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How To Use Micellar Water & Our Favorites

How To Use Micellar Water & Our Favorites


Micellar water has been around for a while and it’s definitely here to stay. It’s very simple to understand why: it’s incredibly practical to use and may condense up to two cleansing steps in one, as it may not only replace your makeup remover but also your facial cleanser. Of course, we’re still rooting for you to commit as much as you can with a complete skincare routine—yet, this is a very complete and practical cleansing solution for every day or for those days you wish to simplify it as much as you possibly can. If you’re wondering how it works or how to use micellar water, then keep reading!

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How does micellar water work

With the appearance (and a base!) of water, micellar water doesn’t look anything like your regular cleanser. Its secret for flawless makeup and skin cleansing are undercover agents, mild surfactants that group coordinately in the ball-shaped micelles. As you swipe a cotton pad with micellar water over the skin, micelles have the perfect opportunity to dissolve makeup, oils and impurities, that immediately get trapped on the cotton pad. When you use micellar water, makeup and dirt sitting on the skin have no other option but to leave!

How to use micellar water

The way to use micellar water is pretty straightforward—all you need is a cotton pad and your favorite formula. However, there are a few variations depending on the task you need it to fulfill, as well as your starting point. Find all the details and step by step below!

Using this watery solution as a makeup remover

To remove your entire makeup look*, from eye to face makeup, start by damping a cotton pad—if you’re concerned about cotton pad’s waste, then take a look at GLOV Moon Pads Reusable Makeup Remover Pads or at the LastRound Reusable Makeup Remover Pads. Place the soaked cotton round on the eyes and allow a few seconds before wiping it downwards. Repeat if necessary until there’s no eye makeup left. Then, it’s time to remove the face makeup! Again, damp a cotton pad generously and swipe it gently across the face. Repeat the process if necessary, until you’re sure that the skin is clean!

After perfectly removing all of your makeup, you have three options:

  • You may finish your facial cleansing by washing the face with a gentle gel cleanser;
  • Finish the cleansing with a last swipe of micellar water using a clean cotton pad;
  • Rinsing off the face with tap water, to make sure that there’s no surfactant residue left on your skin.

All these options make a pretty good cleansing! Pick your favorite way to go according to your preferences and the time available.
Note: *If you’re wearing waterproof makeup, you should find bi-phasic micellar water, such as Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water.

Using it as a facial cleanser

If you need the micellar water to remove the day out of your face, including your SPF, the process is just as easy as it is refreshing. Similar to the process above, what you need to do is to soak a cotton pad with micellar water. Then, make sure to swipe it across the face (including over the eyelids) without missing any spot. Go for a second round with a clean cotton pad if you feel like your skin needs it.
Again, you have to choose what to do next: you may rinse your face with tap water for a splash of freshness that takes down the drain any surfactant left on the skin surface, or you may follow with your next skincare step straight away (toner, serum or moisturizer).

Why you should be using micellar water

To sum this up, here’s why we think you should give it a try:

  • Our number one reason is very logical: it’s easy and practical to use! Especially if you’re not a fan of rinse-off cleansers, this solution comes in handy;
  • If you live in a region with harsh water—and yes, Paris hard water is the reason why this liquid wonder was first introduced in the market!—then you may find micellar water a particularly useful solution;
  • It removes makeup from the face and eyes effortlessly, at the same time! You may need to use more than one cotton round, but there’s no need for more than one product;
  • The formulas are usually very gentle, suitable even for sensitive skin types;
  • And last but not least… why not?

Our top 3 products

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Make-Up Removing Micelle Solution is more than a bestseller, it’s a superstar cleanser! Well known for being just as effective in removing makeup as it is gentle on sensitive skin, the formula doesn’t contain fragrance or alcohol. Thanks to Micellar Technology, this formula captures all the residues without disrupting the skin’s natural protective layer. The only difficulty you’ll have is picking the right size and format for your needs!

There’s no waterproof makeup that would outlive Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water. This formula is particularly suitable for normal to dry skin types, as it features an oil phase that not only allows for waterproof makeup cleansing but also leaves the skin feeling comfortable and soft. This oil-infused cleanser makes makeup removal easier than ever!

To complement your anti-aging skincare routine, L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler [HA] Replumping Micellar Water is the perfect cleanser. As it removes all traces of makeup, it also hydrates and softens the skin thanks to hyaluronic acid. Suitable for all skin types, you may use it every day to get rejuvenating and revitalizing results.

Garnier is well known for an endless collection of micellar waters and it should be a good starting point for you. If you need help in finding the right Garnier micellar water for you, just check our post!

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