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Does Anti-Aging Foundation Prevent Aging?

Does Anti-Aging Foundation Prevent Aging?

It’s time to discuss the specific needs of aging skin when it comes to makeup, especially with foundation! Being a key step for most makeup looks, some foundation formulas are not tailored to meet aging skin needs. If you want some coverage, skincare-like ingredients, and a formula that won’t settle on fine lines and wrinkles, then it’s time to take a look at anti-aging foundations. We’ll find out all about them in a second!

What is anti-aging foundation

An anti-aging foundation is a makeup product that offers repairing and rejuvenating benefits, with ingredients that you would only expect to find in anti-aging skincare. With an anti-aging foundation, you’ll get not only a formula that immediately minimizes the appearance of wrinkles but also actives that target visible signs of aging, such as lines and loss of firmness. More than that, anti-aging foundations often offer extra hydration—as we know that aging skin may need—as well as SPF.

Does anti-aging foundation prevent aging?

As we’ve seen above, anti-aging foundations contain ingredients that you’d also find in anti-aging skincare, like antioxidants and SPF. Even though anti-aging foundations contribute to preventing the appearance of signs of aging, using them alone may not be enough. With the primary goal of granting an immediate beautifying result, an anti-aging foundation formula focuses first on concealing imperfections.

All things considered, an anti-aging foundation is a valuable ally in your anti-aging routine and may help prevent skin aging. However, you shouldn’t expect it to replace an anti-aging serum, or, more importantly, your sunscreen! Even if your foundation has SPF in it, you should never skip your sunscreen. That’s the only way to make sure that you have as much protection as you need, and sunscreen is, hands down, the cosmetic that most help in preventing skin aging.

Do anti-aging foundations correct visible signs of aging?

Anti-aging foundations are formulated with the challenges of aging skin in mind. As you apply it, it instantly perfects your complexion, evening out the tone as well as the appearance of wrinkles. We can consider that anti-aging foundations instantly correct the appearance of signs of aging while contributing to repairing the skin over time. Of course, you’ll need to combine it with anti-aging skincare and sunscreen if you’d like to see a correction over time.

Is powder or liquid foundation better for wrinkles?

Liquid foundations are usually better for aging skin than their powder counterparts. Powder foundations are, by default, a dry texture, and dry formulas tend to sit on texture and highlight lines, wrinkles, or enlarged pores. If you feel that your wrinkles look worse with foundation, it’s probably because you’re applying too much product, or the case may be that your foundation is too dry for your skin needs. If that’s the case, you’ll need extra hydration—whether it be with skincare before makeup, or changing for a more hydrating foundation. This doesn’t mean you can’t use powder to set your liquid foundation: the trick is to prefer lightweight, loose powders and use minimal amounts.

However, liquid foundations are not necessarily more hydrating than powders. Actually, some liquid foundations may be even more drying than powders! When looking for liquid foundation, the ideal option is finding a product that was formulated specifically for aging skin. If you’d like to expand your options, then consider hydrating or serum foundations, as well as those that use claims such as “glow finish” or “hydrating texture”. The ones to avoid are those that promise an ultra-matte result and a powder finish.

The best anti-aging foundations: a short-list

Now that there are no questions left, it’s time to find the formulas that meet the briefing. Trying one of the following formulas is a step towards the makeup result you’ve been dreaming of.

Flormar Skin Lifting Foundation SPF30

Lifting & SPF30

Featuring herbal collagen along with niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants, this rich anti-aging foundation offers a beautifying result, with the promise of a lifting effect. Equally important, this formula protects the skin with SPF30. Suitable for all skin types, this new foundation is a great formula to start!

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lift and Firm Foundation SPF15

Smoothing & firming action

More than delivering a perfecting veil that evens out your complexion, this foundation smoothes and plumps while lifting and firming the skin. Featuring Ceramide Plumping Technology together with Ceramide Triple complex and UV filters, this ultra-creamy texture promises more than just immediate results. Use it as the last step of your anti-aging routine for the best results!

Sensilis Upgrade [Make-Up] Lift Effect Cream

Great coverage for sensitive skin

Comfortable and easy to blend, this foundation is a great example of a formula with medium to full coverage that perfectly suits aging or mature skin. Thanks to powerful botanical extracts like red rice, this foundation helps to improve firmness and hydration over time, while granting a perfect complexion with each use. The best part? It was dermatologically tested on sensitive skin!

Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid Foundation SPF15

Determined to conceal age spots and uneven skin tone, this anti-aging foundation works not only to perfect the skin but also to firm, plump, and smooth the skin in the long run. To bring the natural radiance of your skin back, the formula includes chicory together with red jania extract, blended in an elegant texture that feels just as luxurious as it looks. Glowing skin is only one pump away!

Shiseido Future Solution LX Radiance Foundation

Infused with Shiseido‘s most powerful anti-aging ingredients, this velvety-smooth cream texture foundation does as much for your makeup as it does for your skin over time. Featuring SkingenecellEnmei Complex, 4MSK, Time Match Powder, Photochromatic Powder, and Micro Fit Technology, this unique foundation maintains an impeccable result, providing your skin with a soft texture and evening out the complexion while brightening the skin. Apply it to find your skin looking healthy and glowy, every day!

Covermark Luminous Skin Whitening Anti-Aging Foundation SPF50+

Skin brightening & oil-free formula

Providing your skin with perfecting coverage and broad spectrum SPF50, this foundation enhances any makeup look while brightening the skin. Protecting from UVA, UVB, visible, and infrared radiation, this formula leaves your skin looking luminous and fresh, without adding oils thanks to its oil-free formulation. With waterproof resistance, this is a great makeup confidant for every day!

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