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3 Festive Nail Polish Colors for Christmas

3 Festive Nail Polish Colors for Christmas


Hold on to your festive spirit, Christmas time is coming! The holiday season is a beautiful time that we can’t get enough of, so contagious that it ends up defining the theme for house decor, clothing options as well as cosmetic product choices. If you’re an enthusiast who won’t miss the chance to transform everything around you into a Christmas dream, then you’ll love to meet our suggestions on themed Christmas nail polish! We think that the Christmas sweater and all the house decor are staples that you can’t miss, but they’re incomplete if not accompanied by dazzling red, green or golden Christmas nail colors. We encourage you to combine them, create all the nail artwork you fancy, and capture the attention of Santa Claus all to yourself with unique Christmas-themed manicure!

Reddish nail polish for full-on Santa nails

Red nail polish is a good idea all around the year, yet there’s no better time to wear it than during the Christmas season. We say that if Christmas had just one color, that would definitely be red. It just fits with Christmas decor, with Santa’s clothes as well with Christmas stockings. It’s all about red! For gorgeous-looking Christmas nails, you may get yourself a classic red, or you may go for a version with a twist. What do you think about nail polish with a shimmer? Or a nail polish with a cherry-color base embellished with extra glitters? These combinations may sound like a good idea, but they will look even more outstanding once you create a holiday-themed manicure with them!

Green nail polish for a Christmas-tree inspired look

What about a deep, Christmas-inspired green on your beautiful long nails? It’s a color that falls on the edgy side, yet looks as Christmassy as it gets. Usually, deeper shades of green are those that fit best the season, with a unique ability to look elegant and rebellious at the same time. Shimmer is also an important part of the recipe for a flawless Christmas green nail look. The shimmer looks unbelievable with a green shade as a base. It should be the option to go if you’re not a fan of the classic vibe of red nail polishes. It’s also a good idea to alternate nail styles. The holiday season is not that short, it’s a good idea to have more than one plan and option!

Gold nail polish for the perfect holiday season

The time of the year when there’s no such thing as too much gold or shimmer is here. As much as you try, you just can’t overdo it! That’s why golden nail polish is the way to go for this holiday season. You can decide later if you feel like a full-on manicure of golden incandescence or if you’d rather go for some golden over any other nail-base color. Gold nail polish elevates any nail style, regardless of how much you choose to use! You may go from warmer to cooler golden tones, depending on your preferences. If you’re on the fence, we have some precious advice! Go for cooler tones if you have pale skin and get richer, warmer undertones of golden if your skin is best described as medium to deep. Which one will be yours?

You may go with any of the colors above, or even with any other of your liking. To keep your manicure looking flawless for as long as possible, don’t forget to apply a top coat after your finish applying your selected Christmas nail polish. If you struggle with an at-home manicure, worry not. We let you know exactly how to start a nail care routine at home!

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