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13 Orange Makeup Products for All Skin Tones

13 Orange Makeup Products for All Skin Tones

13 Orange Makeup Products for Halloween-Inspired Looks

Let’s talk about orange makeup: some love it, some hate it. Some swear by their neon orange lipsticks, others would never be caught dead in a blush that leans just a little too peachy. One’s thing for certain: everybody got an opinion on orange makeup. To help you create the cheeriest makeup looks of your life, we’ve selected 13 of our favorite orange makeup products. Get to know them below!

From lipstick to nail polish: Orange makeup for everyone

We’ve divided our orange makeup product selections into 5 sections: lipstick, lip liner, blush, eyeshadow, and nail polish. We could have gone into orange concealer (which is great for color correction) and orange foundation (which nobody likes, as it’s usually a result of oxidation), but we thought we’d keep things simple for a change. Enjoy this joyful makeup edit!

Orange lipstick

For a classic yet edgy pout

This may be a controversial statement, but the beauty of orange lipstick is that it suits all tastes: whether you’re looking for a bright neon, a spicy burnt orange, or a soft peachy coral, we can guarantee there’s an orange lipstick for you. We’ve selected three options for different tastes:

The Dermacol Matte Mania Liquid Lip Colour in the shade 51 is a bold orange red lipstick with a matte finish, perfect to make a statement. If you’d rather keep things glossy, the Shiseido Shimmer GelGloss in shade 06 Daidai Orange will be a great choice, with its slightly shimmery coral tone.

Last, but not least, we’re suggesting the Missha Dare Rouge Velvet in the shade Encore Salsa. This is a deep, rich burnt orange lipstick that’s a perfect fit for a moody look.

Orange lip liner

For a long-lasting look

If you’re going to use an orange lipstick, then you might want to use an orange lip liner as well. We selected two, in radically different tones:

From L.A. Girl, the Shockwave Neon Lipliner in the shade Outrage is the sturdiest of lip liners. It’s bright (it’s neon, in fact), it’s long-lasting, it’s smudge-proof, and it’s incredibly easy to apply. If you’d rather go for a “rustier” take on orange lip liner, you can try the Neve Cosmetics Pastello Lipcolor in the shade Focus. This is a two-in-one formula that blends the precision of a lip liner with the intensity of a lipstick, and it’s available here in a beautiful burnt orange color.

Orange blush

For a flawless glow

Let’s talk blush. Some people like it pink. Some like it golden. Some it brown, or purple, and some like it orange. Today, we’re all about that orange blush lifestyle. If you find the idea of ​​orange blush a little intimidating, don’t. Anyone can wear it! If you’re about to try your hand at orange blush, we’re happy to share our cheat sheet. If you’ve got a lighter skin tone, try to keep your orange blush closer to a soft peach or coral shade; if you’ve got darker skin, feel free to lean closer to a burnt orange, terracotta, or rust tone.

Once again, we’re showing you some favorite options. The Korff Cure Make-Up Stick Blush in the shade 01 is perfect for those lighter complexions we mentioned earlier. It’s got buildable coverage, so you can play around with it, and it’s in a practical stick format for easy, mess-free application. As for the Flormar Baked Blush-On in the shade 48 Pure Peach, it’s a perfect in-between shade: not too light, not too dark, not too warm, not too cool. With medium color payoff and a beautifully radiance finish, this baked blush might just be the option you need to promote a summer glow year round.

Finally, we’re bringing you a palette option. The Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette Sugar & Spice features not one, not two, but eight of the richest, warmest blushes you’ve ever seen. With highly pigmented shades that range from sunset orange to hot pink, in finishes from the boldest matte to the glitziest shimmer, this palette lets you explore orange blush (and more!) on a budget.

Orange eyeshadow

For a warm outlook

Orange eyeshadow might be slightly less controversial than other orange makeup products; after all, you could always use a little orange to put together your glowing, sunset-inspired looks. It’s no surprise, then, that orange eyeshadows are relatively easy to come by. We’ve selected two options we love, one in palette form, one in its own practical little compact:

Our palette option, the Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Spirituality Eyeshadow Palette, offers you an array of bold and deep shapes, from the deepest oranges to the dreamiest purples. With this palette, you get a variety of finishes, from matte to shimmer to glitter, so you’ll always be able to bring your makeup looks to their fullest potential. For our mono eyeshadow option, we’re keeping it simple with the Flormar Mono Eyeshadow in shade 32 Orange Juice. No wild inventions here: you want an orange eyeshadow, we’re bringing you the brightest, truest orange eyeshadow we’ve got. With this eyeshadow, you’ll get medium to high color payoff and a slightly shiny finish.

Orange nail polish

For a spicy manicure

If you asked the author of this post, she’d tell you orange is the perfect nail color–especially if you can’t decide if you prefer the classic vibe of red nail polish or the unexpected pop of yellow nail polish (which is so often, and so unfairly, called “ugly”). In short: orange nail polish brings you the best of both worlds. To prove it, we’re showing you three safe bets, all on the rustier side of the orange spectrum:

The Catrice Gold Effect Nail Polish in the shade 05 Magnificent Feast is a full-on party for your nails. And don’t let the shimmering finish fool you! This nail polish goes on opaque on the nail, in a beautiful orange-gold (you could call it bronze) shade that you will find yourself admiring again and again (ask us how we know). If you’re not into the shimmer finish, then take a look at the essie Expressie Quick Dry Nail Polish in the shade 160 In A Flash Sale. It’s a beautiful buttery pumpkin-y orange that dries in just 60 seconds. Just paint it on, and get going! Our final suggestion is a spicy orange red, the Catrice ICONails Gel Lacquer in the shade 83 Orange Is The New Black. If you’re used to using red nail polish but you’re ready to try something a little different, this nail polish is for you.

Now that we’ve shown you 13 of our favorite orange makeup products, we really have to ask: orange you glad we did? Bad puns aside, we hope you’ve enjoyed this small foray into the world of bright, bold, and very, very orange makeup.

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