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Meet Our Favorite Hair Products for Frizzy Straight Hair

Meet Our Favorite Hair Products for Frizzy Straight Hair

Straight hair is easy to manage in your daily life, there’s no doubt. Even though it’s simpler to deal with than other hair textures, it doesn’t mean that it’s immune to frizz. Especially in humid weather, straight hair can look more messy than you’d like—and the culprit is frizz. Adopting the right lifestyle habits and using the finest hair products for frizzy straight hair is your best shot!

What is frizzy hair?

Frizzy hair is that small layer of unruly hair that arises from the rest of your obedient hair. On straight hair, it often creates a “halo” effect around your hair, that makes your hair look appear messy or sloppy. This phenomenon is often associated with people with curly hair, but the truth is that it also dishevels those with straight hair!

Why does straight hair get frizzy?

There are a number of conditions that lead to frizzy hair. Frizzyness may appear as a result of damaged hair, extremely dry strands, and, the most important trigger of all: air humidity. If you expose your hair to damaging habits like washing with very warm water or the frequent use of hot tools without a heat protector, you may be unwillingly working to more frizziness. Keep in mind, however, that most people’s hair is prone to frizziness to some degree; Even though products and habits may help you to keep freezyness under control, you may not be able to completely eliminate it.

Hair products for frizzy straight hair

More than avoiding hot water and humid weather, you can also use targeted hair care to keep your straight hair looking soft and pouf-free for longer. Here you have a list of products that can help tame straight frizzy hair! You can start your battle with shampoo, and then follow with the conditioner or hair mask, without skipping the leave-in in the end. A full routine is your best shot, but the most important allies are the conditioner, masks, and leave-in treatments. Scroll our suggestions and find your new hair best friend.


Ahh hair care routines start with a wash. We’ve gathered the best shampoos for straight frizzy hair, right here!

With lotus extract and liquid keratin working together, Schwarzkopf Gliss Asia Straight Shampoo straightens frizzy and unruly hair, so it can blend with the rest of your well-behaved hair. This lightweight formula actively contributes to keeping the hair straight with rebellious flyaways being redirected down. In addition, it boosts the natural shine of the hair while making it easy to comb. Better than using the shampoo is to combine it with the other products of the same range. You’ll see more about that in a second!

Garnier Fructis Hydra Liss & Shine Fortifying Shampoo is the first step you should take if you’re heading to silky straight hair lane! Featuring nourishing ingredients such as argan oil and phyto-kératine, it softens your hair and the result is exactly what you expect: straight and shiny hair that smoothly falls on your shoulders, shielded with an anti-frizz and anti-humidity action. Transform your hair into its healthier version!

Gloss your hair up with OGX Ever Straightening + Brazilian Keratin Smooth Shampoo, a formula that’s ready to straighten all your unruly and frizzy hair. Brazilian keratin protein joins efforts with coconut and avocado oil as well as cocoa seed butter to deeply nourish the hair and address the root cause of frizzy hair. It fortifies the hair while visibly increasing smoothness. This is a key product to target the needs of frizzy straight hair!

Conditioner and hair mask

Conditioners and hair masks are key in fighting frizzyness on straight hair! You can count on them to calm down the strong feelings of your unruly hairs and make them join the flow of the rest of the hair.

Revitalize straight frizzy hair with Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Sleek Miracle Serum Conditioner, a serum conditioner especially designed to care for your hair. Like a hair mask, this conditioning product is a miracle worker that transforms your hair in as short as three minutes. Say goodbye to dullness, dryness, and frizz and welcome softer and shinier hair. You can really trust the range name; each use grants you smooth and sleek hair!

Created to answer your prayers, Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Hair Bomb Keratin Mask is a straightforward fix to unruly straight hair. Containing 13% [Straightening Complex], vegetable keratin and argan oil, this hair mask deeply nourishes the hair, adding softness, shine and reducing frizziness. From the very first use, it leaves your hair looking sleek and shiny! And the best part is that this incredible result lasts up to three days. This vegan and silicone-free hair mask is all that your straight frizzy hair needs!

Expert in taming straight and rebellious hair, L’Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Liss Unlimited Mask is the ideal hair care range for you. Enriched with Pro-Keratin, kukui nut, and evening primrose oils, the formula strengthens the hair fiber and boosts the hydration levels all the while creating a shield to prevent heat damage and frizz. Concentrated as no other, this hair mask is an intensive and effective smoother for unruly straight hair.

Serum & Leave in

Lightweight and deeply nourishing, Fanola Smooth Care Protecting Serum counts on keratin and linseed oil to revive dull, lifeless hair and tame unruly hair. More than managing and reducing frizz, this hair serum adds a layer of protection against environmental damage all the while shielding your hair from heat tools. No more wishing for frizzyness to become one with your hair; with this serum, you’ll be able to tame frizz without sacrificing volume, or length.

To combine with the shampoo from the same range that we’ve mentioned above, Schwarzkopf Gliss Asia Straight Conditioner Spray is a no-rinsing conditioner spray that is key to managing frizzy straight hair. Keratin complex and açaí berries combine efforts to repair the hair fiber all the while reinforcing the internal structure of the hair. After using it, untangling and styling the hair is easy! The best part is that frizzy hair has no place in any hairstyle you choose.

Trust us, if you use heating tools after washing the hair, you should welcome Redken Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame Smoothing Leave-In with open arms! This cream provides the ultimate frizz control action, greatly contributing to the frizz-free hair look you’ve been looking for. The sustainably sourced babassu oil, part of Redken’s Smoothing Complex, is key; it effectively prevents frizz, taming unruly hair and working for visibly smoother and shinier hair.

If you have curly hair, we have some tips for you as well. Check our suggestions of shampoos and conditioners for curly hair and keep those curls bouncing with no frizz!

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