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The Best LA Girl Makeup Products in 2024

The Best LA Girl Makeup Products in 2024

The Best LA Girl Makeup Products To Try Now

Want to put together a truly luxe makeup look, on a budget? Then LA Girl is the brand for you. With a range of affordable makeup products that do not skimp on quality, LA Girl brings you everything you need to unleash your makeup artistry. What’s more, every formula is cruelty-free, so you can play with colors and textures without compromising on your principles. Keep reading to learn about the best LA Girl makeup products to add to your routine!


L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer

The superstar concealer and color-corrector

Creamy, yet lightweight, this concealer provides full coverage and color correction without ever making you feel like you’re wearing a concealing layer. It is available in a wide range of shades–some natural, and some not so much. Use the natural, skin-toned shades to conceal small imperfections, and the more colorful shades to color-correct larger areas, such as dark circles, spots of redness, or patches of hyperpigmentation.

No matter which color you choose, you will always find that your product comes with a built-in brush applicator, for easy and precise strokes.

L.A. Girl Pro Coverage HD Illuminating Foundation

The hydrating foundation that lasts all day

If you’re looking for the foundation that will provide full coverage while keeping your skin looking nice and fresh and dewy, this is it. Available in a wide range of shades, this foundation has everything you need to keep your skin looking its best all day long.

The lightweight formula lasts for long periods with minimal hassle, and it will help you keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. If your skin tends towards dry, this might just be the foundation for you.

L.A. Girl Pro HD Setting Spray

The secret to longlasting makeup

If you want your matte makeup to stay matte for as long as you’re wearing it, this is the setting spray you need. Apply a thin layer of spray over freshly applied makeup, and trust the process! The applicator will form a fine mist that will keep your makeup safe and sound all day. With a lightweight formula that doesn’t feel greasy or sticky, you won’t even notice you’re wearing this–but you’ll definitely see the results.

(Want to be a true pro? Then make sure to combine this setting spray with the L.A. Girl Pro Prep HD Smoothing Face Primer!)


L.A. GIRL Keep It Playful Eyeshadow Palette

The eyeshadow palette to unleash your creativity

For ultimate versatility–from day to night, from office to cocktail party–, this 9-pan eyeshadow palette will be your best ally. Made up of highly-pigmented shades that range from very light creams and beiges to dark, moody pinks, this palette has got it all. Choose from shimmer and matte finishes, and enjoy creating an endless variety of looks!

L.A. Girl Glitterholic Glitter Topper

The next-level glam-booster

Is shimmer not enough for you? Do you need a truly sparkly finish? Then look to the L.A. Girl Glitterholic Glitter Toppers (shown here in Party Girl, a multidimensional mix of blue and pink particles). Formulated with a compact glitter texture that stays put, without the need for a specific adhesive, this sparkly formula is the only thing missing from your most creative eye looks. Use it alone or over eyeshadow,
and get your glam going!

L.A. Girl Gel Eyeliner

The versatile precision eyeliner

No more hesitation when it comes to applying eyeliner! With this highly pigmented gel liner, cat eyes and wings have never been this easy to achieve. Create sharp lines, graphic designs, and trust that your liner will remain clean and precise, with no gaps or smudges. As if that weren’t enough, this formula is also water-resistant, so it’s never going to let you down.


L.A. Girl Lip Primer

The anti-feathering lip primer

Don’t we all wish our lipstick would just stay exactly where we’ve placed it, all day long? No bleeding, no feathering, no smudging? This primer can help with that. With a silky formula that keeps the lips smooth and hydrated, this primer can be a valuable ally to keep your lipstick looking its best, hour after hour after hour. Not only does it help fix your lipstick in place, it will also help your color last longer.

And if you don’t feel like wearing lipstick at all, don’t worry? Due to its hydrating formula, this primer can also be used as a practical lip balm.

L.A. Girl Ultimate Intense Stay Auto Lipliner

The way to high-definition lipstick

To bring extra definition to your lips, make sure to add this lip liner to your shopping list. With a soft formula that glides effortlessly over the lips, this lip liner helps you define the shape of your lips to perfection–all the while keeping your lipstick firmly within the lines, for as long as you’re wearing it. With a matte finish that won’t clash with your lipstick choice, this practical lip liner is a surefire winner.

L.A. Girl Lip Attraction Lipstick

The lipstick that feels like a gloss

For a gorgeously glossy look without the hassle of a traditional gloss, look to the L.A. Girl Lip Attraction Lipstick. With a creamy formula enriched with vitamin E, this lipstick keeps the lips soft and hydrated, ensuring high-level comfort to match the highly-pigmented finish. Choose your favorite shade–or two–and keep this lipstick around for days–or evenings–out. You won’t even notice you’re wearing it, but everyone will notice your smile.

Now that we’ve shown you nine of the best LA Girl makeup products to add to your makeup stash, you’re ready to let your makeup do the talking. Browse our full selection of LA Girl makeup in the shop, and have fun with your makeup!

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