of your wardrobe choices. We’ve picked an option with blatantly opposite undertones so you can spot your favorite at first glance—most people have strong preferences when it comes to neutral or yellow-based browns. Let’s see more about each one, individually:

Get a gel manicure effect without the UV light with the Flormar Jelly Look Nail Enamel 42 Milky Almond. This range features a Patented Gel IV Technology, so you can count on a lovely result that prevents chipping. As for the shade, we think that the name says it all; its milky almond vibes are going to pair beautifully with your neutral and colorful looks. Would nail polishes go on close combat, this should be a winner regardless of the competition!

For all those who love a warm, cozy color, check out the Flormar Breathing Color Nail Enamel 21 Organic Marmelade. Featuring an ultra-quick drying formula, this nail polish allows a quick application as well as an express drying time. Thanks to the breathing formula, it’s permeable to oxygen and water vapor, minimizing the impact of nail polish use and promoting healthy nails. Here’s the way to go if you like a nude strike of color!

Medium brown

You can never go wrong with the soft vibes of a medium brown. It doesn’t look too harsh on pale skin, it looks subtle on a medium to tan skin tone and not too pale on dark skin. It’s a conciliatory color, that brings peace and a stylish look to everyone who chooses to rock it! Again, we’ve picked medium browns with different undertones so you can find yours. It’s hard to choose, but you should only need one!

Part of a range of only nude shades, Catrice More Than Nude Nail Polish 09 Brownie Not Blondie! didn’t need to beg to make its way to this shortlist. It meets the briefing: a nude, natural shade that adds radiance to the nails. With a sheer to medium coverage, it creates the most subtle looks! It’s long-lasting and resistant, allowing a natural yet solid look. Combine it with a latte makeup look for the ultimate look!

Flormar Breathing Color Nail Enamel 009 Is This Paradise promises a naturally healthy finish while delivering the color that you’ve been dreaming off. Permeable to both water and air, this breathable formula protects nail moisture to make sure that your skin stays as healthy as it was before applying nail polish. The color is a true medium brown, your new favorite nude!

Dark brown

Now time for the dark… and the darkest! These shades may be a nude for some and a bold choice for others. In any case, these options make for a truly remarkable nail look. This is what brown nail polish is all about—a color group vast enough that may include options that are so different as those below. Pick yours and start doing your manicure at home!

Beware, you may be essence Gel Nail Colour 29 Crazy Cocoa, you may be struck by an inexplicable desire to eat chocolate once you put your hands (and nails!) on this one. Featuring the same gel-like finish of the first option we’ve shown you, this nail polish delivers a high gloss that elevates your manicure to the next level. Transform your nails as well as your style with one of the prettiest nail polishes!

The essie Enamel Nail Polish 49 Wicked is a brown, almost black nail polish that looks just as pretty as it sounds. As important as the mesmerizing color is the application system: it comes with a built-in wide brush that fits the nail like a tailor-made suit, allowing a quick and streak-free application while providing flawless coverage. With dark colors you want it to look solid: apply two coats just to be on the safe side!

Would you like to explore other nail polish shades? Then you should inspect our red nail polish suggestions!

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