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The Best Clarins Products to Add to Your Routine

The Best Clarins Products to Add to Your Routine

Best Clarins Products to Try Now

Few brands have a story as rich as Clarins. Founded in 1954, this French brand was fueled by one man’s desire to advance beauty by making it both more authentic and more natural. Jacques Courtin-Clarins opened his first beauty spa on rue Tronchet in Paris, from where he sold the very first plant-based treatment oils that would go on to achieve iconic status. Today, Clarins is a household name; not only is it distributed in 150 countries around the world, it is also the best-selling beauty brand in Europe. Keep reading to learn more about the best Clarins products available today!

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Clarins: The Brand in Review

Country of Origin France
Year Founded 1954
Brand Type Luxury
Our Best Selling Product Clarins Double Serum
Author’s Favorite Clarins Natural Lip Perfector
3 Reasons To Buy – Luxurious textures and delicious fragrances
– Effective formulas powered by botanical expertise
– Versatile makeup products that benefit the skin

Top 9 Clarins Products

With Clarins, you can always expect luxurious textures and delicious fragrances, no matter what kind of products you’re looking to buy. Whether it’s an iconic anti-aging serum or a versatile lip balm, each product feels as pampering as the next.

Clarins Natural Lip Perfector

The tinted lip balm with antioxidant benefits

One of the best Clarins products out there, this award-winning lip balm gives your lips a beautiful boost.

This softly textured gel features the nourishing properties of shea butter as well as the antioxidant benefits of vitamin E; this way, your lips are both perfectly nourished, and perfectly protected. The sheer formula delivers just enough color to create a naturally glossy finish: like your lips, but better!

Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation SPF15

The lightweight foundation with a sheer finish

This natural and skin-like foundation is ideal if you are looking for a lightweight texture and sheer coverage: in essence, if you want to look better but don’t want to feel the foundation on your skin.

The foundation also protects the skin, with SPF15 and an Anti-Pollution complex that shields the skin from environmental stressors. With a few drops, you’ll find your skin more unified, natural with renewed luminosity, hydrated and protected at the same time!

Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover

The gentle, yet effective cleanser

If you wear makeup every day, you already know that a thorough cleanse is a must!

The Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover features a comfortable and rich formula, suitable for all skin types. Additionally, it contains chamomile, which offers anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and soothing properties to the sensitive eye contour area.

Clarins Extra-Firming Energy Day Cream

The anti-aging day cream for busy women

For busy women who struggle with dull and tired skin, but also want to start correcting loss of firmness, Clarins offers a true 2-in-1 product: the Clarins Extra-Firming Energy Day Cream. Formulated with four energizing natural extracts–organic goji berry, acerola seed, paprika extract, and organic apricot oil–, this cream revitalizes and boosts the radiance of the skin, all the while offering a firming and tightening effect.

The formula, for daytime use, also contains a unique blend of four types of micro-pearls, which lend the skin a glowing, luminous look with a gentle soft-focus effect.

Clarins V Shaping Facial Lift Eye Concentrate

The anti-puffiness eye cream

Specially developed to target puffiness and loss of firmness in the eye contour, the Clarins V Shaping Facial Lift Eye Concentrate provides a tightening and lifting effect that is immediately visible. Apply this cream in the morning and evening, as the first step of your skincare routine–ideally with a draining massage–and watch as your gaze takes on a bright, wide-awake appearance.

Also, here’s a little bonus: this cream is fully compatible with other eye creams, so you can always follow it up with your favorite anti-aging cream, if so desired.

Clarins Double Serum

The most complete anti-aging solution from Clarins

The iconic Clarins Double Serum is a dual serum that replenishes the skin with moisture while repairing visible signs of aging. One of the best Clarins products, this is also one of the most coveted.

It has a unique texture that offers fresh hydration with the water phase, as well as enduring comfort with the oil phase. An exclusive blend of 21 active plant extracts is the secret to target the five vital skin functions and rejuvenate the skin, as a result.

Clarins Tonic Treatment Oil

The beautifying body oil

This firming body oil improves the tone and elasticity of the skin. This iconic product, which was first sold in 1965, exists so that you can experience all the benefits of a professional Clarins treatment at home.

Ideal for relaxing and toning massages, this oil is also ideal for the treatment of stretch marks, making it a favorite of women of all ages. It envelops the body in the reassuring fragrance of natural botanicals, promoting a feeling of universal well-being that speaks to both body and mind.

Clarins Masvelt Advanced Body Shaping Cream

The contouring and sculpting body cream

When it comes to iconic body care products, Clarins Masvelt is all the way up there! This iconic product is known to many as the ultimate contouring cream for areas affected by stubborn fat, and it’s all thanks to its 96% natural formula.

Powered by an exclusive Arctic ferment extract, Clarins Masvelt helps limit the formation of new fat deposits and, at the same time, helps promote and accelerate the removal of existing ones. Apply it twice a day, in the morning and evening, using a slimming massage, and it won’t take you long to see results–just four weeks, according to studies!

Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion

The everyday body lotion

This lightweight, deeply hydrating body lotion provides everyday comfort. Formulated with a light, melt-in texture that glides effortlessly on the skin, this body lotion delivers both hydration and comfort with each application.

Shea butter, a natural ingredient known for its hydrating and nourishing properties, instantly softens and restores the appearance of the skin. As a result, it leaves it silky-soft to the touch.

We’ve seen a selection of the best Clarins products out there, but there is so much more to explore in the shop! Not sure you’re ready to take on the whole brand at once? Then let us make it easier for you: why not look into the best Clarins face oils next?

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