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The Best Red Nail Polish You Can Try in 2024

The Best Red Nail Polish You Can Try in 2024

Best Red Nail Polish To Try in 2023

What does red nail polish say about you? We think that it actually says a lot! It says that you’re not afraid of color and that you appreciate a bold nail look. Chances are that you like makeup and the beauty world too. If you’re into red nail polish, we’d dare to guess that you own, at least, 2 very similar shades of red that are “very different” from each other, as you put it. Considering your acute sensitivity to distinguish all 50 shades of red, we’ve come up with a selection that allows you to choose the hue(s) that is still missing from your collection.

If you’re in the search for your first red nail polish, well, this guide provides you with an overall view of the reds available. All you have to do is to choose the perfect one!

Flormar Jelly Look Nail Enamel 05 Fire Red

Best for tan to dark skin tones

Incredibly vibrant and full of character, this colorful Flormar nail polish beautifully illuminates dark skin with a contrasting color. This formulation provides a gel-like effect with a glossy shine, for a luxuriously plump look. Packed with rich and intense pigments, this polish delivers color to your nails with the seductive gel aesthetic without the downsides of gel. Be your own nail artist using a practical polish that is as easy to apply as it is to remove!

essie Expressie Quick Dry Nail Polish 190 Seize The Minute

Best for fair to medium skin tones

Fair skin asks for some pink or blue-based red polish! As you’ll find in this post, red polish with blue undertones are never too much—and you can’t go wrong with them! This quick dry formula sets in only 60 seconds, without compromising in shine and color. The best part is that you get to apply this long-lasting, chip-free formula with a special brush that makes everything easy! With a slightly angled cut, you’ll find that the brush does half the job! Even the most inexperienced wearers are going to rock a professional-looking manicure.

essie Gel Couture Long Wear Nail Polish 270 Rock The Runway

Best orange red

This hue is a summer take on red. The warmer interpretation of red that is, it perfectly complements a cinnamon tan and calls for late summer sunsets. Delivering rich color and a high shine result at the same time, this orange-red polish highlights your nails like no other. It provides flawless coverage from the first layer and grants outstanding longevity. The wide brush fits the nail easily and allows streak-free application even for beginners.

essie Gel Couture Long Wear Nail Polish 470 Sizzling Hot

Best coral red

Keeping with the warm reds theme, here comes another beautiful one. This coral red is the best pick for the warmer half of the year. The color is lively and cheerful at the same time, ideal to pair with luminous days. Just as important, the formula delivers both a charming manicure and a good mood with each sweep! Apply a coat of color and fun to your nails, for a long-lasting and chip-free manicure.

Mavala Nail Color Cream 372 MyPassion

Best bright red

Bright, glossy and vivid, this nail polish presents a very memorable shade of red. Featuring a vegan formulation, this nail polish contains plasticizers that significantly optimize shine all the while reducing the drying time. In addition, it’s rich in pigment and coats your nails with a red hue that won’t leave a stain. The shine lasts just as much as the color, for an elegant manicure that lasts until you need it to!

essie Enamel Nail Polish 60 Really Red

Best classic red

Please meet the red that will never fail you! This essie take on a classic red is the must-have for every red polish fan. It manages to work wonderfully on all skin tones, creating a sophisticated look that is suitable for all occasions and moods. Enriched with pure color, the formula coats your nails with elegance and instantly elevates your final look. You can do no wrong with this long-lasting formula and dazzling color.

Catrice ICONails Gel Lacquer 03 Caught On The Red Carpet

Best blue-based red

As we move forward towards the deeper colors, it’s now time to reveal the best red polish with blue undertones. Classy and timeless, this red shade is incredibly flattering on most skin tones. Highly pigmented and long-lasting, this vegan formula grants premium results with an unpretentious price tag. Thanks to the exclusive GLOSS SEAL’RTM Technology together with Shock-Shield Complex, it offers up to seven days of chip-free and luminous manicure.

Flormar Quick Dry Nail Enamel

Best deep red

Intense and jovial, this velvety red is able to deliver stylish manicure as well as a party spirit. Ideal to make an impression, the color works as an instant boost of confidence. Universally flattering, it embellishes your look with rich color and high-glossy shine. With a quick-dry formula, you can get a traffic-stopping manicure in no time.

OPI Nail Lacquer I’m Really an Actress

Best shimmery

This one will most definitely shine on you. With a romantic shimmer, it’s ideal for those that feel that red is not enough! The perfect update on the classic red polish, this eye-catching red feels modern and looks nothing less than dazzling. With a quick-drying formulation that lasts, you just need to apply it and forget about your nails. Pair it with your shining personality for a stunning and unforgettable match.

Catrice Brave Metallics Nail Polish 04 Love You Cherry Much

Best Christmas red

The best red polish for Christmas needs to involve all kinds of shimmer and glitter. This version features sparkle that sets up the mood for Christmastime. Free from ingredients of animal origin, this reddish cherry nail polish allows not only a shiny but also ultra-glossy result. The fan brush grants an easy application as well as a strike-free result that lasts on your nails.

La Roche-Posay Silicium Nail Polish 24 Perfect Red

Best red nail polish for sensitive skin and nails

There’s no need to avoid nail polish even if you have sensitive nails or if you’re prone to allergies. This nail polish not only coats the nails with fancy color but also strengthens and repairs fragile and brittle nails. In addition, it protects the nails from UV rays and prevents yellow stains. With a hypoallergenic formula and fortifying ingredients, it embellishes and cares for your nails at the same time.

Now that you know which red nail polish suits you the best, it’s time to do your best at-home manicure. In order to do your best work, we recommend you to prepare your nails with a base coat, follow with two coats of the chosen red and finish with a top coat to boost shine and longevity!

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