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Alcohol-free Mouthwashes: Our Top 7 Favorites

Alcohol-free Mouthwashes: Our Top 7 Favorites

Are you considering to include an alcohol-free mouthwash in your dental care routine? We may know a thing or two about that! We have different suggestions for each concern—you’ll see that the right product for you is on the list! Before placing your order, make sure to read all about this extra step that will improve your dental health for the best.

Your questions about mouthwashes!

Here you’ll find the reason why an alcohol-free mouthwash belongs in your dental care routine. Diving into a list of the top mouthwashes is going to serve you better once you’ve cleared up all of your questions!

Is it essential to use mouthwash every day?

What’s unarguably essential to maintain your dental health is to floss daily and brush your teeth twice or three times a day. A mouthwash may not be essential, but it definitely is nice to have! Depending on the formula you choose to add to your routine, you may use it to freshen up bad breath, reduce plaque, as well as to improve gum protection. The mouthwash is the extra mile that’s worth running!

Is alcohol free mouthwash effective?

Alcohol in mouthwashes is used for two main reasons: as a solvent in the formula, and as an antiseptic. However, alcohol is not an unreplaceable ingredient in both cases—formulas can use other solvents and you can also offer an antiseptic action by resorting to other ingredients. Generally speaking, alcohol-free mouthwashes are milder than their counterparts, and their efficacy depends exclusively on the ingredients included in the formula.

Why should I use an alcohol-free mouthwash?

You may want to avoid mouthwashes with alcohol for different reasons. Maybe you have a sensitive oral cavity and it gives you a strong burning sensation that you’d love to avoid; or maybe you’d like to go for a milder formula as the last step of your oral care, even if burning is not an issue. Whatever the case is, let’s say that cells, in general, live more comfortably when there’s no alcohol around. An alcohol-free mouthwash is always a good choice!

Alcohol-free mouthwash: our favorites for each concern

The perfect mouthwash for you depends on your personal preferences and concerns. We’ve gathered a selection of products that suit all kinds of needs, with one thing in common: they’re alcohol-free!

ISDIN Bexident Gums Daily Use Mouthwash

Alcohol-free mouthwash for gum care

Specially developed to care for delicate gums, this maintenance treatment for your gums prevents bleeding while granting a revitalizing and strengthening action! In addition to caring for your gums, the formula protects enamel and promotes remineralization. The key is PerioPlus Maintenance Tech, a technology that prevents bacterial biofilm formation and helps maintain the gums healthy. All of this with alcohol is out of the equation!

Oral-B Pro Expert 24h Deep Clean Mild Mint Mouthwash

Deep clean without alcohol

If regular teeth brushing is not enough to keep a fresh breath, then you need an alcohol-free mouthwash that grants a deep cleanse! It’ll reach all areas of the mouth and grant up to 24 hours of plaque protection. The formula is extremely gentle on the mouth, excluding alcohol from the ingredient list and making sure to make sure it won’t burn. The mint taste grants that a pleasant and lasting freshness!

Sensodyne Elixir Cool Mint

Tooth sensitivity care & protection made alcohol-free

Keep your oral health at its peak with this effective solution for those experiencing tooth sensitivity. Featuring 3% w/w potassium nitrate and 0.048% w/w sodium fluoride, the formula actively works to minimize tooth sensitivity. Equally important, it prevents cavities all the while contributing to the remineralization of enamel. This is the alcohol-free soothing elixir for your sensitive teeth needs!

Buccotherm Mint Mouthwash Alcohol-Free

Everyday mint mouthwash without alcohol

You don’t have to have a specific concern in mind when choosing a mouthwash; you may want a multifaceted partner to boost your dental hygiene routine! If that’s the case, then take a look at this good example. With this mouthwash, you’ll get extra help to fight bad breath and protection against plaque and cavities. In addition, the 200ppm Fluoride included in the formula helps to create a useful “sugar shield”!

Apivita Dental Care Natural Mouthwash

Natural ingredients in an alcohol-free formula

Formulated with 97% natural ingredients, this mouthwash counts on spearmint and propolis to strengthen your oral health. With a single product, you’ll get valuable protection against plaque build-up and gingivitis. Lemon and mint essential oils are key ingredients to promote a fresh breath that lasts longer! Suitable for anyone over 6 years old, this natural alcohol-free mouthwash has all it takes to be a family favorite!

ISDIN Bexident Whitening Mouthwash

Alcohol-free whitening mouthwash

If your main goal is to get a teeth whitening result, check this one. Thanks to Pro-Tech Whitening Technology, you should notice results in as short as seven days! With a unique powerful yet gentle formula suitable for daily use, you’ll get the whitening results that you’re looking for without increasing dental sensitivity. Equally important, it contributes to a long-lasting fresh breath!

Listerine Naturals Enamel Protect Mild Taste Mouthwash

Enamel protection without alcohol

Biodegradable and made with 96% of ingredients of natural origin, this dye and alcohol-free mouthwash is also vegan. And because your enamel deserves everything, the formula is enriched with fluoride to prevent cavities and strengthen the enamel! All you need to do is to use it twice a day after brushing your teeth. This is the extra step you need to boost your teeth health!

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