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Learn The Korean 7-Skin Method, Step by Step

Learn The Korean 7-Skin Method, Step by Step

The Korean 7-Skin Method, Step by Step

Have you ever heard about the Korean 7-Skin Method? Even though the name may sound a bit strange, it’s actually very simple and interesting. It’s a South Korean skincare method that aims to fully hydrate your skin with several layers of hydrating toner. This is meant to achieve extra glowy and hydrated skin, and the results speak for themselves. But what are the advantages of several layers of toner instead of just one? And what are the best toners to use in the 7-Skin Method? If you are looking for radiant skin, you may have found the answer to your needs. Keep reading, as we have all the answers to your questions regarding this method.

What is the 7-Skin Method?

The 7-Skin Method actually started as a three-layer system, that eventually evolved to up to seven layers. This is a toner application method, in which you should apply three to seven layers of toner to your skin. It’s called “seven-skin” or seven skins” becausem in Korean, toners are referred to as “skins”. However, don’t worry, as you’re not meant to have seven different toners, just one. In fact, it can actually be a hydrating essence and not a toner at all.

Choosing the right toner is key to achieving results instead of disrupting the skin, so there is a bit of trial and error involved. The ideal toner for the 7-Skin Method should be hydrating, but not contain any potentially irritating agents. Thus, it should exclude any exfoliating acids, retinoids and even brightening ingredients. Additionally, it’s also recommended that you avoid any toners containing alcohol, because one layer doesn’t usually hurt the skin, but seven might.

As for the layers themselves, they are not mandatory. The method is called 7-skin, but most people apply between three and seven layers, with a few applying even more. You should choose how many layers you do depending on your skin. Oily skins tend to need fewer layers, while dry skin can go to up to seven layers or further.

Who is the 7-Skin Method for?

Anyone can benefit from using the 7-Skin Method, because it’s a routine that benefits dehydrated skin–and that is basically everyone. Since the toners can be totally water-based, even oily skins tend to love this toner routine.

What are the benefits of the 7-Skin Method?

The idea of this method is to achieve deeply hydrated, glowing and plump skin. Since you let the toner absorb between layers, you don’t waste any product and maximize the efficacy. You get deeply hydrated skin with just one product, and using very thin layers each time – so you won’t actually use much more than you already do. The idea here is to make it extra efficient, not extra expensive.

How do you use the 7-Skin Method?

The 7-Skin Method is simple to understand. However, it can still create some doubts regarding the integration in the skincare routine, so we’ve made a full routine step-by-step for you:

The 7-Skin Method, step by step

  1. Cleanse your skin. Double cleansing is not mandatory, but still is a good idea, in order to make sure your skin is properly clean;
  2. Then, apply the first layer of your toner. It should be a thin layer, and you should apply it from the driest areas to the least dry;
  3. After that layer has been absorbed, you can apply the next one. Just do this sequence of thin layers that are fully absorbed until your skin feels comfortable;
  4. Lastly, follow with your favorite serum or moisturizer. If this is the morning, don’t forget to apply sunscreen.

The 7-Skin Method: The dos

  • Apply thin layers of your toner;
  • Use a hydrating essence or toner interchangeably;
  • Adapt the number of layers to your skin type and condition;
  • Use a different amount of layers each day, your skin is constantly changing.

The 7-Skin Method: The don’ts

  • Never use toners or essences that have exfoliating actives;
  • Don’t use toners or essences that have a high amount of alcohol;
  • Avoid using different toners in each layer.

The best toners and essences for the 7-Skin Method

Keeping in mind the essential rules for essences and toners that can be used, here are our seven favorites:

SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Toning Toner

Best for sensitive skin

This viral toner is flying off the shelves for good reason–it’s amazing. The formula contains Centella asiatica, known for it’s reparative properties. The water-like texture is perfect for those who need extra fluid formulas. Day after day, it deeply hydrates the skin while keeping it soothed.

Dr. Ceuracle Vegan Kombucha Tea Essence

Best for dry skin

This dry skin staple is also ideal for this method. The formula is quite different from the rest, as it has two phases. The top layer is milky and extra nourishing, thus ideal for dry skin that needs nourishment. Just make sure to shake well before using and then gently pat it onto the skin.

Round Lab Mugwort Calming Toner

Best for redness

This botanical-forward toner is perfect for those who suffer from redness. Containing a blend of several naturally-derived ingredients, the spotlight is on mugwort extract. This plant soothes the skin, while simultaneously providing antioxidant benefits.

Erborian Eau Ginseng Concentrated Lotion

Best for oily skin

This water-like lotion is ideal for layering on oily skins, as the skin instantly absorbs it layer after layer. It’s super revitalizing, due to the high concentration of ginseng in the formula. The skin becomes more luminous, while it doesn’t disrupt sebum production. Just perfect for those who struggle with excess oil, but still lack water.

mixsoon Bifida Toner

Best for a compromised skin barrier

Firstly, this toner contains a probiotic that will help rebalance compromised skin. Secondly, it is so soothing it can be used in a thick layer as a calming mask. Thus, your skin will love having multiple layers of this toner.

coxir Ultra Hyaluronic Toner

Best for the hyaluronic acid lover

If you just can’t live without your hyaluronic acid, this toner is the ideal answer for the 7-Skin Method. Light enough to layer, but still with the ultra-hydrating properties of hyaluronic acid. You can’t do much better if your aim is to do this method with hyaluronic acid.

Dr. Ceuracle Vegan Active Berry First Essence

Best for dull skin

For a pop of radiance, why not try this essence with powerful antioxidants that help to brighten your complexion? The spheres within the formula contain a powerful blend of antioxidants that will make your skin luminous and bright.

The Korean 7-Skin Method may be a bit more time consuming than the way you usually apply your toner, but it can definitely boost your skincare routine, thus enabling you to reach your goals. Korean skincare has a lot to offer, and you can explore further our selection of great Korean brands in the shop.

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