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French pharmacy skincare our team won’t live without

French pharmacy skincare our team won’t live without

Best French pharmacy skincare products at Care to Beauty

French pharmacy has long been known for being a true blessing bestowed upon skincare lovers. However, life doesn’t always go according to our needs and we can’t be in Paris every weekend. But worry not, as we can ship all of your favorite French pharmacy products to where you are. In order to help you navigate the endless collection of products, we’ve chosen one true cult product from each brand. We’re so used to having these products readily available to us, that sometimes we don’t even remember how hard it is to find some of these. On the other hand, what is best than the advice of people who have grown up using all of these?

If we were to divide the French pharmacy skincare universe, we would have to choose two sides. We’ve divided them into products formulated for sensitive skin and high-end cosmetics. Let’s take a look at each one of them.

Skincare for sensitive skin

Without a doubt, this is what people live for when we’re talking about French pharmacy skincare. To begin with this list, there is one thing we should address, which is “why are these brands so good for sensitive skin?”. The answer is in the formula, as most brands rely on the healing abilities of thermal water or the regenerating properties of botanical ingredients such as oats.

  • La Roche-Posay: the renewed sunscreen for all skin types that actually works for all skin types (we’ve tested!) Anthelios Shaka Fluid is our choice, but it wasn’t easy considering the vast choices we had.
  • A-Derma: one of the very first things that immediately popped into our minds when we thought about this theme was the Exomega Control range from A-Derma. In particular, the Exomega Control Emollient Cream, fit for eczema-prone skin from the very first day from an entirely vegan-friendly brand.
  • Bioderma: we know this one won’t be a surprise to anyone. Still, we had to choose the Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution for being not only the best micellar water but also the first one.
  • Avène: this brand is known for its thermal spring water, which makes it perfect for extremely reactive and hypersensitive skin. For that reason, we couldn’t go further from the cream that truly embodies the purposes of this water, Avène Skin Recovery Cream.
  • SVR: the Spirial range totally fulfills its purpose – being a truly incredible and life-changing deodorant. Try the Spirial Deodorant Cream if you still haven’t found your holy grail in this category.
  • Ducray: this is another brand that is meant to fix your concerns regarding your skin and hair. One that has converted people is the Anaphase Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, fit for you if you’re feeling like you’re losing too many hairs or losing density.
  • Uriage: we can’t talk about repairing products without mentioning Bariéderm Cica-Lips Protecting Lip Balm. Whether you’re facing extremely cold weather, fighting acne with medication or living off the air conditioning, you need this lip balm in your life.
  • Vichy: here’s a cool way to end this list, with a true bestseller that is Vichy Minéral 89, with 89% Vichy Mineralizing Water to deeply hydrate the skin.

Best French pharmacy skincare products at Care to Beauty

High-end French pharmacy products

If you’re looking for the French lifestyle experience, that can also be found in the pharmacy. So here is our list of products that embody the French way of living and the French pharmacy experience.

  • Caudalie: this is one that is recommended to every single pregnant woman here, as it’s one of the few anti-dark spots serums they can use. Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum is one of a kind and people really get results with it.
  • NUXE: this might actually be the ultimate French pharmacy product, but Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is truly the iconic must-have. Suitable for both the hair, body and face, it envelops the skin in its unique scent.
  • Lierac: a truly Parisian brand, Lierac is perfect for those looking for luxury. Lierac Hydragenist Serum is one that benefits all skins, thus providing long-lasting hydration.
  • Filorga: created by a skin expert, Filorga has taken over the pharmacy customers for its textures and efficacy. One that has many lovers is Filorga Time-Filler Eyes, an eye cream that fights wrinkles and has a lifting effect.
  • Galénic: with truly inspiring textures that make using the products a pleasure, Galénic is one brand you should take a look at. Try their Aqua Infini Lotion that works exactly like an essence. Use it to prepare the skin for the following products.

Products for life

We are pretty sure that once you go into French skincare, you won’t go back. Your skin will thank you for that and you will see the results. Check out not only the products we’ve highlighted but also the entire ranges they offer. And you know that if you need any help, we’re always available to help you at help@caretobeauty.com

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