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Pamper Your Lips With This 5-Step Lip Care Routine

Pamper Your Lips With This 5-Step Lip Care Routine

Try This Easy 5-Step Lip Care Routine

A lip care routine may seem a little excessive, but there are people who will undoubtedly benefit from one. From those who frequently suffer from dry, chapped lips to those who wear a lot of makeup on their lips (and can’t always get it to sit properly), there are many people who can benefit from a lip care routine. If you fall into this group, or if you simply want to know more about what you can do to have beautiful, healthy lips, stay with us: we’ll show you a lip care routine you can start implementing right now, step by step.

Step #1: Use a moisturizing lipstick or lip balm

This first tip applies both to people who wear makeup on a daily basis, and to those who don’t. After all, lips don’t have oil glands to keep them naturally hydrated, so one of the best things you can do for them is to keep them hydrated throughout the day, using your product of choise.

If you like using lipstick, you can opt for moisturizing formulas, which provide comfort to your lips throughout the day. Nowadays, you can also opt for super nourishing lip oil options that add a touch of color without skimping on the hydration.

And if you’re not a lipstick person? You can always opt for a lip balm, with or without color, that hydrates your lips and keeps them comfortable throughout the day.

Step #2: Remove your lipstick very gently

For those who wear lipstick on a daily basis, this step might just be one of the most important. Just as the cleansing step is extremely important in a skincare routine, so it is in a lip care routine.

If you apply lipstick in the morning–or throughout the day–, there will come a time later in the day when you’ll have to remove it. This may call for somewhat aggressive products and motions–but it doesn’t have to.

Whatever you choose as your lip makeup remover, your goal should always be to remove as much product at once while minimizing scrubbing and rubbing. For this reason, we recommend using oil makeup removers as your first line of attack–no matter whether you use more traditional lipsticks or matte liquid lipsticks, an oil will be able to remove them with ease. If you’re not a fan of oil formulas, micellar water can also come in handy!

Step #3: Exfoliate

This step may be optional, because the idea of applying a lip scrub will not appeal to everyone. If it appeals to you, though, here’s what to keep in mind: a lip scrub is a lip care product that combines a slightly abrasive element (usually sugar) with a nourishing element (like an oil or butter). The idea here is to offer you a 2-in-1 process, in which the abrasive element helps eliminate dead skin cells and peeling bits, and the nourishing element helps restore comfort to your lips, preventing them from becoming excessively dry.

As we already mentioned, your lips don’t have any oil glands of their own, so it’s essential that you don’t overdo your lip exfoliation adventures: use a lip scrub once a week, at most, and make sure to always finish the process with a nice helping of lip balm.

Step #4: Replenish your lips

There are situations in which a traditional lip balm may not be enough to restore comfort to your lips; maybe your lips are super dry and chapped, or maybe you’ve just used a lip scrub and now your lips feel a little tight and uncomfortable. In these cases, try to apply a rich lip care product that can restore moisture to your lips and, at the same time, create an in-depth repairing action–like a lip mask or lip patch.

Often, these types of products can be a little too rich in texture and finish to use during the day. Fortunately, nature has created the perfect period to use products that repair and regenerate our skin, and that’s overnight! Apply your favorite rich lip balm or your favorite lip sleeping mask before going to bed, and you’ll wake up with soft, nourished lips.

Step #5: Protect your lips from environmental aggressions

We’ve already talked about hydrating and nourishing your lips, even when you’re wearing makeup, and now we need to talk about protecting them–because, after all, your lips are constantly exposed to environmental aggressions! We’re talking not only about harsh winds in the winter, but also about sun exposure, which is present throughout the year.

To protect your lips from these daily aggressions, the ideal is to look for a lip balm with a high SPF, like 30 or 50. Nowadays, there are lots of options on the market, in different textures that will adapt perfectly to your needs and preferences!

As you can see, it’s possible to have a simple and easy lip care routine! With just a few simple steps, you can prevent dry and chapped lips and keep your lips comfortable and beautiful–and, of course, protected from the sun and other environmental aggressions!

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