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The Best Catrice Makeup for Your Face, Eyes, & Lips

The Best Catrice Makeup for Your Face, Eyes, & Lips

Best Catrice Makeup for Your Face, Eyes, & Lips

Whether you’re a lover of up-and-coming makeup trends, or a fan of tried-and-true makeup classics, you’ve probably heard of Catrice. Inspired by the catwalks of the world’s fashion capitals, Catrice brings you multi-faceted makeup products that fit perfectly between the trendy and the classic. Keep reading to learn more about the best Catrice makeup products to add to your routine right now!

Oh, and before we forget, here’s something you might like to know: every product on this list is vegan and formulated without any animal byproducts, with the exception of the eyeshadow palette. As for the formulas being cruelty-free, Catrice is a German brand, and you know how we roll here in the European Union: no animal testing is allowed for cosmetic purposes. If you need further reassurance, we can provide it: Catrice‘s status as a company that does not test on animals is also confirmed by PETA.

Now that you know this, ready to discover your new makeup must-haves?


Catrice The Perfector Poreless Blur Primer

The selfie-ready primer

Flawless makeup begins with a flawless primer. This lightweight mousse primer from Catrice provides a “soft focus” effect that works just as well as–or even better than!–your favorite selfie filter.

With a smoothing and pore-refining action, this primer evens out your skin texture and helps prepare your skin for foundation. The formula feels so comfortable and natural to wear, you’ll never want to be without it!

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

The velvet-touch foundation

With high coverage, a velvety texture, and a gorgeous matte finish, this bestselling foundation has it all. The ultra-light liquid formula is easy to apply thanks to the provided dropper applicator, and it’s just as easy to blend. The result? Up to 24 hours of naturally beautiful, even skin.

Go about your life with ease, and know that this foundation will not let you down: it’s not only water- and sweat-proof, but also transfer-proof.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer

The all-occasion concealer

Skin imperfections are perfectly normal–but that doesn’t mean you have to do your makeup around them. With this best-selling concealer from Catrice, you can seriously camouflage most skin imperfections: from dark circles to patches of pigmentation, from pimples to reddened areas.

With a liquid texture that is easy to apply and blend, this concealer provides up to 12 hours of waterproof and transfer-proof coverage. It will even work on tattoos!


Catrice Glam & Doll Volume Mascara Waterproof

The tried-and-tested volume mascara

Ask the Care to Beauty team and many of us will tell you: this mascara is the real deal. It doesn’t only promise to deliver extra volume, length, and density to your lashes: it actually delivers! The product itself has a creamy consistency, which works perfectly with the elastomer brush to coat your lashes in an even, uniform coat of mascara.

Apply as little or as much as you want, and don’t worry about longevity! With its waterproof formula, this mascara will be keeping up with you throughout the day and well into the evening.

Catrice The Electric Rose Eyeshadow Palette

The versatile palette for day and evening

Every makeup aficionado needs a good, versatile eyeshadow palette. The Electric Rose Eyeshadow Palette from Catrice is a great option: with eight rosy shades that range from pearly champagne to deep, intense brown, this palette has everything you need to create versatile eye makeup looks that will carry easily from day to evening.

Choose from matte and shimmering finishes to create dreamy looks, or use lighter and darker shades to highlight and contour your features to perfection.


Catrice Sheer Beautifying Lip Balm

The 2-in-1 tinted lip balm

A good lip balm is a true beauty essential. Available in a variety of slightly glossy natural-looking shades, this lip balm from Catrice combines a beautifying action with the hydrating and nourishing properties we’ve all come to expect from our lip balms.

Formulated with macadamia oil and argan oils, this lip balm keeps your lips soft and smooth throughout the day. Keep it in your bag or pocket whenever you leave the house, and say goodbye to chapped lips!

Catrice Volumizing Extreme Lip Booster

The plumping lip gloss

If you’re into your lip glosses, you will love this volumizing lip gloss from Catrice. With a formula that combines menthol and hot chili extracts, this lip gloss creates an instant plumping effect, along with a cooling and tingling sensation upon application.

As it envelops the lips in a subtle rosé shade, this lip gloss creates the appearance of full, naturally perfect volume. You’ll love how it looks and feels on the lips!


Catrice More Than Nude Nail Polish 03 Luminescent Lavender

The subtle nude nail polish

Effortless and naturally beautiful: that’s how your nails will look after applying one of the nail polishes from the Catrice More Than Nude collection.

Available in a variety of translucent shades with a slight, subtle shimmer, this nail polish will help you achieve a look that says “your nails, but better”. As the shimmering finish creates a nail-brightening effect, it flatters your skin tone and lets the natural beauty of your nails shine through. What’s not to love?

Catrice Iron Strength Nail Hardener

The ultimate nail strengthener

If your nails feel thin and brittle, look to the Catrice Iron Strength Nail Hardener for quick relief. This transparent formula offers a glossy finish, which looks great on the surface of the nail, but it actually works much deeper than that.

As the formula seals the surface of the nail, it forms a protective barrier that makes the nail itself more resilient, less likely to break or split. After 30 days of using this nail strengthener, 90% of people report their nails feel significantly stronger and more resistant.

Now that you’ve seen the best that Catrice has to offer for your face, eyes, lips, and nails, you’re ready to incorporate these products into your makeup routine. Not so fast, though! Make sure to explore our full selection of Catrice products in the shop: who knows what else might catch your eye?

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