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The Best Shampoo for Very Greasy Hair: Our Top 6

The Best Shampoo for Very Greasy Hair: Our Top 6

Dreaming about keeping the hair fresh and clean all day long, as though you’ve just run out of the shower? For those with very oily hair, that can be quite difficult. If your scalp is all about protecting itself with oil, that may be noticeable on your roots and you may not like it. Oily scalps will be oily scalps, and you can’t change that; what you can do is using the products that suit your scalp needs to keep excess oiliness out of site while extending the feeling of freshness after showering. What you need is to have the best hair care products by your side. We’re talking about shampoos, but that doesn’t end here! Stay with us in order to learn all the products that can be of assistance.

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The best shampoo for very greasy hair: our top 6

Hair and scalp hygiene starts with the shampoo—and if you struggle with excessive oiliness, it should start with a shampoo for very greasy hair. Find the formula that suits your needs as well as preferences and give it a go!

Ducray Argeal Sebum-Absorbing Treatment Shampoo

Featuring kaolin to absorb excess oil

This purifying shampoo offers a deep cleansing action that’s essential to effectively fight excess sebum. Sabal serrulata extract and kaolin clay are the actives that allow for such an effective result. Working as a team, these ingredients regulate and absorb excess oil from the roots, preventing it from going down the hair shaft. This is the formula you need to get both immediate and long-lasting freshness!

Neutrogena T-Gel Shampoo Oily Hair

For oiliness & oily dandruff

Ideal for rebalancing oily scalp, this shampoo not only regulates excessive sebum but also relieves itchiness and other symptoms associated with oily dandruff. Effective yet gentle on the scalp, this formula counts on salicylic acid and piroctone olamine to provide a keratolytic and antifungal action without compromising the balance of the scalp.

Ducray Sabal Sebum-regulating Treatment Shampoo

Scalp freshness with spring fragrance

Cleanse oiliness away and purify your scalp with this revitalizing shampoo for very greasy hair. Sabal serrulata extract works to keep excess oil away, contributing to the hair remaining light and bouncy for longer. This crystalline formula, with an acidic pH of 6.0, seals the cuticles and creates the conditions your hair needs to self-regulate.

Lazartigue Purify Extra-Purifying Shampoo

Fight oiliness with nature

Silicone and sulfate-free, Lazartigue is the brand for those who love a natural and vegan brand. With a formula featuring 92% of natural ingredients—including citric, glycolic, malic, and tocaric acids—the formula cleanses and removes existing oil build, all the while gently exfoliating the scalp. Use it to see your hair regaining its volume and bounce!

Hairburst Longer Stronger For Oily Scalp & Roots Shampoo

For oily & long or very long hair

Specifically formulated to fight oiliness, this shampoo eliminates excess sebum on the hair and scalp. Granting a deep cleanse with each use, it creates a unique fresh sensation that delights your senses. Thanks to zinc PCA, piroctone olamine and natriquest, the formula helps to regulate, all the while providing an anti-dandruff action.

Iraltone Sebum-Normalizing Shampoo

Eliminates build-up of impurities

With very greasy hair you need a powerful formula in order to regulate the production and secretion of oil. From the scalp to the end of the hair, this shampoo for very greasy hair cleans deeply and allows you to have fresh and healthy hair and scalp. A combination of marine algae, vitis vinifera and vitamin E is the solution that your very oily scalp needs!

Shampoo for very greasy hair: is that enough to fight oiliness?

You may be happy with the results that you achieve with the shampoo; yet, for some, the shampoo for very greasy hair may not be enough. That depends mostly on your hair needs, but it may also vary throughout the year. If you find that the shampoo is not providing your with the oiliness control you need, then there are products that can add to its action and extend that weightless sensation of recently washed hair for longer. Some products you may already have heard of, while others are pretty innovative and still taking the first steps in the beauty industry. But what products are they?

Shampoo powder for very greasy hair

Let’s start with the one that may cause your brow to rise in amazement. Klorane 2-In-1 Mask Shampoo Powder with Nettle & Clay is an innovative hair cleanser that works as a weekly treatment for oily scalps. Apply it as you do with your regular shampoo, and allow it two minutes before rinsing to reduce excess oil for the next 48 hours.

Dry shampoo for very oily hair

This writer is addicted to dry shampoo—and you’ll be too, once you try Schwarzkopf Gliss Anti-Grease Dry Shampoo. Created specifically to deal with oily scalps, this dry shampoo gives your roots a fresh start for the day, without including water in the equation. All you have to do is to spray the product on the roots and brush it until the residue fades away. This product is the winner of the “Easier to Apply” award!

Exfoliating pre-shampoo

If you feel like your shampoo is not able to handle the oiliness alone, then you need to get your hands on the Lazartigue Exfoliate Pre-Shampoo Scalp Purifying Gel. This scalp scrub provides with a dual detox action, thanks to the micro-bids and the exfoliant action of malic and tartaric acids. Use the refreshing pre-shampoo to boost the results of your favorite shampoo for very greasy hair.

Would you like to explore other products that can also help you work with your very oily hair? Then you may like to read all about foam and spray dry shampoos. As we’ve seen above, they’re a great way to deal with very oily hair, absorbing excess oiliness and extending the time between washes. Learn not only what products to choose but also how to use them.

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