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Fear Not! A 3-Step Halloween Skincare Routine

Fear Not! A 3-Step Halloween Skincare Routine

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For many of us, fall is the best time of the year. Pumpkin spice lattes are back in coffee shops, leaves are turning orange and crackling under our boots. Most importantly, Halloween is just around the corner! For beauty and make-up lovers, Halloween presents an unrivaled opportunity to whip out the palettes (and the stage make-up, and the glitter) and come up with some truly outstanding looks. But alas, as you know, it’s all fun and games… until your skin starts to hurt. In case you’re planning to go all out with your face paint this year, we’ve got your back. Keep reading for our handy list of Halloween skincare tips!

Before: Prep & Prime

A proper Halloween skincare routine begins before make-up even touches your face. That’s right, you should be prepping your skin with a primer before applying any kind of make-up! Primers are incredible do-it-alls: not only do they create a smooth base for foundation, but they also help your skin maintain its natural balance under heavy make-up.

Once you’ve properly primer your face and lips, apply your make-up as usual—now you’re good to go!

After: Double Cleanse

Cleansing should be a non-negotiable step in every routine, and even more so in a post-Halloween skincare routine. The challenge here is not only to remove heavy-duty make-up, but also to slough away whatever dirt and impurities have latched onto your skin during the course of the festivities. Well, is there any better way to respond to a double challenge than double cleansing?

Double cleansing is a two-step process that hinges on the belief that like attracts like. The first step involves using an oil-based cleanser to remove oil-based impurities (like make-up, sebum, or sunscreen); the second step consists of water-based cleansing, to wash away the rest of the surface grime.

The oil-based cleansers we’ve selected for you, above, should be applied directly over your make-up, on dry skin. The comfortable textures shift into luxurious oils when in contact with the skin, allowing you to perform a gentle cleansing massage. Rub the product into the skin with gentle circular motions, then move on to the second step once your face looks clean. This might take a while, if you’ve applied long-lasting or water-resistant make-up, but trust us: it pays off to get it all removed now, before your skin breaks out in protest.

As for water-based cleansing, it’s relatively simple: most of us just call it”cleansing”! This is where you whip out your usual gel or foam cleanser and massage away (carefully!) until your skin feels perfectly clean.

After: Get Your Mask On

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you launch into an elaborate “multimasking” routine right after your Halloween bash; but why not try an overnight mask?

Perfect for dull, tired, and overworked skin (hint: that’s you after a face-full of Halloween make-up!), these cream-masks are so rich in hydrating actives that it’d be a waste to use them for just 10 minutes.

The Erborian Sleeping BB Mask gives you an overnight glow-up with a unique combination of traditional Asian herbs and nourishing natural oils; the JOWAÉ Moisturizing Overnight Recovery Cream-Mask, on the other hand, contains vitamin-rich kumquat extract, as well as antioxidant lumiphenols and rejuvenating papaya extract, all natural ingredients that revitalize the complexion while you sleep.

Once you’ve chosen favorite mask and slathered it all over your face, feel free to crawl into the sheets for a good night of sleep. Halloween may be your favorite holiday, but there’s no reason why your skin should be a fright the morning after!

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