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The Best Products for Double Cleansing & How to Do It

The Best Products for Double Cleansing & How to Do It

Double cleansing is a beauty trend that seems to be here to stay. However, we know it’s not that simple to know how to double cleanse and to choose the best products for each step. Additionally, not everyone should actually double cleanse, so is it for you? We’re here to help you figure out if you should double cleanse and, if so, what is the best way to do it.

What is double cleansing?

Double cleansing is exactly what the name states: cleansing your skin twice. Usually, this is what you do in the evening, before going to bed, and is usually not recommended in the morning (unless you work shifts, then it’s always when you’re going to bed). So, why do you need to double cleanse? Certainly, your product should be effective enough to cleanse your skin, right?

Actually, it’s a bit more complicated than that and here’s why. Some products are formulated to stay on your skin – things like makeup and sunscreen. These formulas are meant to stick to your skin, are usually water-resistant and sometimes even waterproof. Hence, this means that water won’t do any good in removing them and that you’re better off with an oil-based cleanser. Accordingly, after this, you will now have to take care of your skin and its needs, so here comes the second cleanser to make sure your skin is taken care of.

Should I double cleanse?

Opinions vary on this theme. On the one hand, you have those who state that practically everybody who uses makeup or sunscreen (and that should be everyone) needs to double cleanse. On the other hand, some dermatologists state that skin that is prone to acne, rosacea or other skin conditions should avoid double cleansing in order to reduce irritation. Markedly, they all agree on one thing: the products you choose matter the most. If you have resistant skin, by all means, go forth. However, if you have sensitive skin, keep your cleansing minimalist, with the lesser amount of manipulation you can afford to remove all impurities from the skin and with products that take care of it. You can always check out cleansers from gentle French Pharmacy brands dedicated to sensitive skin such as Avène, La Roche-Posay or Uriage.

How do I double cleanse?

The first step should always be the makeup/sunscreen remover. Likewise, this means that you should be using here a cleansing balm or an oil. You use these by applying them directly onto your skin, massage and then add a bit of water to emulsify the product. If you’re using eye makeup, you’re going for that unsexy panda look that means that all of your mascara and eyeliner have melted into the cleanser. Then it’s time to wash off your cleanser, and you can do this one of two ways. Either flannel it off or add more water until all the cleanser has been washed away. Then, it’s time for your second cleanser. This should be the cleanser that has the best ingredients for the skin and is the most convenient for you.

Do I need to buy two products or can I have just one? Do they have to be from the same brand?

There is no need to have two different products if it’s way too heavy for your budget. Of course, it’s always better to have two different ones, it’s totally ok to use just one. Just make sure the one you buy is a “first cleanser”. Additionally, you can mix and match the products that suit you the most. The two products don’t need to be from the same range or brand.

Best first cleansers

Here are our suggestions for the first cleanser. These are the oil-based formulas that will wipe away all traces of makeup and sunscreen. There is no real advantage between a balm or an oil, it’s all about texture and application. An oil will be runny and easy to apply, whereas a balm will need to be heated and worked a bit on the skin, but won’t fall off your hands.

Best second cleansers

Here you can choose between gel, foam or milk, depending on the type of product you love the most. You should still wash these away to guarantee no traces of product remain on the skin. Yes, even the milk that says “do not rinse off”.

As you can see, you have plenty of products to choose from. Pick your favorites and let us know which ones you have selected! If you wish to browse more cleansers, check out our facial cleansers list.

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