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The most searched beauty questions

The most searched beauty questions

beauty questions

Every year, Google publishes the issues that most were sought on the Internet. And the beauty is not forgotten. How many times must wash your hair, which is a BB Cream, disguising dark circles or how to wash the make-up brushes (already answered in this article) are some of the questions that women throughout the world, including Portugal, have researched nonstop. If now and then finds himself googling your questions, gather these and other questions in one article that can, and should, become your manual beauté.

How to make a face cleansing?

This question shows that there are still women who do not know how to clean the face (and certainly not read our article on cleaning) – one of the most important steps in beauty routine. If daily uses shadows and shades, begin to clean the eyes with a proper cleanser because they are less aggressive and clean this area without rubbing (there are also already own micellar water for eyes). After, then go for the face and can use cleanser, milk, cleansing gel or micellar water. Any of these products will remove impurities that have accumulated on the skin during the day and remove make-up. At the end, pass a tonic to restore the pH of the skin or, in his absence, pass the face by water. Only then your skin is prepared and ready to receive night care, creams, moisturizers or serums.

How to make eyes look bigger?

The cat’s eyes are probably the makeup trend that jumps out from station to station, much thanks to our eternal love for feline eyes. And there are simple tricks that can help us in this mission: instead of painting the waterline with black pencil (which most women do), trace with rose-cream or white because it will immediately broaden perspectives. Do not thick stripes with eyeliner or pencil around the eyes, opt for fine lines always the middle to the outer corner. Use two shades of shadows also helps create an optical illusion of larger eyes and further apart. Use the darkest shade on the outer corner of the eyes and the lighter in the center and inner corner.

How to make your teeth look whiter?

Let’s not talk about dental whitening but lipsticks that help create an optical illusion of whiter teeth. And the trick is in the pigment contained in lipstick. Cool colors and bluish pigments are basically the secret – in the color palette, blue is the opposite of orange / yellow, then that neutralizes yellowish teeth, giving the illusion of a brighter smile. The shades that have blue and cold pigments are open and deep reds, berry roses, cheery, wine, the purplish pink and nude lip color. Escape from the oranges, reds with orange background, coral, of violets, lipstick too bright and neon colors. Note that this does not work in yellow or stained teeth. This is just a trick that helps to enhance the teeth.


What is a BB Cream?

For those who still have doubts, the BB Cream is multifunctional creams with color (the bases), which standardize, light, disguise the pores, have moisturizing, sun protection factor and help control oiliness. Some have already treatment components such as vitamins and antioxidants. For having ingredients that hydrate the skin, “naked” can be used on the skin and are a good solution for those who want a touch of color but not like using bases.

How many times must wash your hair?

In general, the thinner hair tends to get faster oily, while the dry or thick hair can last much longer before showing signs of being dirty. So who have thin hair will eventually need to wash it every day or every other day not. And who has thick or dry hair, you can wash every two days or twice a week. However, this rule is not fixed. Those using sprays fasteners hairstyles or gel, for example, will need to wash every day or whenever you apply these products. And those who practice outdoor sports or activities should also wash your hair every time practicing.

How to shave your eyebrows?

If you have not surrendered to the threading and continues to use the old lady tweezers at home, do not make disasters. Start by brushing the hair in the direction of its growth to realize those the most. Time to start with the tweezers, remember that the hair should be removed from the bottom of the brow and never at the top (not to break the arch of the eyebrow). Brush up and cut with scissors, the larger ends – by despenteiam not cut so easily. Remember that the gripper only serves to remove excess by leaving the eyebrow line and never to set (the shadows and own pencil help in this mission). And because trends dictate natural eyebrows, just remove excess and do not attempt to create a form that your eyebrow is not.

How to end the under-eye puffiness?

Maybe this is not what I was waiting to hear but there are no miracle formulas that end up with under-eye puffiness that usually are caused by aging, smoking, stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, poor diet … This is a zone where the skin is three times thinner than the rest of the face and therefore also more vulnerable to the early damage. However, there are already cosmetics with active cooling, antioxidants, vasoconstrictor or tranquilizers, which can help dramatically improve your appearance and minimize the volume.

What are freckles?

Contrary to what most people think, no one is born with freckles – is a visible effect of sun exposure where the melanin (whose function is to protect us from sunburn and as a result, the tan) gathers and forms a point color, called mackerel. This means that the freckles are basically burns arising from inadequate sun protection in people whose skin is unable to endure the sun and are a form of aging. If you have freckles, yes, your skin is more sensitive and need sunscreen daily to help defend themselves from radiation.

How to disguise dark circles?

The broker is the perfect weapon. But there are some tips to follow: it must be the same color of the base, one should not spread but apply to tapping with the fingertips; It should also be used in the inner corner of the eyes and the upper eyelid; should suit the skin – the most liquid products work well in those with less pronounced dark circles and also in mature skin which does not want to show fine lines, while creamy or stick make greater coverage and are advised for dark circles more deep – and if you prefer the colored brokers, it should be borne in mind that the yellow disguise the purplish dark circles, green spots and red coral reddish brown or dark circles. Last tip: at the end, finish with the foundation and face powder.

It’s okay to mix different brands and the cosmetics ranges?

Although many women do not use complete ranges of products, the truth is that brands create ranges exactly why the assets complement each other. So if you are on a treatment, choose not mix different brands because a product can negate the effect of another or cause a reaction. But no problem in use, for example, a cleaning gel of a brand and another moisturizer.

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