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René Furterer – Botanical Formulas for Hair

René Furterer – Botanical Formulas for Hair


In 1957, as Paris was still blooming as the fashion capital, women were dreaming of Marylin Monroe’s curly blond locks, but there was nothing in the salons that could restore the hair’s vitality. Hence enters Monsieur René Furterer, a hairdresser that had grown up in Provence and knew the power that plants encapsulated. Furterer was able to create two iconic products that year that are still available nowadays, as they are still incomparable: the Karité Mask and Complexe 5. He then went on to create entire ranges of products, always with two essential mantras in mind: that plants are our best source for nourishing and treating the hair and that the hair fibers need a healthy scalp to be able to grow.

Harvesting the power of plants

René Furterer knew that plants were the finest and most luxurious source of cosmetic ingredients, as they ally the efficacy of their extracts and essential oils with lavishing fragrances and textures. And, just like plants, hair needs fertile and healthy soil to be able to grow, so he focused on a healthy scalp as the way to obtain beautiful locks.

Twelve different essential oils have been selected for their properties and are included throughout the formulas, as well as sixteen different plant extracts. All of the oils need to combine therapeutic properties with aromatic ones in order to be a part of the Furterer range. The formulas are 100% natural and this is one of the main pillars of the brand, all with the Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre commitment.

Furterer’s ethical approach to formulating

At René Furterer, it’s not only formulas themselves that count, also how they make them. This means that there is ethical and environmental responsibility on each step of the process of creating the brand’s beautiful formulas.

All the precious oils are processed at the Gaillac Furterer site and the process of vapor-extracting the oils respects the ISO 14001 certification. Besides that, all Pierre Fabre group products respect the Botanical Expertise of Pierre Fabre, which means that the development of the botanical ingredients is controlled from the moment each plant exists on the soil to the moment it gets into the formula.

Fair-trade is also a key part of the Furterer formulas, with shea butter from Burkina Fase, moringa from Madagascar and Moroccan argan. This has helped women’s communities achieve independence, helped build kindergartens, and fight malnutrition.

You can find all René Furterer products on our website.

Rene Furterer - Botanical Formulas for Hair

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