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How To Prevent Split Ends & Have Beautiful Hair

How To Prevent Split Ends & Have Beautiful Hair


Let’s start by stating the pure, plain, and honest truth—split ends are not reparable. That’s why the best course of action is to prevent split ends in the first place. All you’ll need to do is to switch some techniques as well as the application order of some products, eventually, add some products to your routine, and… be gentle with your hair! We’ve made it easy to follow, so you’ll know all that you need as well as the essential tips to keep your hair ends safe and sound. The answer to the question “how to prevent split ends” is no longer a mystery!

What are split ends?

Split ends refer to the state of the ends of your hair. If you find hair ends splitting, whether it’s on a ‘Y’, tree or feather shape, with its texture feeling and looking dry, brittle and frayed—you’re looking at split ends. You may also notice that the hair is more difficult to comb, creating almost impenetrable tangles at the final section of the hair. When you find the hair in such a state, the solution may only be found with scissors.

How to prevent split ends

If you’re not a fan of the look, then there’s a lot you can do to prevent split ends. A few things are product-related, while others are associated with hair tool usage and/or other daily habits. In order to prevent split ends, you should minimize as much as you can any action that causes hair damage. And it may be as simple as to switching daily hair care habits and products! Being mindful of what’s damaging your hair is the best way of preventing split ends. We’ll help you identify what you should change in your routine to keep the hair full of life, with no split ends in sight!

Reduce hair washes & be gentle while towel-drying the hair

A great deal of damage comes from overwashing the hair. Wouldn’t your hair hold for an extra day before washing? If the answer is yes, then you know what to do! Fewer hair washes equal less damage, and your hair will thank you. Equally important is the moment after washing; instead of rubbing your towel frantically on your head, try to blot it dry gently. This may be quite a challenge for those with lots of energy and little patience, but the truth is that your hair deserves it!

Detangle your hair smoothly

Detangling the hair gently is key to keeping hair strands healthy and split ends at bay. In order to complete this task with great success, you’ll need three things: a detangling spray (essential to keep the brushing process smooth), a good comb or brush that is suitable for wet hair, and of course, the secret ingredient for healthy hair and skin—careful, gentle hands. You may like detangled hair, but avoid overbrushing!

Switch to a gentle shampoo & hydrate your hair

The recipe here is simple enough as well. Instead of using formulas with harsh cleansing agents, switch to a gentle shampoo that cleanses just as well as it cares for the hair. These kinds of formulas are usually beneficial for the scalp as well, so it’s a win-win kind of deal! It only gets better if you replenish your hair strands with a repairing hair conditioner or a restorative hair mask.
After your gentle cleanse, it’s time to hydrate-hydrate-hydrate the hair ends. Repairing treatments for split ends are often nourishing and good assistance in preventing them! You may prefer it in serum texture or oil, the important thing is to keep the hair pretty hydrated and nourished.

Lower the heat on drying & styling tools

If you use a blow dryer and other styling tools to keep your hairstyles on fleek, then we have a few suggestions for you. To begin with, you should use heat-protecting spray and try to get the heat down. Considering that the heat damages the hair, it is only essential that you do both! In addition, an extra (and probably not so obvious) tip is to use your caring products, like ends serums, only after using the heating tools. You wouldn’t want all the conditioning products to boil your hair with the heat!

Reduce hair treatments by adding time between appointments

We want to you be happy and stylish with your hair choices! We won’t dare to discourage you if you’re coloring your hair. So, what about adding more time between treatments? Whether it may be coloring or a semi-permanent hair straightening, these treatments come with a concealed price tag: hair damage. If you manage to do it fewer times each year, your hair will show with healthy-looking ends.

Get your hair trimmed regularly

We left the best for last. This is a precious, easy-to-follow tip that is sure to leave your hair looking as healthy as it gets. Get yourself a good hairdresser that won’t cut more hair than you’d ask, and trim your hair regularly. If you’re wondering how often should you cut your hair, well, it depends on your hairstyle and goals. If you have short hair and want to keep your hairstyle neet, you may need to book the hairdresser chair every five weeks. On the other hand, if you have longer hair, without much texture and are looking for some extra length, then you may allow up to three months between trims. We hope this timeframe makes a good guide for your next hair salon visits!

How to get rid of split ends?

We’ve spoiled this answer multiple times throughout this post, so by now, you know that your hair needs a trim to get in good shape again. Trends come and go, so you may have seen some curious techniques to deal with it, but the good old fashion way of trimming is the best fix for split ends.
But let’s say you have an event, with no time for a hairdressing appointment, and you need a good express solution to get rid of split ends—or at least minimize its appearance. Then it’s the time to resort to some nourishing leave-in or hair masks, as they’ll leave your hair feeling and looking softer and shinier. Apply them especially on your ends to target split ends!

As you’ve learned today, healthy hair comes from good daily routines as well as from using the right products for you! If your hair is looking damaged and is in need of rescue, check our suggestions on the best shampoo and conditioner duos for damaged hair.

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