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How To Use Body Scrub To Unveil Glowing Skin

How To Use Body Scrub To Unveil Glowing Skin


Skin exfoliation is a quick way of visibly transforming your skin appearance and health! Every time you exfoliate your skin, you’re contributing to eliminating dead skin cells that more often than not have a hard time leaving the skin surface. As a result, the skin becomes more soft and radiant, with texture and luminosity significantly improved! In addition, it may be of great assistance if you epilate certain body areas, as body exfoliation prevents ingrown hairs. There is more than one way of exfoliating the skin of the body, but today we’re focusing on body scrubs. After reading our guide, you’ll have all of your questions answered, with no doubts on why, when or how to use body scrubs!

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How to use body scrubs

Hopefully, using a body exfoliant will be just as good for your skin as it’ll be for your spirits! You should choose, apply and use it just as you please, preferably following a few guidelines to keep the skin happy too. We’ve prepared an easy step by step that you may adapt as you like:

  • Firstly, rinse your skin abundantly with warm (not so warm!) water;
  • The following step is to massage your favorite body scrub in small and circular motions with your hand or an exfoliating glove;
  • Lastly, rinse off the skin until there’s no product residue to be found.
  • Expert tips to improve the body exfoliating process

    While massaging, please make sure to apply the minimum pressure possible and avoid over-exfoliating. Gentle exfoliation is always the best you can do for your skin! Signs that you may be taking exfoliation a step too far are red or extremely sensitive skin.
    Another great tip is to make sure to not over-rinse the skin if you’re using a body scrub with a nourishing oily film. The less you rinse, the more plumping moisture stays!

    Our favorite body scrubs

    After a lot of trying and testing, we have a few favorite body scrubs of our own that we’d like to share!

    Elancyl Energizing Foaming Scrub is a body scrub that is ready not only to remove dead skin cells but also to improve skin elasticity and firmness. With a unique foaming texture, it removes dead skin cells while allowing a truly purifying experience. Featuring ivy extracts and vegetal origin exfoliating particles, it’s the perfect starting base for anti-cellulite treatments!

    NUXE Body Rêve de Thé Revitalising Granular Scrub starts by indulging our senses with a rhubarb and green tea fragrance coupled with a crushed ice texture. While you’re still caught up in the experience, the formula is already working on invigorating your skin with botanical-origin exfoliating grains from bamboo. This vegan formula contains 96% of ingredients of natural origin that are ready to renew your skin with a soft and smooth after-feel.

    If you’re not ready to fall head over heels with a body scrub, then run while you can from Clarins Tonic Sugar Polisher. Featuring a delectable texture and color, it buffs and polishes the body to perfection with a gentle formula that smells just as radiant as your skin will look. More than radiant and incredibly fragrant, the skin feels utterly nourished thanks to the essential oils.

    Body scrub before or after soap?

    That’s more than understandable that adding a new step to your shower routine may raise some questions. Fortunately, the answer to whether you should use a body scrub before or after the soap is very simple! You should start by washing the body with your regular body wash; only then, with the skin perfectly clean, it’s time to follow with your body scrub. It’s very easy to understand why: the soap enters first to eliminate any dirt and impurities that may be laying around on your skin. Then, the body scrub enters the scene to get rid of dead skin cells. Another reason why the exfoliant should go after the soap is that it usually leaves a rich, nourishing film on the skin that would be a waste to wash out!

    How often should you exfoliate your body

    Such an easy and pertinent question, yet we’re not able to reply with a straight answer. The reason why is that it may depend on your skin type and sensitivity. A universal and safe recommendation is to exfoliate the skin once to twice a week. You should only reduce it to once a week if your skin is sensitive or over-reactive; or, on the other hand, exfoliate up to three times a week if your skin is extremely thick and/or oily.
    One thing is for sure, regardless of your skin type, your skin exfoliation routine should always be gentle!

    If you’re committed to doing what it takes to have great skin, a body scrub is most definitely an essential first step. Nevertheless, the following steps are just as determinant! We’re here to help you with what your skin needs so you can finally create your own simple and complete body skincare routine.

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