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This is Why You Need Gum Protection Toothpaste

This is Why You Need Gum Protection Toothpaste

You can’t think about dental health without considering gum health. Quite literally, you can’t have healthy teeth without healthy gums! Gums are the support structure that holds your teeth, shielding their roots from all kinds of bacteria. When you experience early gum issues such as bleeding or sensitivity, it’s extremely uncomfortable and can transform eating—and even drinking water—into a painful moment. To keep gums healthy and protected, you need good dental routines as well as good products. An important one is the gum protection toothpaste! Do you want to know more?

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What is gum protection toothpaste?

Gum protection toothpaste is an oral care product that’s designed to cleanse the teeth all the while caring for sensitive gums. There are formulas created for daily use, to use instead of your regular toothpaste. These products usually feature ingredients that fight bacterial plaque and actives that create a protective layer on your gums. You’ll also find formulas that address inflammation and other acute symptoms—but in this case, you should always ask a healthcare professional for advice. Today, we’re focusing on formulas that are suitable for daily use. But who exactly needs gum protection toothpaste? Let’s find out.

Who needs gums toothpaste?

Anyone who’s experiencing early signs of gum problems can benefit from using gum protection toothpaste. If your gums are bleeding, swelling, looking atypically red or feeling extra sensitive, you may not want to ignore that. These symptoms usually appear before more serious gum disease, and it’s your clue to check your oral routine and find out what’s not working for you. Keep in mind that once gums recede they don’t grow back (!!!) so you need to make sure that you treasure them!

Some lifestyle options or specific needs may put you on the list of someone who can benefit from gum protection toothpaste. If you had gingivitis in the past, gingival recession, or if you experienced gum bleeding when flossing, don’t think twice! Also, if you’re a smoker, if you use dental braces or you have dental implants you’re more prone to have gum issues.

Does gum toothpaste work?

Gum toothpastes are formulas that deeply cleanse the teeth while making sure to be gentle and protect the gums. These formulas are proven to work, provided they’re used as the brand recommends! All the suggestions listed below are to be used twice to three times a day. To make sure you eliminate the bacterial plaque, you should floss, and brush your teeth for around two minutes—without applying too much pressure on the brush.

Try the best gum protection toothpaste

To cleanse and protect your gums, you’ll need a nice soft toothbrush as well as gum protection toothpaste. Scroll down our suggestions and find the one that best suits you!

Elgydium Gums Protection Toothpaste

Anti-plaque action

One of the greatest enemies of healthy gums is bacterial plaque. Removing it thoroughly at least twice a day is key to keeping your gums happy! Having this in mind, Elgydium created a formula that targets dental plaque all the while shielding and strengthening your gums. While calcium carbonate gently cleanses the teeth without compromising enamel, chlorhexidine offers its antiplaque services. Combine it with the Elgydium Anti-Plaque Toothbrush Soft to make sure you leave no dental plaque behind after brushing your teeth!

Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm Original Toothpaste

Gum & teeth sensitivity

Tooth expert Oral-B offers a solution for those struggling with extra tooth and gum sensitivity. With each use, it alleviates sensitivity and discomfort while soothing gums with a delicate foam. Thanks to ActivCalm™ Technology, it provides instant sensitivity relief by forming a protective on the teeth and gums. The best part, the effect go beyond the brushing period and you can benefit from it throughout the day.

ISDIN Bexident Gums Daily Use Toothpaste

Daily care for sensitive gums

Tried and tested multiple times by this writer, this is the daily care you want by your side. Granting a triple antiplaque action, it helps to strengthen and revitalize gums while protecting enamel and promoting remineralization. Thanks to the combined action of PerioPlus Maintenance Tech, cetylpyridinium chloride, and cymenol, your teeth gain an extra shield against bacterial biofilm and your gums are effectively protected!

Parodontax Gum + Sensitivity & Breath Extra Fresh Toothpaste

Extra fresh breath

With this one, you don’t have to choose between healthy gums and fresh breath anymore! Designed to protect the gums while relieving sensitivity and fighting bad breath, the formula is scientifically proven to minimize gum problems. Furthermore, it’s enriched with fluoride to make sure that not only your gums but also your teeth get the best care. Use it for a super fresh breath!

Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum Active Protect Toothpaste Fresh Mint

Sensitive teeth & gum protection

Expert in sensitive teeth care, Sensodyne also targets gum health with this formula. Featuring Micro-Foam Technology, this gum protection toothpaste reaches hard-to-clean areas to ensure no plaque build-up around the gums. To have the best results, you should use it twice a day with a soft toothbrush like the Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum Toothbrush Smooth.

Arthrodont Protect Teeth & Gums Toothpaste

Protective gum shield for all

Once you start using this one, it’s like your teeth and gums have a bodyguard. Enoxolone, glycyrrhetinic acid, and patented fluorinol are the essence of the formula, contributing to remineralizing and protecting the teeth while soothing the gums. Suitable for daily use by adults and children over 10 years old, it is recommended whether you have fragile or healthy gums.

Elgydium Bio Gums Toothpaste

Gum care in an eco-packaging

Eco-designed from formula to packaging, this is a no-brainer for those who are looking for sustainable cosmetic options—it even is organic certified. Featuring 99,6% of ingredients of natural origin, including Indian ginseng extract, it promotes healthy gums while caring for your teeth. With a fresh flavor, this gum protection toothpaste is about to be your new favorite.

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