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How to Use Root Touch-Up Spray

How to Use Root Touch-Up Spray

Isn’t it heavenly when a time-saving solution comes up to rescue our hectic days? That’s the superpower of root touch-up spray: saving your precious time when you’re in a hurry to leave but unwanted grown-out roots are upsetting you. Get ready to learn all about this magical product, including how to use root touch-up spray! 

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The basics of touch-up spray

Before diving into the application tips, it’s important to define what a root touch-up spray is and how you can benefit from it. Come with us to discover the answer to the most common questions about this singular product. 


What is root touch-up spray

A root touch-up spray is a refreshing color spray, infused with pigment, that easily and quickly conceals regrowth of grey hair. A root touch-up spray is the product you want when you see a contrast between your roots and the dyed hair that you’d like to conceal instantly. You may consider it as the temporary solution to achieve an even hair look on grown-out roots!

Does root spray stain hair?

Root spray is a temporary fix when you’re running out of time and you want to quickly hide grey hairs. However, it’ll wash out with your regular shampoo! It doesn’t offer any kind of permanent result, like hair staining. 


What are the benefits of root touch-up spray?

The benefit that users highlight the most is how quickly it solves an issue that usually requires a lot of time. Dyeing your roots when you’re in a hurry is not an option; with a root touch-up spray, you’ll be able to conceal grey roots in a few minutes! It’s easy to apply as well as to wash off, and it won’t require a skilled application. 

What is the difference between root touch-up and full color?

Root touch-up spray is an express solution that rinses off at the end of the day while doing the full color is a commitment with time and skill. Even though the root spray will do the trick in concealing hair growth, at some point you’ll need to go back to full color to get a satisfactory result. Root touch-up spray works best with short root growth!

Is root touch-up spray waterproof?

Root touch-up sprays are very resistant, and most of the formulas are even waterproof. You can count on the product to stay in place for the regular challenges of every day. However, keep in mind that it washes out in just one shampoo, so you should avoid direct contact with water to preserve the look throughout the entire day.  

How to use root touch-up spray

Root touch-up spray is easy to apply, you just need to get the hang of it! We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide, that you’ll be able to follow without any difficulty. Overgrown hair roots are no longer a cause of stress or to run late!

How to apply root touch-up spray, step by step

Starting with clean, dry, and styled hair, this is what you need to do:

  1. Devide the section you want to cover;
  2. Shake your root spray before using;
  3. Use one hand to keep the parting sharply divided;
  4. Spray the roots at a distance of 15-30cm
  5. Move the bottle along the parting as you spray;
  6. Spray the product in light layers;
  7. Allow it to dry and then blend the product with your fingers or a fine comb.

To make sure that your hair looks flawless, use a mirror to check different angles. If needed, repeat the process on the hairline.

Can I use root touch-up spray on my whole head?

You can use root touch-up spray on the whole head, but most of the time you’ll only need it in the parting line. To determine where to apply it, just think about how you’re using the hair that day! If you’re using the hair up in a ponytail, make sure to apply it on the roots that are showing around the hairline. However, if you’re using the hair down, you may just need a touch of spray on the parting. 

How long does root spray take to dry?

Even though formulas may differ, it takes about one minute for root touch-up sprays to completely dry. You may give it two minutes just to be safe! It’s important to respect the drying time before combing to make sure that you get the best results. 


Can you apply root color on wet hair?

To perfectly hide hair re-growth with root touch-up spray you’ll need to have clean and dry hair. The product needs a dry base to adhere to! Make sure to dry it well before spraying the product on. Have you heard about the urban myth of dirty hair working better with these products? Just forget it: the key is clean and dry hair!

Wearing and removing root touch-up spray

Just as important as a perfect application, is smooth wear time and proper removal. Once you master the art of applying root touch-up spray, it’s important to understand what you should do next. Come with us to find out!


Do you have to wash out root touch-up spray before coloring?

You should always follow the brand’s directions to get the smoothest coloring application. Generally speaking, hair dye application requires clean and dry hair to perform well (just as root touch-up spray does!). If you leave the spray on the hair before coloring, the dye may not adhere as it should! 

How long does root touch-up spray stay in your hair?

As most formulas are ultra-resistant and waterproof, the promise often is that the product should last until your next shampoo. However, if you spend many days between hair washes, it’s possible that you notice the pigment fading progressively. Let’s say that you can count on peek performance for a couple of days!

How do I remove touch-up spray from the roots?

We’d love to have a shortcut, but the truth is that you’ll have to wash the hair. The good news is that you won’t need a particular product to perform this task: your regular shampoo will do! After a shampoo, all the spray pigments are on their way down the drain. If you’d like to be on the safe side, pick a frequent use shampoo and wash the hair twice.

If you like the concept of a quick fix, then you also need to master the use of dry shampoo!

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