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What is Baked Makeup, & Why is It So Special?

What is Baked Makeup, & Why is It So Special?

what is baked powder

You may have heard some compact powder formulas being presented as baked powders; but what does that actually mean? It’s often stated as a useful feature to have, but is it really something to look for? We’ll help you understand what baked powders actually are, and the main differences when compared to other makeup formulations. If you always asked yourself what baked makeup is, then follow us and find all of your questions finally addressed in detail.

What is baked makeup?

Most makeup wearers have already heard about baked powders, but few know what it actually refers to! The answer, however, has been before your eyes the whole time! Baked powders get their name from being, well, baked. Yes, in an actual oven! The primary formula is not a powder, but a cream. This cream is then put into an oven, at low temperature, in order to dry all the liquid components that made the formula a cream. After the right amount of time exposed to temperature, the final product is baked makeup. But why?, you may well ask. The answer lies in the features of the product, which are different in many aspects from its uncooked counterparts. Would you like to know more?

Differences between baked makeup and other powders

Compact powder makeup, such as blushers and eyeshadows, can either be pressed powders or baked powders. So, what’s the difference between baked powders and other powders? We’ve established that baked powders are cream makeup that underwent a baking process in low temperatures until they’re dry. But what about other pressed powder formulas? We get pressed powders by combining the pigments with fillers that act like binding agents. Baked products need no fillers, or binding ingredients, as it gets their consistency thanks to their volatile elements that go away once they’re exposed to oven temperatures.

Once it’s clear what the differences are, one question remains. What are the benefits? The truth is that this process provides the baked formula with unique features, that may result in improved performance. The unique features of baked makeup are quite a few, so we’ve prepared a list to make them clear!

  • When it comes to texture, you’ll find baked makeup formulas are softer and more velvety;
  • Since baked powders need fewer filler ingredients, they’re more pigmented;
  • Baked products can be used wet or dry, so you can adjust the application depending on the result you want;
  • The baking process makes marbled powders possible, combining different shades and finishes in the same product;
  • Rumours are that it may have more lasting power.

Note: There’s yet something important to point out! Baked powders are NOT the product you use for makeup baking (the trend of applying an excessive amount of powder to later dust the excess off). For baking, you need a translucent loose powder, such as Makeup Revolution Loose Baking Powder Translucent.

What products can you find with baked powder formulas

For all the makeup steps that you know in powder presentation, there’s a possible baked version of it. We’re listing the product types that you may find with baked versions, as well as a suggestion for this one. If you were looking for a new powder product of the categories below, maybe now is the time to go for a baked makeup formula!

Baked bronzers & blushes

With beautiful colors ranging from neutral browns to hot pinks, it’s always a good idea to go for a baked bronzer or blush. The product blends with a velvety smoothness on the skin, layering color in a beautiful way. You may also go for marbled formulas for a product that not only performs wonderfully but also looks lovely!

Baked highlighters

To best complement your baked bronzer or blush, you can go for a baked highlighter! It’s guaranteed extra radiance and great blendability for a seamless transition between colors on your cheeks. With extra luminosity and lasting power, your look is set for success.

Baked eyeshadows

Baked eyeshadows are an interesting item to go to, especially if we consider the extra pigmentation. Who doesn’t love a beautifully pigmented eyeshadow? From marbled pretty pans to natural, earth-toned quads, baked eyeshadow formulas are always a good call. They make it easy to apply, long-wearing for a lasting look, and a gorgeous luminous and pigmented formula that beautifies your eyelids like no other!

For more on face powders, check our ideas on the best powder foundation formulas. They’ll work harmoniously with your new favorite baked makeup!

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