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Sun protection essentials to take on your beach bag

Sun protection essentials to take on your beach bag

Sun protection essentials to carry on your bag.

Sun protection – that never-ending ultra-important subject to which we keep coming back to on our posts. It is, in fact, so important we do not get tired of talking about it.

We offered already, in the past, some tips to effective sun protection and we went to the depths of the subject gathering information on what you have to know about sun exposure and sunscreens. This time we will focus our (and yours) attention on what products we think are absolutely essential to take on your beach bag.

Are you a super practical person that don’t want to carry your house on your back, like a lovely turtle? Or is your bag like Sport Billy’s (you missed the reference? Sport Billy is an old cartoon of a boy with a small bag from where he used to take all the objects in the world!). Sometimes, our bags look like this, don’t they?

On one case or the other, we have selected sun protection products to guide you in that hard task of choosing what to take on the bag and what to leave at home.

The absolute essentials:

Our face is our most exposed body part and the one we want to reflect our personality as much as possible. It has also a very sensitive skin, much more than the body skin, so protecting it from the harmful effects of the sun is mandatory. We could have suggested hundreds of other products but we chose the brand new Caudalie Anti-Wrinkle Face Suncare SPF50 50ml, a light and luxurious facial sunscreen that provides long-lasting hydration and luminous tan. It offers a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection while minimizing the chance of irritation. At the same time, it’s biodegradable, non-toxic to marine ecosystems, and does not contain sun filters commonly associated with coral damage.

The body deserves the best protection! A good choice is Vichy Idéal Soleil Ultra-Melting Milk-gel SPF50 200ml, a sunscreen that, thanks to the latest technologies, can be applied onto wet skin. Ideal for those who like to swim, play on the sea/pool or practice intensive outdoors sports, this milky gel melts into the skin and protects the skin from solar exposure.

And the hair? Of course, it needs sun protection! Like the skin, hair can be burned and become damaged due to the action of the sun. It is, then, important to apply, for instance, Phytoplage Protective Sun Veil 125ml, a light SPF spray for everyday exposure to the sun. Suitable for all hair types, this gentle formula contains Calendula Oil, which softens the hair strands, and White Lotus Extract, to ensure optimal levels of hydration.

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Sun protection to take on your beach bag

Other sun protection products you might want to add:

  • If you take a baby to the beach with you, don’t forget to cover that soft and sensitive skin with a sunscreen like Sesderma Repaskin Pediatrics Mineral Baby Emulsion SPF50+ 50ml, a very high protection sunscreen that contains only physical filters, indicated for children under 3 years of age;
  • Do you take kids (over 3 years old) to the beach with you? You do? Then you may want to choose Uriage Bariésun Kids Lotion SPF50+ 100ml, a very high protection sunscreen that protects the child’s sensitive skin against UVA/UVB rays, free radicals, dryness, and dehydration;
  • If you have dark spots or a scar, it is absolutely mandatory to apply sunscreen on the affected area to prevent melanin to be produced in excess and to avoid the darkening of the scar or spot. We suggest the use of Bioderma Photoderm Max Large Stick Lips SPF50+ 8g, suitable for intolerant skin to the sun, and super practical to be used on lips and sensitive areas;
  • Want a beautiful tan? Sun protection is important but that incredible golden tone on the skin is also essential. For that, we suggest Piz Buin Tan & Protect Accelerating Oil Spray SPF30 150ml, a product that accelerates and intensifies the natural tanning process, providing long-lasting hydration and protection with shields from UVA/UVB radiation. To use this kind of product, it is ideal to avoid exposure between the hours of more intensity – between 10 a.m. and 4. p.m.;
  • If you are allergic to the sun, you might want to consider using a proper sunscreen like La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sun Intolerance Cream SPF50+ 50ml, a sunscreen developed specifically for those who suffer from sensitive skin and/or a tendency to develop sun allergies like Polymorphous Light Eruption;
  • There’s a guy in your life that goes to the beach with you? In that case, and if he has body hair, he will like to apply ISDIN Fotoprotector Transparent Spray Wet Skin SPF50+ 250ml, a high protection sunscreen that can be applied on wet skin, providing a transparent finish, allows a quick and practical application that does not require spreading the product. He will love it!
  • If you are concerned about protecting the eye contour area, this is for you: skin around the eyes is very thin making it extremely vulnerable to sun damage; statistics suggest that about 5 to 10% of all skin cancers occur on the eyelid region. SkinCeuticals Protect Mineral Eye UV Defense SPF30 10ml can be a good option for you. This is an eye contour sunscreen with 100% mineral filters and a light tint to ensure it doesn’t leave a white trace.

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Sun protection does not end on the beach – At home:

  • In order to guarantee a more effective protection as well as an incredible tan, it is a good idea to use a tan enhancer like the Esthederm Sun Bronz Impulse UV inCellium Face & Body Spray 150ml, that helps to prepare the skin for sun exposure and to prolong the tan by protecting the skin from overreacting, reducing the risk of allergy and enhancing the tan.
  • All that hot sun you caught during the day reduces the skin hydration and may cause sunburn. A fresh after-sun makes miracles on calming down irritated skin and restoring the hydration levels. Lierac Sunissime After Sun Hydrating Repair Body Milk 150ml is a unique product that combines after sun care with anti-aging properties. 2-in-1… great!
  • If sunbathing is not something you like to do but being tanned it’s your goal, a self-tanner may be exactly what you need. The Avène Moisturizing Self-Tanner Silky Gel 100ml is a hydrating self-tanning lotion that provides the skin with a healthy, natural-looking tan without exposure to harmful radiation.

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Taking advantage of the sun is fun and healthy. But doing so without sun protection is a totally unnecessary mistake! In addition to endangering your health, it contributes considerably to premature skin aging. As seen from this post, there is no shortage of protection solutions that fully meet all needs: with a greater or lesser degree of protection, innovative textures, appropriate shapes, and sizes … There is no space for excuses !!

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