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Your Guide to Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules

Your Guide to Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules

Guide to Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules

If you search for a ceramide serum online, you will certainly come across Elizabeth Arden ceramide capsules. They’re pretty iconic, these capsules, but there’s quite a few of them to choose from–four different formulas, in fact. If you find it difficult to understand which one would benefit your skin the most, we’re here to help. Each one contains repairing ceramides, with the formula encapsulated in biodegradable single-use capsules to ensure that the formula is fully preserved. However, each one contains different active ingredients and has a unique texture. Let’s dig deeper into each one and check out which will suit you (spoiler: it can be more than one!).

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules

These are the classic capsules, the first ones Elizabeth Arden ever made. They haven’t gotten out of fashion for good reason: they make your skin look incredible. The triple anti-aging formula helps your skin look firmer, smoother, and healthier.

The ultra-rich oil is suitable for dry skin and is perfect for those who want to look healthy. Thanks to the skin-identical ceramide technology, this formula helps to revitalize the skin, thus improving the radiance and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

It’s also great if you suffer from sensitive skin or tend to react badly to harsh environments. Thanks to the ceramides, it helps to repair and support the skin barrier, leading up to stronger skin.

Main benefit: Nourishing
Texture: Rich oil
When to apply: Morning and/or evening

Elizabeth Arden Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsules

These plumping capsules leave your skin bouncy and hydrated. Together with ceramides, hyaluronic acid helps to boost hydration and softens your skin. In fact, 98% of users agree that their skin looks plumper after using these capsules! In a luxurious gel serum texture, the combination of hyaluronic acid with high-end technology improves the skin, making it dewy and soft.

Ideal to use under your makeup, it contains very small molecules that are able to penetrate the skin and, once there, expand to make your skin look plump.

Main benefit: Plumping
Texture: Gel-serum
When to apply: Morning and/or evening

Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules

Did you know that retinol is quickly degraded by light and air? This is why it’s so important to encapsulate a retinol formula. Case in point, when compared to a 10-month-old formula, encapsulated retinol is 76% more effective! So if you wish to fight off wrinkles and fine lines, while improving skin texture, this is the one.

This formula comes in a gel serum texture and is super easy to use. Due to the retinol in the formula, this is the only one that you can only use at night (remember that light degrades retinol). Moreover, the slow-release micro-sponge system combined with ceramides makes this a very gentle formula. This is not to say that it is less effective, because 94% of users noticed their skin smoother.

Main benefit: Line-smoothing
Texture: Gel-serum
When to apply: Evening

Elizabeth Arden Vitamin C Ceramide Capsules

With a much more stable vitamin C derivative, this dry oil capsule is amazing for those who want to fight dullness. It not only visibly brightens the skin with just one capsule but also protects it from aging. Besides, Vitamin C is also a great add-on to the routines of those trying to reduce dark spots. This is the perfect daytime capsule because it will keep on working for your skin throughout the day.

The light oil formula helps the ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin, thus ensuring results from the very first application. If you’re going for super glowy skin or need that product that performs a small magic trick from the first application, definitely go for this one!

Main benefit: Brightening
Texture: Dry oil
When to apply: Morning

Now, having trouble choosing? Elizabeth Arden suggests a series of “ceramide cocktails” that you can use together:

  • Plump + smooth: Hyaluronic acid and Retinol.
  • Brighten + nourish: Vitamin C and Advanced Ceramide.
  • Nourish + smooth: Advanced Ceramide and Retinol.
  • Hydrate + firm: Hyaluronic acid + Advanced Ceramide.
  • Plump + brighten: Hyaluronic acid + Vitamin C.

These travel-friendly, biodegradable capsules may just change the way you approach your skincare routine. Mix and match according to your needs and notice visibly healthier skin! Of course, you can always check the rest of the products from Elizabeth Arden to improve your skincare routine.

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