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Pestle & Mortar Skincare: Products and History

Pestle & Mortar Skincare: Products and History

Simplify your beauty routines with Irish Pestle & Mortar skincare! Featuring simple and effective products, this brand combines both a passion for effective ingredients and the ancestral knowledge of Indian Medicine. Therefore, their formulas contain only the necessary ingredients in order to produce results, leaving all superfluous ingredients behind.

This is a 100% vegan brand, powered by science and conscious about its impact on the environment—with active efforts to be sustainable. Given the premise of the brand, it’s perfect for skincare lovers. Also, for those who want results and don’t want to spend too much money or time on their routines.

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Pestle & Mortar: The Brand in Review

Country of Origin Ireland
Year Founded 2014
Brand Type Nature & Science-based
Our Best Selling Product Pestle & Mortar Recover Eye Cream
Author’s Favorite Pestle & Mortar NMF Lactic Acid Toner
Best New Launch Pestle & Mortar Nimbu Body Butter
3 Reasons To Buy – Inspired by Indian natural healing with formulas powered by science
– Simple routines with minimalist and effective formulas, delivered to you in aesthetic black and white packaging
– All formulas are vegan, using exclusively ethically sourced ingredients

Pestle & Mortar Founder: The Head Behind the Brand

Sonia Deasy was driven to create Pestle & Mortar skincare by her frustration of not encountering on the market the products she wished to use. Her ancestors had all been medicine men in her family’s village in India and she grew up watching her grandfather produce healing concoctions. This is also where the name of the brand comes from, as she realized that a pestle and mortar was a durable and reliable instrument that helped to effectively produce mixtures that helped people feel better. Correspondingly, and impelled by her passion for beauty and wellness, she decided to create the brand, focusing on a selection of a few effective formulas that deliver results.

Best Pestle & Mortar Skincare Products

We believe that one of the best ways of getting to know a brand is to learn about its formulas! We’re listing the best Pestle & Mortar products by combining the author’s favorites (and she tried a lot of them) with the best-sellers on our website. From face to body care, here you should find every basic you need for your skin to thrive.

Pestle & Mortar NMF Lactic Acid Toner

Hydration & natural glow

This may well be the most reliable skin-transforming skincare product that the world has ever seen. The promise is simple: it brightens, hydrates, and gives you a glow; the good news is that it gives you 200% of the results it pledged to do. Suitable even for sensitive skin, this formula reveals the glowy skin that’s hidden underneath. After a few days of using it, the skin is positively hydrated, fresh and looking its best version.

Pestle & Mortar Recover Eye Cream

Rejuvenating & anti-fatigue eye cream

Once you try this unique formula, there’s no way back. Combining Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 with Irish moss and coffee bean extract, this eye cream works to minimize all signs of fatigue (goodbye puffiness and dark circles!) while smoothing fine lines around the eyes and preventing premature aging. As if this wasn’t enough, all of this goodness comes in a lightweight texture that provides all the comfort your undereye area needs.

Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum

Liquid, weightless hydration

If you’ve been looking for hydration in a jar, here you have it! This super-hydrating formula offers, at the same time, an anti-aging action that will visibly improve the appearance of your skin. In this formula, multi-molecular hyaluronic acid works together with panthenol to deeply hydrate the skin and get rid of dehydration lines, while reducing sensitivity and soothing the skin. The water-like texture is a joy for all skin types.

Pestle & Mortar Vitamin C 2 Phase Serum

Radiance booster with vitamin C

Another hit, another serum! This time, we’re featuring a serum with an indulging bi-phase formula. Combining 3 different types of Vitamin C—encapsulated vitamin C, 3-O-ethyl-L-ascobic-acid, and sodium ascorbate—this formula brightens, evens out the complexion, and promotes firmness while boosting collagen production. The texture feels nourishing and replenishing—and your skin is going to show its appreciation by looking extra-glowy.

Pestle & Mortar Balance Spritz

The perfect mist: formula & spray

We’ve found the finest mist for you! This spray creates the perfect cloud of hydration, that falls evenly on your face like an hydration bliss. It is just as hydrating as it feels: containing deep-sea Irish magnesium, amino acids, and natural plant extracts. In addition, it creates a true pollution shield that’s ideal to protect your skin from the urban lifestyle. Allow yourself a relaxing moment on your busy day and your skin will thank you!

Pestle & Mortar Nimbu Body Butter

The secret for silky-smooth body skin

Replenish your skin with a nourishing formula and an invigorating citrus scent. Rich and indulging, the texture deeply moisturizes the skin providing even the drier skin types with immediate comfort. Staring a ceramide complex along with shea butter and turmeric, the formula repairs the skin barrier, boosting your skin condition from day one. This should be your body staple if you’ve been daydreaming about fragrant, soft, and smooth skin!

Pestle & Mortar Nimbu Body Lotion

Lightweight & fragrant care for the body

For those who love to pamper the body with a lightweight lotion, take a look at this one. This body lotion blends a ceramide complex together with turmeric root extract, niacinamide, and sweet almond oil to repair the skin barrier all the while promoting soft and supple skin. Enriched with fragrant citrus notes, this refreshing body lotion is the champion your body routine has been missing.

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