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Planning a winter holiday? Don’t forget these 6 products!

Planning a winter holiday? Don’t forget these 6 products!

winter holiday

Christmas time is approaching… making it the best time for a snow trip!


So what are the essential products to take in your cosmetic bag?

Winter is coming… and during this season our skin is subject to harsh weather conditions making it more sensitive and prone to redness and irritation. Your usual products may not work as well as they do during other seasons, and you might need to adjust.

Body moisturizer

Harsh cold weather can easily cause your skin to dry. The cold air is devoid of humidity, so it is able to dry out our skin’s natural oils. You can choose between oils, creams or lotions, depending on your tolerance to a greasier feel, but remember the ones with the heavier textures tend to better trap the skin’s moisture. Avoid products that contain alcohol (it can be the case of some lotions), although it might help the product to be quickly absorbed by the skin, it will also cause dryness. Preferably look for products adequate for sensitive skin, that will help sooth itching and irritation.

Shower “gel”

Today you can easily find in the market, a variety of bath products formulations. Although commonly called “shower gel”, nowadays you also have available shower creams and shower oils. These 2 options will help nourish and keep the moisture of your skin even while bathing, they are usually more suitable for sensitive or irritated skin.

Hand and Feet moisturizers

hands - winterAlthough you will be accompanied by your boots and gloves for the most of it, your hands and feet will also feel the downside of your “cool” holidays. Choose heavier creams for your hands and feet to help lock in your skin’s natural moisture.

Face moisturizer

In addition to making the skin dry, harsh cold winds can also have their consequences. They can make cracks in the surface of the skin or lead to windburn (the friction of the wind directly on your skin can cause as much damage as a sunburn, leaving your skin red, wounded, blistered and even cause it to peel). Choose a moisturizer with a thick texture, it can also act as a barrier to protect your skin from the winds, while being able to maintain your skin’s natural moist. If your daily routine involves anti-aging products you might want to temporarily switch to softer unscented products, leaving out ingredients that exfoliate the skin such as AHA, salicylic acids or retinoids.

High SPF sunscreen

It is wrong to think you only need to protect yourself from the sun in hot/warm weather. Even in cloudy days we are exposed to about 80% of the UV rays. During your ski adventure, your sun exposure risks are increase by 2 factors:

  • The intensity of the UV rays is higher according to your altitude, being 35%-45% higher in the mountains comparing to sea level.
  • The white surface of the snow reflects much of the solar radiation, increasing its intensity about 80%!!

So, for that snow trip you have been planning, don’t forget your sunscreen, choose one with high SPF and reapply at least every 2 hours.

winter ski sun

Lip balm

Lips are always more sensitive to climatic changes and should be treated with the proper care all year round. During winter, lips are always the first to feel the consequences of harsh cold weather, they will get dry and crack easier, so choose a product that will moisturize and protect but will also have a high sun protection factor (SPF).

Keep your lip balm with you at all times, as you will need to apply it quite often ?.


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