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What is the Difference Between Progressive and Reactive Hair Loss?

What is the Difference Between Progressive and Reactive Hair Loss?

When it comes to choosing the right products to tackle hair loss, it usually comes down to one simple question: do I have progressive hair loss or reactive hair loss? This is important to define since most cosmetic products address only one of these two types of hair loss. It doesn’t mean that choosing the wrong product will give you zero results, but if there is a better formula that achieves more results, you certainly want to go for that one.

Progressive vs Reactive Hair Loss

There are several ways to categorize hair fall, which can be based on a myriad of different criteria. However, the idea of this post is to address how products are usually divided, so let’s look at that from the point of view of the customers who wish to find the very best product for their problem.

Progressive Hair Loss

This type of hair loss is usually associated with men, but lots of women suffer from it too so don’t be scared to use something that says it’s designed for men if you’re a woman. Go by the problem, not by the targeted gender. Usually, progressive hair fall is genetic and is worsened by the passing years. It is characterized by, you guessed it, the progressive loss of hair mass that leads to less dense hair or even bald patches. This is a situation that is prolonged in time and may not be that noticeable in the beginning, as you probably don’t lose great amounts of hair in a short period of time, but over a more or less extended period, you start noticing that you have less hair, that it starts growing slower or that you even have bald patches.

Reactive Hair Loss

This kind of hair loss is usually defined by hair loss that lasts less than 6 months and it’s normal that the loss is very noticeable. It’s not unusual that people suffer from hair fall in the autumn and spring, for example, but some cases are worse than others. It is also usual in reaction to stressful situations or due to environmental changes. This type can worsen situations where progressive hair fall already exists, so they can exist at the same time.

Last, but not least, we always recommend complementing your battle against hair loss with a dedicated food supplement, in order to guarantee that your scalp has all the nutrition it needs to ensure healthy hair growth. If you don’t know where to begin, head on over to our selection of hair loss supplements.

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