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How to Get Glowing Skin Overnight

How to Get Glowing Skin Overnight

How to Get Glowing Skin Overnight

How do you change the appearance of your skin overnight? An overnight skin treatment won’t perform any long-lasting miracles, but sometimes you just need to achieve glowing skin overnight. Whether it’s because you have a special day coming or just because you need a boost in your confidence in skincare, there are ways to improve your skin quickly. Of course, don’t expect the benefits of 6 months of retinol and sunscreen in just one day. But you can definitely achieve better-looking skin in just one night.

How do you change your skin overnight?

You will only be able to change the appearance of your skin in such a short amount of time. This means that you will be able to get glowing skin overnight, but not get rid of dark spots, for example. Some things just take time and willpower, and skincare isn’t able to perform any sort of miracles.

So, what can you do? Well, the two main things that affect radiance are dead cell buildup and dehydration. So, the target is to tackle them both with a few different products. This is important because how your skin “glows” is how much light it can reflect. If you have dead cell buildup, the skin’s texture isn’t even and it will scatter light in all directions. All in all, it will not reflect the light evenly, and therefore it doesn’t appear to “glow”. And, of course, if your skin is dehydrated your cells aren’t up and preppy and ready to scatter the light.

Overnight skin treatments: what not to do

First things first, please keep this in mind – you should do no harm to your skin. It’s always better to do less than to overdo it. So, how do you revive your skin without harming it?

  1. Don’t use any product you have never used before – this is not the day to be trying something brand new, this is the moment to bring out the best of the best you have already tried.
  2. Treat locally and hydrate globally – unless you’re treating a blemish or any sort of localized area, this is not the night for potent treatments, which brings us to the last rule…
  3. Don’t use all actives at once, choose your battles – in fact, I’m an apologist of not using any active ingredients the night before except for localized treatment (such as pimple patches). The goal of this overnight treatment is to soothe your skin and you will already be doing some level of aggression with your physical exfoliant.

How to make your skin glow overnight

We’re going for a back-to-basics here: cleanse, exfoliate, soothe and deeply hydrate the skin. It may seem too simple, but the difference here is in choosing the right products that will definitely improve your skin in such a short amount of time. You may be asking yourself if this author has tried doing this and she can definitely confirm that she has done this exact routine preparing for the relaunch party of Care to Beauty’s website and rebranding. So this is a definitely tried and tested routine that gives glowing skin in no time.


All about a clear canvas

One can’t think about doing anything to the skin before properly cleasing first. Without clean skin there is no way you’ll be taking the best your products can offer you. Ideally, use a cleansing oil or a cleansing balm to ensure you easily remove all impurities and products you’ve applied. This is extremely important because gels have a more difficult time removing makeup or sunscreen from the skin. This is due to the fact that these products are formulated to stick to the skin, therefore making them harder to remove. In fact, not cleansing your skin properly is one of the culprits of dull skin, so make sure you bet on a great cleansing product. For this post, I’ve selected this new launch from Bioderma due to the fact that it’s both super effective and quite affordable.


Get that skin texture even

As we’ve previously discussed, how your skin reflects light is vital to skin glow. To that effect, it’s essential that you keep your dead skin cells away from you. The best way to do so is to regularly use an exfoliating toner or serum, but that option takes time. Time you don’t have when you’re in need of an overnight solution. So, we’re going for mechanical exfoliators here, the ones with tiny particles that remove dead cells. In fact, I’ve chosen the turbo version of physical exfoliators, but if you have sensitive skin feel free and validated to explore other options. Make sure you don’t over exfoliate the skin, because it’s a very easy way to have destroyed skin in the morning.

Soothing the skin

No angry skin in the morning

One thing you definitely don’t want is getting angry skin instead of glowy skin. No overnight skin treatment should be so harsh as to make your skin angry at you, but let’s not give it any chances. To that end, pull out your favorite soothing serum. We’ve chosen this one from Sensilis because, besides being a team favorite, it’s suitable for all skin types. Moreover, it also deeply hydrates, so you have a two-in-one product.

Overnight mask

Replenish the skin while sleeping

An overnight mask (or sleeping pack) is a great way to boost the hydration levels. These gel-like masks are meant to be used while you’re sleeping. In the morning, you’ll wake up with plump skin and no peeling layers of product. The one we’ve chosen is great if you have normal to oily skin, but if your skin tends to be on the drier side, you can check out COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask instead. Just take a generous amount and let it skin into your skin while massaging it.


Keep everything locked in

Lock that overnight skin treatment in place by slugging. I don’t recommend doing it if you’re prone to pimples and blemishes, but if you have normal do dry skin, it can be a game changer. Slugging simply means that you’re putting a layer of an occlusive product onto the skin to seal in the hydration. Our favorite is the Aquaphor, but you can actually use a good old tub of Vaseline instead.

The morning after

Keep the glow going

Lastly, the morning after. We know this should be an overnight skin treatment. However, you’ve done your fair share of incredible work to make sure your skin is glowing, so let’s not let it go to waste and keep the glow going. A great essence is an amazing way to pack hydration after you’ve cleansed the skin. Additionally, you can reuse the soothing serum you’ve used the night before to make sure there’s no dull skin in sight.

As you can see, a great overnight treatment is just taking the basics to a whole new level of expertise. No weird habits, nor fantastical ingredients that will change your life. It’s just taking your skin and making it the best it can be. If you are curious about overnight masks, you can always find more options in our face mask collection.

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