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We tried Galénic Masques de Beauté, a 5-minute spa ritual for your skin

We tried Galénic Masques de Beauté, a 5-minute spa ritual for your skin

When French brand Galénic launched Galénic Masques de Beauté, a collection of three face masks inspired by the contrasting temperatures of Nordic wellness rituals, we were so amazed that we made the products instantly available to our customers in a pre-order campaign. The trio of masks vowed to detoxify and renew our skin in just five minutes–but could it really be?

Here at Care to Beauty, we’re always eager to test out the latest skincare innovations. Because of this, we instantly accepted Galénic‘s invitation to their launch event at the Inspira Santa Marta Boutique Hotel, Lisbon. We would be learning about the new products and experiencing the full Galénic Masques de Beauté ritual for ourselves.

Learning from the experts at Galénic

In a beautiful suite overlooking old town Lisbon, we spoke to Tânia Fraga, Senior Product Manager at Galénic in Portugal. Kind and attentive, she told us all about the new Galénic Masques de Beauté collection. Created with luxurious textures and innovative formulas, these face masks are the latest achievement by the brand’s master formulators, whose point of pride has always been the development of exceptional products that combine rigor, effectiveness and sensory appeal.

The concept behind this collection is simple. With Masques de Beauté, Galénic hopes to offer busy urban women a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy the pampering and luxury of a spa treatment without having to leave the house.

There are three face masks in the Masques de Beauté collection: a Warming Detox Mask, a Cold Purifying Mask, and a Quenching Hydrating Mask.

The Warming Detox Mask has the appearance of a thick, clear gel. Due to its unique Thermoclean™ structure, it warms the skin upon application, instantly cleansing and purifying the pores. Next is the Cold Purifying Mask, which has the presentation of a supple grey mousse. Made from gentle Kaolin clay, this cooling mask purifies the skin and eliminates excess sebum, for a velvety soft finish. Last but not least, the Quenching Hydrating Mask has a crystalline turquoise texture, packed full of hyaluronic acid.

You can learn more about each Galénic Masques de Beauté in our previous post, where we explain how to apply the masks in a multimasking ritual.

Relaxing with Galénic Masques de Beauté

Presentations finished, it was time for us to volunteer three members of our team to try the Galénic Masques de Beauté ritual for themselves. The experts assured us that, regardless of skin type, everyone would benefit from the application of all three masks. The full application would last 5 minutes, after which we’d be able to draw our own conclusions.

First up was Sara, whose main skin concern has always been dehydration. The Galénic expert confirmed that her skin needed a little extra moisture, but that wouldn’t be a problem for the Masques de Beauté ritual. Sara had a question, however: would her dehydrated skin tolerate the application of the clay-based Cold Purifying Mask? She’d tried clay masks in the past and found them uncomfortable, due to their tendency to leave the skin with a taut, paper-like texture. The expert assured her she’d be safe with the Cold Purifying Mask, which Sara soon confirmed for herself. The mask was comfortable, easy to remove, and gentle even on dry skin.

As for the combined effect of all three masks, Sara’s feedback was incredibly positive. “It was a pleasure to be a part of such an exclusive experience, but it was even better to notice the before/after of my skin, which was dehydrated at first but feeling fabulous by the end of the ritual.” We left her with the make-up artist in another part of the suite, and prepared for the second round of multimasking.

Sílvia was the second member of the Care to Beauty team to try the Galénic Masques de Beauté ritual. She was looking forward to a little pampering, but also curious to see how her combination skin would react to the ritual. Needless to say, the masks did not disappoint.

The application felt really luxurious. The textures were delicious and I felt wonderful throughout the entire experience. Despite the different formulas and textures, the final result was really pleasant on the skin,” she said after the ritual. Like Sara, she liked the Cold Purifying Mask the best–which should tell you how luxurious this mask really is.

Our third volunteer was Joana, our resident mask aficionado. As someone who’s always tried to respond to the hydration needs of her dry skin, Joana was especially interested in the third and final step of the multimasking ritual, the Quenching Hydrating Mask. She was surprised, however, when her favorite mask turned out to be the Warming Detox Mask.

Joana loved the transformative texture of the Warming Detox Mask. The thick gel texture melted easily on her skin to create a gentle warming effect, but that wasn’t all! When the time came to remove the product, the Galénic expert simply spritzed a little thermal water onto Joana’s face. The mask dissolved into a fine foam, easily removable with a cotton pad.

As for the rest of the ritual, Joana thought the Cold Purifying Mask was “excellent even on dry skin,” while the Quenching Hydrating Mask provided a noticeable feeling of comfort and suppleness. “The experience made you feel really special and luxurious, even in such a laid-back environment.

Final thoughts

Once our volunteers had finished their evaluation of the masks, we gathered for a final round of discussion. Had their complexion really improved in the 5 minutes they’d spent with the Galénic Masques de Beauté ritual? In short, yes. The general consensus was that the multimasking ritual made the skin significantly softer and more supple to the touch. Visually, the complexion was also brighter and more even, with a radiant and youthful glow.

No doubt the relaxing environment contributed to the good results, but that is precisely the point; more than a series of face masks, Galénic Masques de Beauté is a take-home spa experience. See for yourself!

Galénic Masques de Beauté Warming Detox Mask
Galénic Masques de Beauté Warming Detox Mask
Galénic Masques de Beauté Quenching Hydrating Mask
Galénic Masques de Beauté Quenching Hydrating Mask
Galénic Masques de Beauté Cold Purifying Mask
Galénic Masques de Beauté Cold Purifying Mask

Thank you to the Galénic and Inspira Santa Marta Boutique Hotel teams for having us–we hope to meet again soon!

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