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Oral-B Electric Toothbrush Comparison

Oral-B Electric Toothbrush Comparison

Electric toothbrushes are devices that contribute daily to the health of your teeth and gums. More than a trend with a short expiration date, electric toothbrushes have proven to be useful gadgets that remain relevant decades after being invented. They promote a deeper cleanse when compared to manual toothbrushes while helping you stick to the recommended two-minute brush with the built-in timer. With Oral-B being the gold standard when it comes to electric toothbrushes, we’ve figured that you may like to know the differences between ranges so you can choose your own. Seeing all features in one place should make the Oral-B electric toothbrush comparison easier!

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Do you really need an electric toothbrush?

An electric toothbrush is a dental care tool that rotates and vibrates to remove plaque from the teeth and gums. By effectively removing plaque, without sensitizing the teeth or gums, electric toothbrushes contribute to minimizing gingivitis and promote overall dental health. Electric toothbrushes have consistently been found to be superior to manual toothbrushes in plaque removal, which translates to better dental health. In addition, some electric toothbrush ranges feature a pressure sensor, which forces you to be gentler on your gums, promoting gum health. Having that said, we can confidently state that you really need an electric toothbrush!

Is it OK to use electric toothbrush everyday?

Yes! You should use an electric toothbrush every day, twice or three times a day, after the main meals. More often than not, they’re gentler on your teeth and gums when compared to a manual toothbrush. There’s nothing you should worry about!

How often should you change toothbrush heads?

Just as it happens for manual toothbrushes, you should change your toothbrush head every three months. Daily use causes the bristles to become frayed and damaged, compromising cleaning effectiveness. Most Oral-B electric toothbrush heads feature indicator bristles that fade halfway as a gentle reminder that it’s time for a new replacement head.

Oral-B Kids

Specifically designed to be gentle for kids’ teeth and gums, the Oral-B Kids range features a round brush head that’s sized for small mouths. Equally important, cushioned, non-slip handles fit perfectly into little hands so they can brush their teeth autonomously. With extra soft bristles, these bushes are suitable for ages between 3 and 5 years old. The built-in-timer encourages brushing for 2 minutes, which is the recommended time for brushing the teeth. Oral-B offers an app, the Disney Magic Timer, that makes brushing easy and fun. You can download it for free to improve your child’s toothbrushing experience!

Available in editions with their favorite heroes

For who:

children between 3 and 5 years old

Oral-B Junior

Oral-B Junior is recommended for kids over 6 years old to 12 years old to promote the healthy development of adult teeth. With proper dental hygiene on such a critical age for teeth health, you’re avoiding painful cavities in both baby and permanent teeth. One may think that baby teeth are not that important, since they’ll fall eventually; but promoting baby teeth health is just as important. By compromising on baby teeth’s health, the child may be subject to preventable difficult hospital visits or dental operations. Equally important, this is the time when the child will consolidate their oral hygiene habits—and their electric toothbrush can become one of their daily fun activities.

For who:

Kids between 6 and 12 years old.

Oral-B Teens

When in the teens, this is the range upgrade that we recommend. Our fellow youngsters should already have good dental care habits by then, and a proper electric toothbrush should be a useful tool for every day. Featuring a pressure control sensor and the essential built-in-timer, this range also comes with a new detail: it connects with the Oral-B app to provide the user with real-time feedback, hopefully contributing to improving brushing habits.

For who:

Teenagers that appreciate technology in the service of dental health.

Oral-B Vitality

Simple and reliable, Oral-B Vitality range delivers basic electric toothbrushes that are quite straightforward to use. These toothbrushes care for your teeth with 2D technology, oscillating and rotating to remove more plaque and achieve perfectly cleansed teeth. Thanks to the two-minute embedded timer, it helps you to brush longer than you would with your regular toothbrush.

For who:

For those looking for a straightforward electric toothbrush.

Oral-B Pro

By oscillation, rotation, and pulsation, 3D technology in the Oral-B Pro range removes up to 100% more plaque when compared to a manual brush. Thanks to the gum pressure control sensor, you’ll be able to know when you’re going too hard on your teeth, giving you a chance to reajust pressure for the health of your teeth and gums. With pressure control, 3D technology, and a soft round brush, this series features adjustable options to adjust to your needs.

For who:

Those who want the best value for money, combining an easy price tag with some advanced features.

Oral-B iO™ Series

We’ve passed by the basic series to land on the professional grade Oral-B range for expert dental care at home, every day. Each time you use it, you’ll get that professional clean feeling! The round, precise brush head is powered by microvibration to get your teeth as clean as possible. Your gums will appreciate the massage, as you won’t have a chance to be too hard on them thanks to the pressure sensor. Artificial intelligence takes this daily experience one step further by providing you with guidance across six brushing zones*. The interactive display makes brushing feel easier, starting with a warm welcome, displaying brushing modes, and clearly presenting important information.

*not applicable to all iO™ models.

For who:

Tech fans that want the cutting-edge version, with the most innovative technology.

Oral-B range comparison

Now that we’ve used our words, let’s find anohter way to compare these ranges: a table. Hopefully, you’ll find it easier to compare the ranges that you’re interested in!

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